Friday, June 26, 2015

Junque Infusion... And New Beginnings

Going without a Junque Infusion is not easy for me... I freely admit I'm a Junquing Junkie... the Thrill Of The Hunt being my drug of choice.  It doesn't even matter if I actually Discover and find anything... it's the Process that keeps me driven... not knowing what I COULD find... Rescue... get an Adrenalin Rush from Discovering!?   That Unknown Factor is a Thrill... like the Discovery of Buried Treasure or coming around a bend in the road and Beholding something of Magnificence that was totally unexpected.   I can totally relate to those who continue to Seek even if they've never actually found the Mother Lode yet... because it could exist... out there somewhere.  Searching for it is most of the Fun for those of us who dig that kinda thing... even tho' the Appeal can be a complete Mystery to others as to why we'd be willing to wade thru tons of worthlessness to come up with those things we Value?!?  Things we don't even know we're looking for... we want or need until they turn up by pure Serendipity on our Junquing Adventures!


I've been going without regular Junque Infusions lately on account of the Move and all.  It's been a Withdrawal that wasn't entirely comfortable at times, but not as excruciating as I had Imagined it might be, given my level of Junquing Addiction.  *Smiles*   Mostly I've been Seeking Inspiration rather than actual Treasures... and that has satiated my Lust for the Thrill Of The Hunt.  The Images Shared Today are among some of the Imagery that most Inspired me for how I'd prefer to begin Decorating and Styling the New Home.   Sage and Sepia Styling and Simplicity that I found to be Divine in the most Basic Organic way.

We did Close on time and receive our keys Today to the New House... so now we can begin the Transition of New Beginnings there and emptying out this Old House to ready it for Sale.  It was too late in the day to move anything over before I did my Evening Shift at our Antique Mall, so we just spent time Imagining where things might go and what we'd like to do with our New Spaces.   Prince R has decided he'd like to paint a portion of his room with Black Chalkboard Paint and I like the Idea.  He's very Creative and loves to Sculpt and Draw Plans for his Creations, so that would be a great Blank Canvas for him.   I've seen Chalkboard Walls on Pinterest and liked them and how they were incorporated into the Styling of the rooms they were in.   I've seen Booths in our Antique Mall that utilized the Chalkboard Walls too... it expands the use of Temporary Creativity in a Space.


I've always had an affinity for dried florals around the house, especially dried Hydrangea, Lavender, Baby's Breath, Eucalyptus Branches and Roses.  Envisioning some of the Vignettes I'd like to Create around the New House is Exciting and I can't wait to Transform the Spaces and Personalize them with our Style and Beloved Objects.  The New House is Beautiful Empty, so I can only Imagine how Lovely it will look fully Decorated!!!

We had just arrived to meet our Agent and receive the keys when one of our new next door Neighbors came up and Invited us to a Community Pool Party and Bar-B-Que being Hosted at her house Tomorrow Afternoon!   Now... this is the kind of Community I had been missing... since we had once lived in a Neighborhood like that many years ago and had years of Happy Memories of Gatherings just like that with Neighbors that fast became Lifelong Friends.   Right now in our Old Home the Community around us has become quite Transient in recent years with Investors buying up all the properties around us and turning them into Rentals, with people moving in and out constantly, so there is not the sense of ties to the Community we prefer.   Prior to that there were many Older Neighbors, but not really too many Children for the G-Kid Force to become Friends with, and over time the Older folks died off.  The New Home's Demographic is a more balanced mixture of Young Families and Retirees living together in the Community with everyone owning their own Homes.

So along with the Excitement of moving into a New Home and Decorating it is the Anticipation of meeting New Neighbors and making New Friends that live around us.  To have such a Gracious Invitation extended to us immediately was Delightful... we'll now get to meet many of the Neighbors in a Community Celebration Gathering!!!   The G-Kid Force are eager to see how many Children come that they can meet and who live close by?   I'm eager for them to make New Friends quickly so that they'll have an easier Transition, since the Nerves are setting in for them and for The Man about going to an area where they presently know no-one.  As for me, I've never met a Stranger *Smiles*... I make Friends quickly and easily so it's not so Nerve wracking for me to go somewhere I know absolutely no-one and leave with the foundation for building New Friendships of those I've met. 

I'm comfortable striking up random conversations with folks I've just met, I do it all the time... "The Gift Of The Gab" my Dad used to call it and my Mom and I definitely have it and are abundantly Gifted with it... or Afflicted with it, whichever way you might look at it?!  *LOL*    My Kids used to Tease me all the time that they were going to get me one of those T-Shirts that says, "Help, I'm Talking and I can't Shut Up!"  *Winks*   Yeah, I've never been accused of being Shy or a Wallflower, that's for Sure!  *Smiles*   Since this Old House is in complete Chaos though and we haven't even had a chance to move into the New Home yet, I will have to cheat on the Dish I'm bringing to the Bar-B-Que Pot Luck and just go with a Seasonal Fruit Salad and some Apple Slice Varieties with Caramel Dipping Sauce as my Offering.  But since our Temps are now hovering around 116 degrees, eating those kinds of Party Foods is appropriate enough that maybe I won't just seem Lazy?  *Ha ha ha*  Of coarse YOU ALL KNOW I AM Lazy, but Shhhhhh, it will just be our little Secret right now!   Well, unless any of the New Neighbors are Bloggers and maybe know me Virtually already and will say, "Hey... wait a minute, aren't you...??!"  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Seriously, that has actually happened before in first Meetings in Person by Pure Serendipity!

Who knows... maybe I'll even see one of YOU there... it's a smaller World than we Think sometimes...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How great to start right out getting acquainted with the neighbors! Anxious to see the moving in pictures! Don't get over heated though! Blessings to you too!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting. So happy for your entire family.


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