Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lusting After Primo Space...

Nobody can Lust after Prime Space like a Vendor with a Vision to expand!  *LOL*  In fact, I've been itching for New Beginnings in my Retail Spaces since the start of the New Year, but it's so much easier to have a blank canvas to build a Vision upon than a full one.

And I know I've been dragging my feet and procrastinating on emptying Showroom One Fourteen to re-build from scratch because emptying a full Showroom when every Space around it is also full, is... well, a bigger Challenge than I'm up to and a lot more Work than just having an empty Showroom to begin again.


I might also add that when I acquired Showroom One Fourteen there had been a one year's Waiting List to even come up for Consideration for a Showroom and rarely were Vendors moving out of them.  So... when one emptied out and you were at the top of the List and offered it... if you refused, well,  you went to the bottom of the List.   So, after over a year of waiting rather impatiently, when one finally became available I Settled and just got it even though it wasn't Ideal.

I made the best of it and have certainly Enjoyed my first acquired Showroom, it has Served me quite well, but, I'm not one to Just Settle... I tend to want to Trade Up at the first opportunity to procure something better... something Desired... something more Primo... that previously I could not even Hope to Lust after because it wasn't even available.

But I am much better at Holding Out... and Outlasting most people when I really want something.  I may not always prevail initially, but I am tenacious and rather like a dog with a bone about some stuff that I want.   And lately I've been Sourcing some pretty Awesome Inventory that is taking up more room... and having to pass up even bigger Treasures that I absolutely couldn't cram into either Showroom due to Space Constraints... and that's not Good... so I've had to Consider possibly enlarging the Vision again and taking slightly bigger risks.

After all, I've always been a firm Believer that if the Vision isn't large enough then God probably isn't in it fully yet and I'm probably relying more upon my own provisions than His and what He has for me if I just but step out in Faith.    Even opening Retail Space three years ago was a big leap of Faith for me.   I Smile now when I walk by my first tiny Booth at our Antique Mall and recall how nervous I was about Committing and making it Work!   As if somehow filling and maintaining that tiny spot Month to Month with no Lease and relatively no real risk was going to break me!  *LOL*  Now after building Confidence and Learning as I go, it's to the Stars and Beyond!

After all, renting Month to Month means that if something doesn't work out... isn't Fun anymore... or has Served it's Purpose, well, you just close it out.   So really it's not such a Big Deal and therefore I don't Agonize about it very much, if at all.  It's just about making that initial decision really... of expanding and stepping out when Opportunity meets Preparation.   And such a time as that unexpectedly dropped into my lap at just the right time so I'm Guardedly Optimistic about the Possibilities!

Let me explain... my Good Friends Kathye and Ken are Vendors at our Antique Mall too and I was saddened to hear that due to an upcoming Surgery and other Career Commitments they would be giving up their Showroom which is one of those Primo Spaces!   I will miss seeing them as often as we've been able to get together there at Work because they are Good People and so much Fun, as well as being Uber Creative and Artsy Folk.   They wanted to give me a Heads Up that their Showroom would be coming up for Availability within a Month or so... just in case I might want it?

Well... Hell Yeah it's a Space I'd definitely Consider... and want to be Considered for... though I was absolutely certain it would also be a Space with a LOT of Vendor Interest and no easy feat to procure!?     So... yes... I Eyeballed that Space... brought The Man in to Eyeball that Space... Envisioned ME and my Stuff in that Space... how I would Gypsify that Space... and well, you get the gist!   *LOL*   And after all... lately I've been Sourcing Vintage Suitcases like I'm ready to move myself anyways!  *Ha ha ha*

In fact Travel Related Inventory has just been Speaking to me of late... whispering those Sweet Wanderlust Nothings into my Ears and searing the itch to pick up and Move somewhere into my Soul!  Now... Moving out of Bohemian Valhalla is completely out of the question and I reconciled myself to deciding it would not be the Right Thing for me or our Family anyway.   But... Moving Showrooms, well, not such an Attachment Issue even though I like both of my Showrooms, I'm not in Love with one of them and could actually detach from either or both of them since clearly I will not require three.

So yes, I'd decided that if I could procure Showroom One Twenty One when my Friends vacate it... then I'd definitely give up one of my two existing Showrooms.   I was leaning more towards giving up the larger one Number One Fourteen.    It is the most expensive of the two and doesn't have that Bonus Room or lots of built in shelving for my Smalls like Showroom One Thirty Three has.   I'm also not as disenchanted with Showroom One Thirty Three right now even though it is cramped at the moment and could use some TLC and Revitalization as well.

Not to mention Showroom One Thirty Three was not a Space I Settled for... I had always liked it a lot, with that Bonus Room and all that Shelving... so when it came up I had jumped at the Chance and was deliriously Happy to procure it!   Since it was not a Settled Space, but a Coveted one, well, I'm Good with it so long as I can continue to maintain two Showrooms and justify keeping both.   And in the Future, if I couldn't keep both, well, I'd prefer to have a larger room than the largest one I now have, just in case I had to or wanted to downsize the Vision somewhat.   I like to keep my Options Open and well Planned.

