Monday, June 15, 2015

Ginny Crack Corn And I Don't Care...

Okay, so Today we got the fingerprinting done for the Adoption People, had to drive all the way into the City to East Phoenix to get the best price and it done on a walk-in basis in the Morning, so I could be back in time to pick the G-Kid Force up from Summer School and meet Adoption's rushed Deadline... but at least now that's one more required thing done and behind us accomplished!   I'm to the 'Ginny Crack Corn And I Don't Care' Phase of how I Feel about being in Limbo about the Adoption Completion Date and the Home Buying Completion Date.   So I had the 'Come To Jesus Talks' with both the Kiddos Caseworkers and Attorneys representing us and the Agent representing us for the New Home.  Lets get a firm Yes or No on these Issues because I'm now fed up to death with not knowing one way or another and being asked to jump thru any more hoops and have either dragged out any longer!

I've done everything I possibly could to expedite both to completion... but having all of it hanging in the balance and hinging on other people's decisiveness, or lack thereof, has worked my last nerve.   Patience never has been one of my virtues, especially when dealing with idiotic bureaucracy!  It didn't help that I also get a call this Morning about our first choice Dream Home on the Lake that we had been languishing as backup Buyers for... now it was on the Market again since the other Deal fell thru!!!  Dammit, I'd gone hard for that property and felt the other Deal preventing us from getting it was a problem and would fall through... but I just kept getting shut down by the Listing Agent and finally let it go and moved on.  So... I didn't need THAT call... something you really wanted and were denied... then offered up again once you were deep into another Deal... Agony and Torment that is!

Yes, I do prefer Dream Home No. 2 for the merits of the actual Home, which is newer and thus has better Modern Upgrades and better Architectural Details I J'Adore.   But Dream Lake House had a very large Lakefront backyard with Party Package,  Pool, had the Lake and Killer VIEW, a Pontoon Boat that came with the house, a Sauna in a Fantasy Bathroom that also had a Fireplace in it, and a Custom Walk-In Closet with Cherry Cabinetry.  It was hard to Let Go of, I'd already painted the walls on the canvas of my Imagination and didn't want to Move On, but felt we had to when everything stalled for so long and someone else was in first position to get it.  So, I just brought Dream Lake House up when I had the 'Come To Jesus Talk' with the Agent and Lender.  Since the Seller wasn't happy to have to reduce the price again... and I was at walking away point and ready to squash the Deal to change lanes and go for the acquisition of Lake House if this Deal didn't Wrap soon!

 My 'Come To Jesus' Talk with the Caseworkers and Attorneys went in a similar direction of being beyond irritated at being jerked around by The System any longer.  Either they want us to keep the Kiddos and get this finalized or NOT?   If NOT, well, they better just find Suitable Alternative Placement that they could Trust and Believe I'd be monitoring like a Mother Hawk and nothing ever better go wrong or have any hint of impropriety or all Hell would break loose and they'd see Wrath like noneother!!!  Clearly I'm at Saturation Point on things dragging out ad nauseum.  Well, just hours after The Talks, things have sped up and lined up in our favor suddenly, Imagine that!  Because Ginny Crack Corn And I Don't Care anymore and I think I made that crystal clear.  Things better just be Yes or No so that I can finally have some Closure... and some Peace in my Spirit about it all... instead of being in Limbo... or Pergatory... about it hanging in the balance with no certainty of how much longer we'd be Enduring it before we get some Finality one way or another?
I don't like being jerked around and have anything dragged out longer than it ought to be.  I'm just not a screwing around Type when it comes to my business... or my Family... or our Future.  I NEED to know where the bull sits so to speak, I can handle whatever that is.   What I don't handle well is the Unknown, the Uncertain, the hanging in the balance waiting on others to make decisions that do affect our Lives.  I'm very Impatient in those instances for a decision to be made so that there is an Outcome I can then Deal with and make Future Plans around.  Otherwise I Feel in a Stall and a Freefall of sorts waiting for a parachute to open as I plummet towards Earth waiting on something I don't have as much Control over as I'd like to.  Control Freaks are like that you know... I like to Control my own Destiny and not have it be at the whims of others... because others might not Care about our Outcome quite like we Care about it.

I Care very much about Our Outcome... I really do... otherwise I wouldn't have tolerated one iota of being jerked around and the having of things dragged out much longer than I wanted to Endure.  But there comes that tipping point and I just reached mine and let it be known with the utmost Clarity so that nobody had any delusions about how fed up I now am and how ready to Walk Away if I had to.  I'm Glad I haven't had to... I'm not Glad that I had to reach the tipping point to get that point across to the others in order to move things along and out of Limbo and the Extended Stall they've been in!

It's a matter of Caring AND Not Caring... which is a dichotomy that sometimes exists at the same time... when you've been pushed too far and perhaps kindness and being agreeable has been mistaken for weakness.   That mistake is not one to make.   Especially when the leverage is not in your favor... because frankly, if I didn't have to consecutively raise Kids until I was in my Seventies I'd be Okay with that actually... and I don't need to buy a house either even if others need to Sell one... and there are a lot of them out there if I change my Mind.   So... Ginny Crack Corn And I Don't Care anymore... put that in your pipe and smoke it... *Smiles*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can just imagine your frustration! Enough is enough!!!! May it all continue to speed up in your favor!!

    1. Thank you Marlynne... yes, I'm weary of being buried in paperwork that never ends and dealing with so many Agencies simultaneously, it's exhausting! But slowly I'm putting each 'requirement' behind me as I complete every step of The Process, it's just so labor intensive and emotionally draining! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Good afternoon Dawn.....I can see how you would be so very frustrated with this outcome. you actually have a house you have made an offer on.....I'm a little confused trying to follow your path here. I believe you have sold your lovely "old compound" and must move on but am not quite sure if you have found your new spot.



    1. Yes Jo we have found the New Home we are in the proces of negotiations for... it is lovely and I did an entire Post on it. We haven't Sold the Old Compound and don't plan to put it up for Sale until we're all moved over to a new Location. The projected Closing Date is the end of this Month so hopefully we'll be all moved over by Summer and can then Sell this Old Home. We will still be living locally, just further West near a gorgeous Mountain Range and in a newer Home with a lot less land and buildings to care for. Our version of downsizing. *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. You're in a wonderful financial position to be able to do all this! Sounds heavenly! Hope all the negotiations are completed soon.


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