Monday, April 6, 2015

Retail Therapy

Okay, so in a previous Post I eluded to the fact that I'd managed to Sell Out with the Beast Princess and escape Saturday after dropping the Young Prince off at his Paternal Relatives for Easter to visit some Fav Shops on the Far East Side.   What I didn't elude to was the fact I desperately needed an escape before the Holiday was upon us because I'd been dealing with a particularly heavy load lately.

Retail Therapy is still way cheaper than all of the alternatives... and even a good Window Shopping excursion can work Wonders on getting my Head Space cleared and try to get back to Center if I've drifted way off from it dealing with the Stuff of Life.   Finally I had been able to put one Stressful pain in the arse to rest... and after over a year of battling fiercely against The System, had prevailed in getting The Man his Social Security half a year's back pay they'd tried to screw him out of.  *Whew*

After over a year of varying Stories they shoveled about why it was all so screwed up... and Appeals... and incessant Follow-Ups, since I'm like a dog with a bone about such things... what a Relief it was to get that finally straightened out successfully!   The amount they owed him was quite substantial... and their empty Threat that his Monthly checks would now be smaller if we corrected the Mistakes they'd made turned out to be about Nine Bucks smaller a Month from here on out... well, I can live with that.   *LMAO* 

After being exceedingly battle weary from that long drawn out Ordeal... and several others that are still in Process with no end in sight... Retail Therapy for an unexpected escape day to myself might not be just what the Doctor Ordered, but it would certainly be Cheaper than any Doctor visits... AND I'd have STUFF to show for it, so it Works for me!  *Winks* 

So, while I headed East with the Young Prince Saturday Morning, my Mind was focused upon a specific destination to stop by RUSTY SATURDAY because my Friend Karen Valentine had Wowed me with a Spring Blog Post about her Space and new Vignettes.  The Pimped Out Taxidermy she had Styled with was so unexpected and just so My Style that I had to check it out in person, natch!  *Winks*

Karen's Styling and Color Palette is so Serenity based that it was also what I needed to unwind and have a Zen Experience loaded with Eye Candy and Inspiring Inventory.   Though I don't Decorate with a whole lot of Colorless Palette or Pastels, I do find them to be particularly Soothing and visiting a Beautifully Designed and Decorated Space filled with that Palette relieves Stress and brings a Calmness to the Spirit that I can fully Appreciate.

A Vacation Retreat filled with this Palette and Aesthetic would always Appeal to me and be different than Home in a Pleasing way, so since I cannot get away for a Real Vacation, well, this is the next best thing.   Just having a "Me Day" alone without thinking about or Dealing with burdens is Great, but when I have the added Freedom and Opportunity to visit Favorite Places and/or Favorite People, it Completes the Experience.

And lets face it, it's not all that often that I also have some spare Cash from the Spoils of War to Indulge myself with either, so that left me with Options!  *Can I get a Whoop Whoop!*  Since The Man would have never received a dime without me Advocating and Going Hard for him during the past year of Dealing with Social Security when he became eligible, he said I'd Earned some Self Indulgences with a Modest portion of it.   He didn't want to nor could he have Dealt with them at all, given his Condition, but it's not as if The System is going to provide an Advocate for those that need one.

So he was just Relieved he was finally getting what he was rightfully Entitled to upon reaching his Age Milestone to begin receiving it.   He said he would have given up the Fight long ago and taken the hit and loss had I not been so tenacious and fixated upon it on his behalf.  *LOL*   I'm fairly certain Social Security is equally Relieved not to have to Deal with me anymore since I was clearly not going away no matter how much bullshit was shoveled my way to delay and mire his Case down.  *Smiles*   I have already decided when it's my Time to apply for Benefits, I'm just going in with guns a blazin' so that I won't even expect them to do the Right thing and be Passive initially by giving them any benefit of the doubt. 

So... there I was... standing amid all that Splendor and Serenity... with some Rare Free Time and even Rarer Retail Therapy Stash available for whatever my Little Heart Desired.  Yes, all was Right with the World in that Moment in Time and Troubles seemed to just melt away or at least be Miles away for a little while anyway!  *Winks*

In my Head I knew exactly what I'd come for... but I delayed Instant Gratification for a while just to soak the entire Experience in of all the other Lovelies I wouldn't be taking Home with me, but certainly was Admiring and Appreciating.

And there's always that Dream Piece, you know, that isn't within Budget... and I wouldn't have Space for anyway... but can still have a Lustfest and Love Affair with regardless.   This is that Piece this day... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, can you only hear the Angelic Hosts singing and Heavens parting when you behold such a Treasure as this?!??!??   Karen my Dear, how you could part with this one, well, I gotta give you big Props Girlfriend, you're a better Woman than I!!!   I would have been throwing myself over it in Protest not to have to be Let Go of, even if I had to keep it hidden away in some obscure Storage Space until I forced it into Purpose SOMEWHERE!  *Smiles*

And I certainly Admired the Magnificent Mule Deer Mount even though I already have one of those so knew he wouldn't be coming Home with me either.   Nope... it was the Other One I had my Heart and Peepers set on and had come to see if he would be Adopted if the Price was Right?!?

We locked Gazes as I entered the Space... clearly he wanted to come Home with me and be Adopted by the Bohemian Valhalla Clan... because, well, can't you just see that he BELONGS?!?  *Winks*  I was totally diggin' his Fabulous Santos Crown too... so I knew that I wouldn't make him part with it if he was leaving with me.

I stalled a bit looking at everything around him... almost afraid to check out his Bail in case I couldn't Pony Up to Post Bail to have him Sprung?  *Smiles*   And dontcha get those Butterflies when you do really want something but have that initial hesitation to see what it Costs?   I wasn't in the Mood for Disappointment or Discouragement after all... since this was definitely one of those Mental Health Days.  *Ha ha ha*

But Lo and Behold, insert a Happy Dance when it was obvious that yes, I could Afford him... and his Crown!   *I was doing the Uptown Funk Walk and Dance!*

And as he was being loaded up I could now Relax and check out the other Lovelies without even a twinge of needing anything more... utter Contentment.

All was Right with My World for a minute even though we'd be Living under dark clouds for quite some time now and the burden of that had really gotten to me so I needed at least some temporary Relief!

And that's The End for now... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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