Monday, April 6, 2015

Post-Easter Reflections

With Easter Celebrations over it is now time for Post-Easter Reflections of what a Wonderful Weekend it was spending Time Celebrating with Friends and Family.   I might be dating myself but I actually remember having some of these Sweet Paper Mache Baskets and Wish I'd kept some of mine since they're rather pricey to Collect now!

I think some date back even earlier than my Era, but they were Popular for quite some time up through the Fifties and Sixties.  So it's nice that some were Cherished and Saved, still Surviving to this day, since they are rather Fragile and weren't really meant to last.

Yes, our Baskets were considerably more Modest back in da day, especially when compared to how oppulent and enormous many are nowadays.   I suppose we were more easily satiated Children in our Era, because I recall getting one of these tiny but Adorable Baskets loaded up was a Big Deal and we didn't expect more.  Compared to our seemingly insatiable G-Kids nowadays it is a stark comparison indeed!

But we convinced The Son's Family that attended Easter Dinner with us this year to try something different... as none of them had ever before even had Lamb, so this would be their first experience tasting it or even seeing it prepared!   The Son isn't a great lover of Roast Lamb like the rest of our Family, so he'd never Prepared it for Solina or the Children.  So the Restaurant Owners at 'Dino's Greek and Italian Grill And Bar' were Gracious and Delighted to explain to the Girls all of the Greek Traditions and Preparations in detail and give a Field Trip of sorts to see the Process of the Lamb Roasting before we were to partake of our Meal.

And what a Meal it was!!!   With plenty of leftovers to take Home for later!!!  Yum!!!   And yes, everybody Loved their first experience with Lamb... and the scrumptuous sides of Herbed Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Greek Rice, Herbed Mixed Veggies, Tzatziki, Fresh Baked Pita and a choice of Avgolemono {Lemon Chicken Soup} or Clam Chowder or Greek Salad.

As well as Tsoureki {Greek Sweet Bread} with Hard Boiled Easter Eggs to play Tsougrisma, the Traditional Egg Tapping Game.  

Whoever's Egg doesn't break when they tap or knock it together top to top and then bottom to bottom is said to have Good Luck for the year.   The Son's Family Enjoyed learning about this Greek Easter Tradition and playing the Game.

Of coarse it was hard not to have the Men get Ultra Competitive when they Played... because, well, that's what Men do, when it comes to Games and Winning, right?!?   *LOL*   The Man prevailed against two worthy opponents... yes, he's still our most Competitive one in the Family!   *Winks*  Actually anyone with the most Traditional Colored Greek dyed Red Egg seemed to prevail every time... Things that make you go Humnnnnnn. 
  'Dino's Greek And Italian Grill And Bar' will also be having another Lamb Roast for Greek Easter next Sunday April 12th so you could still snag your Reservations... we might just have to make a repeat visit ourselves!  *Winks*

And Solina decided to put her Winning Greek Egg Tapping Good Luck to the Test right away when we went over to 'The Brass Armadillo' after Dinner.   The Mall was giving away a Twenty Five Dollar Gift Certificate every hour on the hour in hourly Drawings Easter Sunday and she Won the very first time!!!  Yep, guess that Winning Greek Egg Tapping Good Luck thing definitely has some Substance!  *Smiles*  This is my Friend Randall presenting her with the Winning Gift Certificate... which was promptly and Gleefully spent. *Winks*

I was busy re-stocking my Showrooms with some of the New Inventory I'd brought in for the Easter Promotional Event.   This Large Fluoresco Metal Sign weighs as much as a Boat Anchor and has some Great Bold Graphics and Color to it as well as being Framed in that shining Textured Chrome Diamond Plate making it even more Mantique Desirable for a Man Cave or Garage.

I also Sourced this Fab Copper Letter Wall Art spelling out RAN... Loved that it was Copper, in great shape and really heavy... Wished it had said something more Interesting and Stylish than just RAN.  But for a Kid's Room Motif I suppose that Word is good enough... after all, Kids are always Running, right?  *Smiles*   And if someone wants a Project I suppose they could separate the letters and make something else they want to spell with them instead.

Though I didn't buy any this year, I'm always drawn to Vintage Hats at Eastertime, moreso than other Seasons.  And both of our 'Brass Armadillo' locations had a really good selection to choose from in the way of Vintage Hats with some Killer Millinery Florals on them!

Sometimes if I can find a Damaged Vintage Hat like this with Great Vintage Millinery Florals on it I'll buy it for the sum of it's parts and Deconstruct it for other Projects.  But if it's in Pristine Condition I wouldn't have the Nerve to and would just put it on Display for it's Pure Visual Beauty.

I am such a Sucker for Vintage Floral Millinery though and when I find any at a decent price I simply must have it to add to the Hoard of it being Stashed at Home or in my Art Studio Cache... because the Possibilities for it are simply endless!

And every time I come across Vintage Millinery Florals in the Words of Rachel Zoe "I Die"... I really do, they are just that Irresistable to me and I want them ALL!  *Smiles*    And don't Judge, I know... I need to dust... BADLY!   But my procrastination comes in mighty handy to see what sneaky little Fingers have been up to when I'm not looking... it's kinda like my own CSI Technique for Wee Fingerprint Evidence. *Winks*

And as you can Clearly see by the telltale Crime Scene Evidence... Wee Little Sneaky Fingers have been quite busy lurking and doing Covert Ops in my Art Studio Space when Gramma is unawares!  They think I'm Totally Psychic when I can tell them what they and their Friends have been up to behind my back! *LOL*

But before I stray totally Off Topic... lets take a look at one of my absolute Favorite Vintage Floral Millinery Pieces atop one of The Man's Confiscated Skullies I weaseled him out of... 'cause I can be pretty Sneaky and Conniving myself, so the Little Apples didn't really fall very far from Big Mama's Tree.  *Winks*   BTW: Check out the Gorgeous Hand-Dyed Seam Binding from my Friend Karen Lackey at 'Starshine Salon'!   When you don't have sufficient time to dye your own, I highly suggest checking out Karen's Inventory of Hand Dyed Seam Binding and Upcycled Sari Material Trims.

But back to my Fav Millinery Piece... yes, the Saturation of Color on these Vintage Velvet Flowers is still that Bold and Beautiful, even after all these years!  *Swooning*

And I look for more every Easter since Spring and Flowers kinda just go together so well and I want a Home and Studio full of strewn about Vintage Millinery Florals if I can't have them strewn about with Real Flowers instead.
And I Hope your Easter was as Wonderful and Memorable as ours was my Friends?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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