Monday, April 13, 2015

First Harvest Of The Season ~ Lavender Dreams

This year my French Lavender has thrived and produced an abundant Harvest which was now ripe for harvesting.  So this weekend I had my first Harvest of the Season of Lavender Bundles fresh from my own Garden.

One plant had a particularly vivid hue and the other a more subdued hue of Lavender and the stalks were long and sturdy for bundling and hanging up to dry in the house.   I Love drying Floral and Herb Bundles around the house, both for the delightful Scent and for the Beautiful Organic Visual of the drying Bouquets.

I only Wish I'd bought more of the French Lavender rather than a mixture of the French and the Spanish Lavender.  The Living Plants of both are Beautiful but I'm not entirely certain about the Quality of the Harvest of my Spanish Lavender since I've never dried it before and the Flowers look totally different and chubbier with less of the part that gives off the Aroma Lavender is best known for.

So for now I concentrated on Harvesting a portion of only the French Lavender and hanging it in Bundles around the house to begin the drying process.  One of the plants of my poor Spanish Lavender had a mishap with the Bohemian Cat Crew anyway where they knocked the pot over upside down on the Porch and crushed the Blooms as they got rambunctious out there.  *Gasp*

The hardy Plant recovered and survived, but the Blooms were rather ruined by their Ordeal and may not be Bundle worthy when the time comes to Harvest them?  *Le Sigh*   I was so upset with my Fur Babies, here they have an entire Acre to cavort around when they want to be rambunctious, but NOOOOOO... they gotta go Buck Wild on the Front Porch around my Potted Plants and cause carnage and mayhem!   Kids and Cats... it's a Wonder any of my Garden Survives?!?

So speaking of Divine Lavender things... and to Soothe my upset... had to Treat myself to one of the Divine Vietnamese Ice-Cream Sammies this weekend too from my Friends at Pho 43 Vietnamese Restaurant in West Phoenix.   Yummy Retro Seafoam Green Hued Pandan Ice-Cream sandwiched between a Lovely Lavender Hued pair of Taro French Macaroon Cookies by Binh... a Feast for the Eyes and the Appetite!   Yeah, Dessert always has that Calming Effect even on Crazy Days doesn't it?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh how delightful! I can smell it clear here in Missouri! And yummy on that ice cream treat!

  2. oh you have the most interesting life..the kiddies are growing up nicely...too...


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