Thursday, June 4, 2015

More Time For...

As each day goes by in The Process of Preparing for a Big Move and significant Change, I've been Fantasizing a lot about how it will be Different and the changes I want to make in our Lifestyle and New Home.  And most especially, what there will be more Time for!?!

With the demands of Full Time Caregiving and juggling the Maintenance of a large Property and Century plus Old Home, there hasn't been Time for so many things that I'd prefer to do if I had some extra Free Time to devote to them.  There are so many things I MISS desperately and will be Glad to have returning to my Lifestyle.

Spending more time in Nature being very high on the List.  With the New Home being so close to one of my all time Favorite Mountain Range County Parks, reconnecting with a Source that brings me Serenity, Joy and a deep Closeness with my Creator is something I'm definitely looking forward to doing a lot more often.

Being so close to State Trust Lands will mean seeing a lot more of Nature in it's Element and undisturbed by Urban Encroachment.   The development of the area we're moving to borders on State Trust Land and so to the West of us there should be no development to encroach any further than that border.  Co-Existing with Nature is something I've always been brought up to do and perhaps that is why Wildlife has always flocked to the Properties I've owned?  Perhaps they've recognized the Open Invitation to do so?

You already know my Affinity for Collecting Vintage Taxidermy Specimens and Natural Elements of all kinds that I incorporate into my Styling of our Home... I like a blurring of the distinctions of Inside and Outside.  I Intend to do even more of this type of Styling in our New Home and expanding upon my Cabinet of Curiosities and Garden Styling a lot more.  I think the Tuscan Vibe of the Architectural Elements of the New Home will lend itself nicely to this type of Decor.

I'm Visualizing how I want to Decorate each room in my Mind's Eye.   What Purpose I will make for each Space.   Unlike our current Old Home, we are going to pay more Attention to Best Use of every room in the New Home very Carefully.   Having a New Beginning and starting over almost from Scratch is very Appealing to me actually... Exciting to have a Blank Canvas to build upon and develope a New way of Living The Dream at this Season of our Lives.

I will be bringing just enough of the Beloved and Familiar with us to make it Feel very much like Home... and yet, we have decided that we're going to try some new things that we've been longing to Experiment with in Decorating our Personal Spaces.  Things and Styles we've been Attracted to and yet didn't have a Canvas to Create them upon.

Yes, the Funky Vibe that is Distinctive to our Addams Family Style Values and Gypsy Vibe will certainly remain... but I've been longing to bring in more Vintage Industrial, Loft Style and Natural Style to our Interior Spaces.   This is the Perfect Time to blend those Elements with those others we've always Loved and felt Comfortable around.

With Simplifying and Letting Go of so much stuff for the Move, I Plan to do more Decorating with Temporal things.   Fresh Flowers, Candles, an Interior Herb Garden, Branches... and the like... things that will be rotated in and out often so that Change is a Constant.   We also Plan to do more Entertaining again, like we used to.  There was a time when there were always Friends and Extended Family visting our Home and we Entertained frequently... I MISS that more than I ever realized.   The New Home lends itself well to the Inviting in of those we Love but don't live with daily... there is more Space for Entertaining and having frequent Guests and Family Gatherings.

Often Starting Over makes more Room for things that are Important and somehow got pushed aside or buried amid the minutia of daily living.   I suppose that is why I always Enjoyed living a Nomadic Lifestyle... you HAD to embrace Change often and nothing ever got Stale... you got to Experience so much more than you probably ever would have or could have any other way or with a different Lifestyle that put down deeper roots in one place and way of Being.

There will be more time for Gardening those things that I use often... like my Veggie Garden, Herb Garden, Lavender Garden, because with limited Garden Space I will have to be much more Selective about what gets planted and what I'm tasked with taking Care of!   Having Acreage has been very nice for Privacy and a sense of enough Personal Space... I've always Enjoyed owning a lot of Land... but it is a lot to take Care of if you want to do it properly... and recognizing when you've reached a Season of Life where you can't is crucial for your own Well Being.

