Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'll Be Late... Late... To A Very Important Date!


I will be having a White Rabbit Moment on Thursday... since the G-Kid Force have to be picked up from Summer School by Noon I'll be late... late... to a very Important Date on the Opening Day of "Sweet Salvage's" Event this Month "Summer Lovin'"!!!    Since I will be several hours late and long after the doors open I'm afraid I'll see a lot of this... "Sold"... and empty spaces left by eager Shoppers who've picked over the Inventory and Masterfully Styled Spaces... so, alas, I won't get to Behold or Share Pristine Vignettes this Month.  *Oh NO!*

Lucky for me I'm on a Buying Hiatus right now due to the Big Move so it's not as if my Lamentations will be because somebody else got to anything first.  *Whew!*   It's overwhelming enough to contemplate what to do with what I already have as I Cull Possessions daily and decide what to Keep and Pack or what to Sell Off or Donate?   Certainly once we're all moved over and in I will want to Style our New Spaces with a few new Found Treasures that will Compliment the new Home and Style I'll be choosing for our New Spaces... but that will be reserved for Future Events.   This Event will mostly be for Inspirational Purposes for me and a Nice Girl's Day Out to reward myself for having Endured so much Paperwork, Appointments and Agency Visits this Month.

Thankfully here in the Land of Blog and on Facebook there are Sneak Peek Reveals of how this Month's Event is coming together... but I won't borrow any Images... I have too much Enjoyment taking my own and will Reserve Posts about it for after my own Pilgrimage.   So Today's Images are drawn from Archived Imagery of Past Events that didn't get used in previous Posts.  Sometimes I like wading thru my Archived Images to see what I haven't yet Shared from Past Adventures and Outings.

Looking back at my Archived Library of Imagery re-inspires me all over again... especially now that I'll be starting with a Blank Canvas very soon... a very large Blank Canvas at that... I'm positively tingling with Excitement already at the prospect of Decorating and Styling an entire New Home, Courtyard and Garden!   One thing I definitely want to mass MORE of is Cloches... because everything looks more Important and Showcases better under Glass don't you think?

As I'm seriously Editing my Collections and Refining them so that they're a lot more Curated I will be Challenging myself to be a lot more Selective when making new purchases.   I'm finding myself walking away from things that in the Past I might have sprung on just because they were a Good Deal, or Pretty, or I merely Liked them but wasn't really having a Passionate Love Affair with them.  Now I know that if I am not blown away by it, or my Heart doesn't skip a beat when I lay Eyes upon it, well, I can just Enjoy it where it is and walk away afterwards without Feeling the least bit Tempted to Possess it.

My Temptations have seriously diminished and that is a good thing.  I'm finding that as I Edit and Purge more and more, I'm less inclined to want to replace any of what is going out the door just because now there's some empty Space around.   *LOL*   Any of my Maximalist Friends can relate to that Temptation, can't you?  *Winks*   No, I will definitely not be entering Minimalist Territory or ever have a barren Home, it's just not how I'm Hard Wired to Be, but I'm definitely Okay with having Less and Caring for Less... with the latter being the primary motivator.

A lengthy Buying Hiatus has actually been very good for me... I haven't even been Shopping for anything in a while because there is really nothing that I NEED to buy at this time.   My Desire has been more fixated upon how I'm going to Style with what I already have and window shopping for those Anchor Pieces of actual Furniture that we will NEED once we acquire the New Home since many of our larger furnishings are not coming with us.   Since I haven't bought very many larger Furnishings in YEARS I'm eagerly anticipating those Purchases when the time comes.

And I'm going to hold out for those Killer Anchor Pieces that I truly J'Adore in Future Treasure Hunts now.   I will risk saving up for them and having just the few random Great Pieces that wait for me to bail them out.  *Smiles*   The truly Great Pieces I already own have stood the test of time and I Love them now just as much as I ever did.  They'll just have to be part of my Estate when I die because in this Lifetime I doubt I will ever feel inclined to want to part with those Treasures... not matter how much Profit I could make off of them, so they were definitely worth whatever I paid for them.

The Great Pieces you Adore are like that though aren't they?  Sometimes we just forget to Focus primarily upon the acquisition of the truly Great Pieces as we get caught up in the Thrill of the Hunt and purchase things that don't fall into our Great Pieces category and thus we'll probably tire of eventually.    When I think about how many of those kinds of pieces I procured over a Lifetime they probably could have funded some Amazing Great Pieces that would have been a better choice in the long run... hindsight being twenty twenty and all that I'm finally coming around to that realization.

I'm learning an awful lot about myself too as I Cull and Pack... what is being Packed Up without very much decision making at all is something I'm paying attention to because those are the things that stir my Soul and are close to my Heart and True Aesthetic.   I'm flitting around Packing Up those things first in fact and it's clearly defining what I am most Attracted to and definitely want to Keep... so I'm using that as my Primary Inspiration for how I will Style the New Home.

Even though everyone's Style has some Metamorphosis over the years and at different Seasons of their Lives, I do find that some things you prefer just Abide.   There are some things I have always Loved and gravitated towards and they've changed very little, if at all, over a Lifetime.   Those must be my Essence Pieces and Reveal to me what I should surround myself with now for utter Contentment and Atmosphere that will be most Enjoyable and Comfortable.

And since Inspiration costs us nothing, we should acquire as much of THAT as we possibly can each day my Friends... Be Inspired!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I relate to your last statement on inspiration very much so!. Anxiously awaiting the final word on each of you big endeavors right now!


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