Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter 2015 my Friends!

This was the first year the Kiddos didn't ask me to Color Real Eggs and I was Okay with that.  Not that we won't probably hard boil some later... and maybe even dye them... but at least we didn't have to do it in preparation for Today, which was busy enough as it is.

We knew Easter Weekend in general would be busy because the Young Prince would need a ride over to his Paternal Relatives to spend Easter Weekend with them Celebrating.   And I'd Planned plenty of things for the rest of the Family for the Easter Weekend as well.

And so very, very Early Saturday Morning before I headed out with the Young Prince to drop him off, well, I Sold Out on the Participation of joining Princess T on the big Easter Egg Hunt.   She was Bought Off rather easily actually as she had Played me with her Best Negotiation Scheme ahead of time anyway.  *LOL*   Hey, Guess who Taught them the Art of Successful Negotiation after all?  *Winks*

It was a Good Thing that the Young Prince had other Plans since he was beginning to recant his initial decision not to Participate in the Egg Hunt and had begun trying to Control the entire Shebang by telling the Girls they were doing it ALL WRONG and this is how they should be doing it!   Yeah, he's a Control Freak like his Gramma and their haphazard way of Egg Hiding and Hunting was apparently working his last nerve.   And the Girls had decided they didn't want him Delegating if he wasn't "All In" with the Egg Hiding and Hunting.    After all, to be a Successful Leader you HAVE to have Followers or you're just taking a Walk... and they definitely wanted him to just take a Walk and leave them alone with no Supervisor spoiling their Fun!  *LOL*

It was probably also a Good Thing that Princess T had Negotiated her Deal with me about the Egg Hunt Thing as well, since I'm not really that "Into" it.  Especially the One Hundred And Twenty Eight Eggs she'd filled to Hide in a Garden that was already heating up to close to Ninety Degrees that Morning!   I don't even bother to bend over anymore to Hide them... so you can only tell my total lack of Enthusiasm.  *LOL*  Her Deal, if her BFF was allowed to replace me in The Hunt... AND spend the Night Friday Night so they could get an early start... AND come with us Sunday Morning for Easter Breakfast at 'Wildflower Bread Company'... AND join us Easter Morning at 'The Brass Armadillo'... well, I'd be Off The Hook.   Yeah, she's a Fierce Negotiator, huh?   But I know a Good Deal when I'm Offered one... it got me completely Off The Hook for ALL DAY Saturday after dropping the Young Prince off that Morning at his Relatives... so Color me Happy and Relieved.

And if the Young Prince couldn't Boss the Minions around, well, then, he just wanted to get an early start so he and I could have Breakfast together and head East to his Dad and Aunt's Celebrations.   I was totally Down for that suggestion since the far East Side also has some of my Favorite Shops and if I dropped him off earlier, well, Pre-Easter Shopping Spree sans an entourage sounded Grand to me and cause for Celebration!  *Smiles*

The Girls had already asked if they could Hide and Re-Hide the Eggs all day... Grandpa and I had absolutely no objections to that Idea... it would keep them Happy, Busy and Content as well as out of his hair all day long until I got Home with Dinner.   Hide away if that puts them in their height of Glory I say!   The Young Prince is giving me that Look like, "Hurry up Gramma before they change their Minds and want to come with us...", he's Right... better Exit Stage Left while they're Happily preoccupied Hiding Eggs all over our Acreage and Grandpa is Happily watching his Alaska Reality Show Reruns.  *LOL*

The Young Prince's Nod to Easter was to have a Pastel Tinted Mohawk... well, the Green matches his Eyes nicely so I didn't say anything, it's kinda Cute actually.   And he helped me pick out an Easter Basket for his Little Brother that we'd be delivering when I dropped him off, since I've Forgotten what two year old Little Boys totally dig playing with and won't try to swallow along with their Candies?  *Ha ha ha*    "Should we just make him up one ourselves?", he queries... "NO, I'm being Lazy Gramma this Easter, he's getting a Store Bought one...", and since he didn't Protest and just Laughed, I'm Guessing he was Joking just to get a Reaction out of me!?!  *Smiles* 

Yes, I'm Convinced this Child LIVES to get a Reaction out of me and so I Intentionally Ignore a lot of things that aren't Permanent and don't Sweat them.   Like the three days before Easter Weekend that he asked me if he could Dress Up for Easter and then came out looking as a Demented Clown!   Yes, he wore this for three consecutive days everywhere... including out with me!   And when the Clerks asked him if he was wearing it for some Special Event he dryly says in a best Addams Family Monotone, "No.", and I chime in when they look at me all confused by simply saying in an equally dry best Addams Family Monotone, "No, he's just Demented."    *LMAO because their Expression and Reaction is always Priceless and that IS Funny, I don't care who you are!  Smiles*

And so, in retrospect, the Pastel Mohawk was rather a Relief and not so Bad when he came out wearing it for Easter Weekend.  *Whew*   I was pretty certain his Dad and Family would have been in Meltdown Mode had he showed up Demented Style and it more than likely would have scared Hell out of his Little Brother!   Princess T is more used to his Demented Style Sense so nothing he does, says or looks like Phases her anymore and she doesn't care anyway and often voices it to him, or anyone else, when they're rambling on about Whatever she doesn't care about.   And lets face it, she's a Wednesday Addams Type Child herself.   She once let me Off The Hook with an annoying Adult who was ultra Negative about everything and intercepted us to incessantly Complain by saying, "We don't Care..." and walking off... so sometimes she and her No Nonsense approach does come in handy.   *Smiles*

But she has her Sweet Side too and is a Lovable Kid that so many of our Friends completely Adore and Spoil her Rotten.  Easter Morning for years now we've happened to be at 'Wildflower Bread Company' having Easter Breakfast and run into her now Retired School Nurse Ms. Cornelius.   This Easter Ms. Cornelius was running later than usual having Breakfast there and missed us... so after having her Breakfast she came over to 'The Brass Armadillo' and Surprised Princess T with an Easter Basket she'd made up for her, which was so Sweet and Thoughtful.

And the Girls struck a Pose in front of the '57 Chevy Desk.  You can only tell that Ms. Cornelius was our Children's and then our Grand-Children's all time Favorite School Nurse at the Elementary School Level!     It's always so Good to see her out and about in our Community and thoroughly Enjoying her Retirement after so many years of taking Loving Care of our Children's Health needs at School.   Especially with a couple of our Children, when they were growing up, and these two Grandchildren, that gave us Peace of Mind when they were in Grade School since each of the four of them do have significant Health needs.

Well, we're getting ready to meet The Son and his Family at our Favorite Greek Restaurant for Easter Dinner... where they are Roasting Lamb Greek Firepit Style with all of the other Traditional Greek Easter sides... so I'll finish up our Easter Posts next time my Friends!
Have a Blessed Easter yourselves... Dawn... The Bohemian


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