So I'm now Okay with owning less Land that I will live upon daily... since we've decided that for now anyway, we'll keep our forty Acres up North as an Option, whether we use that Option or not.  *Smiles*   It will be a nice Inheritance for Future Generations even if we never develope it as we'd always thought and Dreamed we would... which we probably won't... but it's Paid For so who cares!  *LOL*

And once this Property is Sold we're Contemplating what we would like to own and buy because we feel we'll Need it and can Use it frequently in the New Home.   So we've been doing a lot of Fantasy Window Shopping at Furniture Stores lately too, because we're not bringing so many of the larger furnishings with us and will Sell them off since they won't go with the Character of the New Home anyway and the Atmosphere we want to Create there.
That part has been a lot of Fun for the entire Family since I'd rather turn all this excess Equity in this Old Homestead into paying off what I want to and Purchasing those things outright that we Need and want to Feather the New Nest with.   Things like comfy Leather Seating... we've always Admired the Old Vintage Leather Club Chairs... but we're finding many suitable Custom Leather substitutes are available Locally and Priced in a range we're Jazzed about.   Wanna see some Possibilities we're mulling over and Dreaming about?  Well, Okay then, if you insist... *Winks*

The Man's only requests for new purchases for the New Home's Decor are a new Reclining Chair and a bigger Flat Screen TV... he's easy to Please.   So, Envision this Automatic Reclining Custom Leather Sofa as a Loveseat Size, with whatever Tooling Accents and Hue we decide upon... I'm leaning towards this Hue or a slightly more Reddish Hue actually, so it's pretty close to what it would look like.   I liked that the Reclining Feature of it is Automatic since his leg muscles and coordination aren't what they were prior to his catastrophic accident.  I also liked that it reclines all the way back like a Bed if you want it to... he'll probably never wanna leave a Seat like this!  *Smiles*

The Big Debate within the Family was on Cupholders... since The Man and The Young Prince, being Menfolk, think these are Selling Points to any seating and a "Must Have"... whereas Princess T and I think they looked tacky and Movie Theater-like on most built-ins of the Sofas we perused.  So... this Custom Leather Company had The Answer and PERFECT compromise of the Battle between the Sexes.  This Armrest Leather Cupholder is actually removable and fits firmly inbetween seating as a separate component... Ta Da... Genius... yeah, we could do that and not have a Styling Smackdown between the Sexes about it.  *LOL*

Now... this is my Dream Chair and the actual Hue of the Leather I most preferred, it is more Reddish Tone in Real Life and that Tooling Accent is the one we also liked best.   This was called the Soho Chair and the Pillow is Free Form and not attached... it also swivels completely around and SOOO Comfy and Stylish I might never want to leave a Seat like this!   *Winks*

Close-Up of the Tooling Accent so we could remember what it looked like, this is a Local Company that builds in the East Valley, so I liked that we'd be Supporting a Local Business that does such Custom quality work, with quality Leather materials and at amazing Price Points!   The Selection of various Leathers and Accents was Sublime and ENORMOUS... Loved that since we're not Generic Furnishings Big Box Store sorta people, which is why we usually prefer Vintage or Custom.  I'd rather Save up my pennies forever-and-a-day to get the best I can afford... than Settle.  I will get one of these Chairs, but it's further down the Need List for now.

But since I will Need a Comfy Leather Chair of my own too... this is the one I'll purchase first since the Price Point was the best I found and actually I Loved this Chair and it's Styling... plus it's a Push Back Recliner but doesn't look like one.   Not to mention this Leather will match the Custom Pieces we'll have made very nicely.

And you know how there are those things that you don't even think you Need until you see them and think, well, now I can't Live without it?  *Winks*  This was THAT piece for us... a Museum Style Library Bookcase and Filing Drawer Set!   OMG, it had all the bells and buzzers for our New Library... I'm an avid Book Collector and we'll be Selling our Antique Doctor's Filing Cabinet, so this would serve both purposes nicely in the New Home.  
It's Birch and Poplar, the Accents on it were so Old World Style it doesn't clash with my Dream Library Cabinet Of Curiosities Aesthetic.   Payments of only forty-eight dollars a month with zero interest were Appealing in case we can't Live without it before this Old House is flipped?  *Winks*  The Kiddos Loved the sliding Library Ladder... Uh Oh... Oh well...

