Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part III

Where in the World?  Yes, the Theme of this Month's Event was rather appropriate for me, not so much because I intend to go on an International Adventure, but because of contemplating a big Move to somewhere else.   Where in the World will you end up has been the focus of my Attention for several weeks now as we sought out a new location to make our New Home and slowly detach from the Old one. 

Changes can be exciting and exhilarating, such a Rush to consider all of the new Possibilities and what the Changes will bring?  And yet, it can also be intimidating and anxiety ridden as well... especially as you assess the Big Picture of what it will entail.   I've never minded actually Moving, it's The Process that can be overwhelming and scary in it's magnitude!

I ain't gonna lie... when I look at the volume of Work it will require to empty out a large Home, disposing of a lot of possessions all at once... and move into another and get it set up just the way we want it with whatever we're bringing with us, I get palpitations of borderline Panic setting in!  *LOL*    What am I Thinking?    Yes, that thought has come to Mind more than a few times... sometimes just being Comfortable and sticking with the Familiar seems so much easier.

It is actually Surprising though what you can Learn to become Comfortable with.   I have Learned, while attempting to Restore a Historic Home that was really rough, how to become Comfortable with many daily Discomforts.   After enough years you just get used to it and the capacity to live in a Mess and a Work always in progress.   And then, once you begin to get exceedingly Uncomfortable and Fed Up with it, only then do you begin to explore other Options and consider Change.

I've found that as we Age it is more difficult to fully embrace Change, it's not that we don't want to, it just takes us longer I think.   I've been inclined to like things to remain somewhat the same and Familiar, within reason, because that becomes my Comfort Zone.   And as I'm Challenged to move outside of my Comfort Zone, it takes a bit of prompting and coaxing.   I'm not always as Bold as I used to be about Spontaneous Change you see... it kinda scares me... that Unknown Factor of it.

I'm not much of a Gambler you see, so when considering Options and Big Changes, I think things through very Carefully and Orderly... sometimes I overthink things through in fact and drive everyone around me Crazy with it!    Yes, I have decidedly convinced myself that Change is due and inevitable now so I'm having a Peace about actually Moving.   It's The Process it will require that totally freaks me out some days as I let my Mind race!   *Arghhhhh!!!!!!*   

After all, when you've reached a certain Season of Life and you are an Incurable Collector, you have amassed a ridiculous amount of Fabulous stuff.   The thought of having to dispose of and/or move all or most of that stuff can be quite intimidating!!!   I'm not alone in this dilemma about what to do with an excess of Fabulous stuff, most folks at our Season of Life who are like us have expressed similar reservations about the Downsizing Process.  We know we HAVE to do it, we desperately WANT to do it, NEED to do it... but the DOING of it is like looking at scaling Mount Everest as a Senior Citizen... is this even POSSIBLE you Wonder?!??!?   *Smiles*


I have played out several Scenarios as my Mind races with these thoughts... various options and strategies... some days I can be Calm, Cool and Collected about it even.  Other days, not so much... as borderline Panic begins to set in at the magnitude of undertaking a Big Move and what it will entail.   I know that I will come out the other side just fine... because the worst case Scenario I've played out is to leave whatever I don't have Energy to Deal with behind and have it disposed of any kind of way... and I could actually be Okay with that if a worst case Scenario plays out.

Yes I LOVE so much of my Stuff that my bigger Fear is bringing too much of it with me, rather than leaving too much behind actually!  *LOL*   I am striving towards Simplifying my Life and a Fresh Start is giving me that Golden Opportunity so I don't wanna blow it!   And yet I know I shall never become a Minimalist just because it's easier to take care of nothing!  *Winks*   My Goal therefore is that Delicate Balance of "Just Enough" and for someone like me, who is lousy at Editing, well, that's easier said than actually done!

So I want The Process to go rather Slowly after the Big Pieces would move over to a New Location... it's not the Big Pieces that are a worry since I already Edited which of those are Coming or being left behind.   The MOVING of them is a particular Challenge... and staying within Budget to do so... but once I've hammered out those Details I am not so concerned about the massive amounts of Smalls as I probably should be... or could be... not yet anyways!  *Smiles*

I can't really even Imagine right now what is going to be a Good Fit or not in the New Home we're trying to Purchase?   And even if everything fell through I'm Okay with the fact that I've begun such an Earnest Purge now that I'm on a Roll and can't look back.   Several of those close to us cannot Imagine us parting with this Old Home... and Wonder if we shouldn't, which doesn't Help my Process of Letting Go... so I try not to obtain too much external Input, no matter how well Intended.   None of them has to try to Care for this Property and the enormous amount of Upkeep it requires.  To Whom much is given, much is required... that's all I can say about that.

It is both a Blessing and a Curse to have a lot to take Care of and be Responsible for.   Whether that be in your Personal Life or Professional Life.   I'm growing Weary of taking Care of too much, so I need to discard what is easiest to Let Go of... which is Property... Real Property and Personal Property.   The Time Element of how long it will take is still somewhat of a Mystery to me though I have set a loose Deadline.   I'd be playing loose with the Truth if I told you that I've got it all under Control right now, I don't... there are still many variables and I'm taking it one day at a time.

We're still signing Legal Documents for the new acquisition and having the Agents come over this Afternoon to view this Old House and Property.   I'm not certain yet when I would put it up for Sale, but it would be once we're settled in to a New Home and have disposed of as much as possible that got left behind.   Keeping two Properties going for a while is Economically going to be Okay since I factored that into the Move Equation... but I don't like to keep any Real Property Vacant for long so I would want to Turn it as fast as possible so the Investment isn't compromised.

And in all Reality I want to keep my Lovely Historic Home Safe from being Vacant too long... so I'd rather it be Sold promptly since it is a large Property to Monitor while Vacant and on the Market.  And I know I will be diligent to pay daily visits during that Process as well, even after everything is cleared out and I can have a Peace about the stuff.  *Smiles*

Of coarse the Family's biggest lingering Question is which Property will be LIVED in most during this Process of Buying and Selling?  To which I don't really have a firm answer right now... so I can only Imagine how Seasonal Residents who own several Properties must Feel?   I don't know I'd like to own several Properties for that reason... the Empty One would always Concern me to some degree!   I'm very OCD like that... I have to KNOW what's going on with whatever I own!  *Winks*

And, though I don't wanna Jinx anything... I think my next Post will take a brief break from the Event and Reveal the New Home we're trying to acquire... because it's killing me not to Share it with you all here in the Land of Blog!   *Smiles*   I'm just that Excited... and Scared Sh--less all at once about the Journey we've decided to embark upon... and we don't know yet where it will lead us, but we're definitely on our way!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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