This new Coveted and Lusted after Showroom is much bigger than my larger of the two rooms that I now have.  It is also much brighter with way more overhead light fixtures.   It also has more Outlets situated all around the entire room to plug electrical Inventory into, which means less ugly extension chords dangling everywhere and trying to cover up and keep out of the way.   It is also a separate room unto itself with walls that go up all the way to the ceiling rather than cubicle like divider walls like most of the other Showrooms.

It is also next to a big Open area that gives one ample space to Stage Inventory and not be in anyone's way or have them be in your way as you re-foof, price, bring New Inventory in, organize and clean... which is a Big Deal.   Right now both of my Showrooms are surrounded by other Rented Space that is full so there is nowhere to Stage and that is always problematic and challenging.   I feel that this Showroom is in a more Ideal Location at the back of the Mall and more Visible from the Main Isle going down the center of our Warehouse Sized Mall.   The Entrance is much wider as well, which makes Entryway Vignettes more Appealing and less cramped or obstructive of your Entrance. 

Not to mention my Friends did a LOT of permanent Improvements to the Space... like Lovely White Bead Board Wainscot, Burlap Fabric above that, lots of Finishing Touches that Cost a lot of Money when you're initially Tricking Out a Retail Space.   I Love Move-In Ready Spaces that are already Perfect and don't require me to Invest a lot of Time and Resources into in order to get it the way I need and want it to be.   Yes, you can only HEAR the Lust I have for this Space, can't you, it's so freckin obvious?!?  *LOL*

And Princess T... always being the Eternal Pragmatic... reminds me that even if I don't get the New Showroom Space... well, there is nothing stopping me from just Dealing With Showroom One Fourteen in a way that would make it more of what I need and want for it to be, right?!?  Make it so that I want to Keep it more and will be Content with it again.   Plus, it is cheaper so I don't have to spend more.   And that is True... I don't Hate the Space, it just needs a lot of Work and a Total Makeover right now... and that would be more Trouble than just Moving to a blank canvas that is bigger and has all the bells and whistles in place.   So... we will wait and see... now that I've asked our Mall Manager to Consider me when they decide who will get to Rent it.

And I know that you've probably been anxiously awaiting a peek at the Lusted After Showroom, haven't you?  *Winks*   This is the Entrance and it has Wall Space on either side... it is L-Shaped and has Cinder Block walls covered in peg board material that you can hang stuff from.   It is large enough that larger Furniture can be Showcased well in it with room enough for Customers to easily move around.

Ken and Kathye build a lot of their own Furniture and that is something I'd like to coax The Man into doing with me as part of his rehabilitation since he is a skilled Carpenter and remembers so many of his past Skills from before the Accident.   I think it would be Good Therapy for him to start having Purpose again and Working with his Hands doing Projects that are Fun and yet a little Challenging... not to mention be a Blessing to the Family if we can Sell some of it in a Space large enough to properly Showcase it.   And I've been itching to try some new Painting Techniques and Paints out... since anything I've Painted or Transformed in the Past has Sold well. 

And here's that little Storage Space under the Stairs that can be locked, which would be Perfect to Store Supplies I need regularly so I don't have to drag them back and forth or try to hide them from being messed with or carted off.   It's always nice to have a Cache Space to put some Stored Inventory in that can easily be fillers as Product is Sold rather than rushing Home to get some out of Storage.

So anyways... that's my current Lusting... and it's nice to just have the invigoration of thinking upon something Fresh and New right now to stimulate my Creativity and get the juices flowing to want to do something Positive and Exciting.   Let's Hope I have the Favor I need...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. We have exactly the same problem! I rent a teeny space to sell from, so I sell small objects of desire instead of big ones! And I'd love a space which was bigger, but there is a huge waiting list, and I am lucky to have nabbed the space I have. I have some large projects that I can't sell anywhere but on ebay. I'd much rather have it all under one umbrella. I hope you get your lusted after object Dawn! Have a great Easter holiday. x

    1. Well, lets keep everything crossed that eventually the both of us will have the opportunity to expand our Vision! *winks* Have a Blessed Easter... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. It's lovely to pop over to see what's happening with you and the family Dawn...l've not been to visit for a while due to my scatty headspace, so many medical appointments for Mum, finally got to the bottom of it (seizure?) with an MRI...a brain tumour...only small and slow growing but not great news, though she"s in good spirits and has "given it all to God". Anyway 'nuff about us....Whether or not you get the primo space may be undecided Dawn but it sure sounds like a sweet opportunity and one you're well and truly UP for and ike you say it would be great therapy for your man as well.....fingers and toes crossed for and a few prayers to boot:-)) Hope you have a great weekend and that it's not TOO hot there in the desert.

    1. Prayers being sent your way for your Mum, it's great that she has received the challenging news in the right Spirit, that makes all the difference when facing any adversity, especially health battles. May you have a Blessed Easter... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oops forgot to wish you a Happy Easter....Happy Easter!!:-)


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