And the only other Necessity for right now, since we'll be flipping my Retro 1950's Diningtable and Red Sparkly authentic Atomic Chairs {alas, won't go with the New Home's Vibe}, would be Kitchen Seating for the Kiddos.   So, to sidle up to the Breakfast Bar in the New Home's Kitchen I'm chosing one of these Upcycled Wood and Wrought Iron Swivel Stools...

Which will be flanked by a pair of the same Style but with Backrests... since I HATE matchy-matchy so wanted to mix it up with two similar Styled Bar Stools for the Trio we Need, but that are different.

Here's the Front of that same Stool with the Backrest, the Kiddos Loved these and they're very Vintage Industrial Looking and Sturdy.

And there was a Round Table to match at a Great Price Point so we'd get that for the Kitchen Dining Area and put some Antique and Vintage mismatched Chairs around it from my vast Collection of Old Chairs.   *Smiles... yep, the Old Chair Hoard is coming with us... well, MOST of it anyways. *   I really liked the different Colors of Painted and Sanded Woods and I won't mind how roughed up it gets with the Children and their Friends... it will add to the Character, dontcha think?  *Winks* 

And The Man did some Daydreaming of his own when we went out for Breakfast during our Furniture Store Forray... No Honey, you CAN'T have it... you can't even drive anymore, remember?  *Smiles*

It is a pretty Sweet Ride though I must say... and I could Imagine us Tooling around Town in it... I'd Feel quite Vintage Domestic in fact with the Kiddos loaded in the back... kinda like Retro Soccer Gramma or something... ah, yeah, on second thoughts I'm not that type of Gal at any Season of Life and probably never will be, so FORGET ABOUT IT!!!   *Winks*

But we couldn't Resist taking a few parting shots for Posterity... Love that so many Old Rides can be so well Preserved out here in our Dry Heat actually... it's always Visually Enjoyable to see them being used and Showcased... they just don't make 'em like that anymore.

And my Tub Veggie and Herb Garden is going berserk this Season so I'm Harvesting daily just to keep up with what the plants wanna Produce.   They're really liking the new Location under the Mesquite Tree out front so that was a good move to relocate the Victory Garden from the sorely neglected back Acreage, which was a pain in the arse to try to irrigate and maintain anyway.

The Gophers don't come up to the Front Patio Area so much since that's where the Bohemian Cat Crew hang out all the time... so I haven't had to Share my bounty with the Gophers this Season.

And speaking of the Bohemian Cat Crew... we were down to two... Miss Priss and Old Morris... so wouldn't ya know another abandoned Stray HAD to show up and try to weasel her way into the Familia!   The G-Kid Force already named her Fluff and she THINKS she's actually ours now.  The Man does not want her because she has Supreme Attitude and I don't think was handled so much by whoever her previous irresponsible Owner was?  I ain't Hiring The Cat Whisperer so she better get over the 'Tude.  She likes Kids very much tho'... and the Bohemian Cat Crew have tolerated her... Old Morris just don't Care anymore... and Miss Priss is tolerant so long as Fluff stays in her own lane.  *LOL*   Don't know if she'll come with us tho' since we don't have a lot of yard space and don't wanna be the new Crazy Cat People in the Neighborhood.  Time will tell...  the Kiddos are afraid Old Morris will be moving into the Afterlife soon and Miss Priss will need a Companion.  *Le Sigh*  I WILL NOT miss the plethora of Irresponsible Pet Owners Olde Town has, lemme tell ya!

Though my Husky Cherry Tomato Plant has gone totally berserk with Production so I've intentionally left some to Share with the Wild Birds... plenty for all!

And I don't know what the hell I even planted in this Tub?  *Smiles*  But it's grown gargantuan and taken over so I've got to try to find the Seed Packets and look at the pictures to recall what the hell this even IS and Harvest it I suppose?   *Bwahahahaha*   Could it be Kale?  I don't remember if Kale is SUPPOSED to grow this Nuclear Sized tho'???!???!??!   Gotta cut back on that Miracle Grow I suppose.   *Winks*

This was this Afternoon's Harvest of Tomatoes... the bigger ones are from a plant that survived from last Season, even tho' it looks totally DEAD, it's a Lazarus Plant I guess and is still producing Fantastic sized tasty Tomatoes, go figure!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. All your furniture picks sound great to me. And your produce looks yummy! Love you keeping us updated on all that is going on!


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