Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adapt And Improvise... Dealing With Disappointment

I'll begin on a Positive Note: The Young Prince's Re-Evaluation for Services went very well and he will continue to receive Services and we might even qualify for some Family Services that will provide Counseling for the Caregiver!  *Yay!*   Yeah, that will be a Godsend since I don't have any Support System in place right now to talk about the Challenges with, in what I face and Deal with daily without any Professional Help or Guidance.   So that was all a Good Thing even tho' The Man opted not to join me to sit in on the Meeting since it would be going long and he's not quite up to that yet.  He was Happy to hear that I'd be finally receiving some Services to try to Cope better and receive Professional Guidance on how best to Care for three Family Members with significant Special Needs, since that will benefit us all.  

I Sourced these enormous Vintage Valentine Heart Shaped Candy Boxes on a recent forray, too bad they hadn't been Found in time for Valentine's Day, huh?   So funny and ironic really how less Health Conscious people were back in da day... and yet in much better shape compared to Today's Modern Population!  *Smiles*   I like the Visuals of the Vintage Valentine's Day Boxes so much more, but since I don't eat Chocolate I wouldn't ever have possessed such Amazing Vintage Boxes unless I find some that somebody else kept and finally let go of after the Contents were consumed.

These all came from the same Collection, so apparently the Sentimental Value or Visuals were something this Individual really Appreciated for many years and it's nice that they were so well Preserved.   Things not really meant to be Saved and so are Scarcer are some of my Favorite Vintage and Antique Finds actually... and to find an intact Collection being Sold Off is quite the Rush.   And I needed one of those Positive Rush kinda Feelings since I was Dealing with the Disappointment of being told I didn't get that bigger and improved Showroom I had thrown my hat in the ring for consideration of.  *Sob*

Apparently it was given to a New Dealer I'm not at all familiar with, rather than any of the Veteran Seasoned Dealers who've been with the Mall since the beginning and wanted to be considered, which was a Surprise since this Showroom is Primo Real Estate in the Mall.   I couldn't help myself, I sought out the small Booth this Dealer currently has, at least Hoping it would be a New Dealer with a Killer Vibe, sense of Style and Aesthetic, that I'd Lost the Opportunity to?   Alas, IMO it definitely was not, so I just don't get it.  I don't know why that matters to me, but I suppose if I saw their current small Location and it was Impressive, had Great Inventory or at the very least was marginally cohesive or Stylish, I could see the Logic behind being Favored for the Prime Space?  Instead I'm left Bewildered??? 

You see, a New Tenant Improving upon it even further and totally ROCK the Space, afer all the Financial Investment and Hard Work my Friends put into the Showroom, would make me feel better about losing out on it.  I could Celebrate that and know it would be a Space I'd probably Enjoy and want to Shop in myself.  I know my Friends Kathye and Ken, who are having to Vacate that Space, put quite a considerable Financial Investment and Labor of Love into the Build-Out of the Showroom.   So they really wanted someone to Inherit and inhabit it that would not ruin and negate all their hard Work.  Maybe you shouldn't Care when you leave somewhere... but if you put your Heart and Soul into it, as well as a large chunk of change to Improve it, well, you just do... whether it's a Residential or a Retail Space you must Let Go of.
 So it would be Awesome if a New Vendor with a similar Aesthetic just Improved upon it rather than destroy it or rip pricey Improvements out wasting them {or with the Intent of Selling them off}.   Alas, that happens far too often when a Prime and Beautifully Improved Space is Rented to someone who tears everything up, then doesn't manage to make a go of it and moves out promptly.  Only to leave a jacked up Hot Mess behind for whoever gets it next, to have to now Invest a lot into to get it back up to par.  *Le Sigh*   I just don't have the Resources or Time to Inherit a Hot Mess anymore, so I guess I just wanted something Turn-Key and Move-In Ready for a change!?  *Smiles*
 I'd HATE to have to see this Space jacked up, since my Friends had to Let it Go with a Heavy Heart due to Medical and Personal Reasons.   So I really, really Hope the New Vendor isn't a Demo Crazed Type or has a Tasteless Aesthetic {Gack... seen too many of those too}, which would make it worse rather than better?   But enough of that... I don't even like to think about it and it's not my problem if it was a bad decision.  So, I'll just have to now Adapt and Improvise my existing larger Showroom One Fourteen and move everything out to Revitalize it.  Though it's really far too much Work that I'd Hoped to Avoid by just changing Rooms and having an Empty and Blank Canvas to build a better Vision upon.  Over Nine Hundred Dollars of Build-Out Improvements would have been so Sweet and Ideal since my Seed Money is non-existant to Improve Space with Build-Outs, etc., but it wasn't meant to be.

So to Soothe my Wounded Spirit and try to quickly Get Over It, I went over to my Awesome Old Friend Hugh's Space to check out the Killer Inventory he was bringing in and wanting me to check out and discuss with him.  He was pulling for me to be The Chosen One for the New Showroom, and we laughed that I better forego a Trip to Vegas then, since clearly I'm not on a Winning Streak right now.  *LOL*  He was tho' on this recent 'Pick' he'd just come back from... and though I didn't Photograph all the Killer Inventory he 'Scored' yet, hadda Show Off this Fabulous Articulated Vintage Male Mannequin Form!  *Swooning*   Hugh has the best Inventory EVER and is a Consumate Collector.

We discussed his possible Age and Era since Hugh wanted my Opinion since he knows I'm really "Into" Old Mannequins *LOL*... I was leaning towards 1930-1940 Era and that is exactly what he had initially thought too... mostly due to the Wooden Articulated Arms and Swivel Ball Joints.  Hugh is a very Old Dude so he doesn't use the Internet but I told him I'd do some Due Diligence for him on the Piece and see what turns up?   Killer Piece, I'm TOTALLY Diggin' it!

This is the Original Head for it, which we both decided would probably fetch more as a Separate.  *Gasp... I know you Purists are cringing right now about breaking up a Complete Original*   But the fact of the matter is, to Sell it as a Whole means that you'd have to put at least as much as the sum of it's parts... and typically Buyers, unless they are Consumate Collectors too, don't wanna Pony Up or don't have the Resources for the High End Pieces Value Complete.   By offering the Body and Head as separates you can actually get more or if someone wants it Complete they still have that Option too... or if they just want one or the other it provides another Option at a more Modest Cost.  I've Sold more Sets and Complete Items faster and at more of a Profit by parting them out and Offering them up as Separates.  Plus Hugh is really Loving the Head... and not so much Attached to the Body.  *LOL*   As a Complete Eccentric myself I totally Understand.
In fact Hugh and I have often done many a Gypsy Trade of Merchandise for that very reason... we totally "Get" each other, even if most people do not.  *LMAO*   He Loves my Aesthetic and his vast Knowledge and Curating is the Stuff of Legend so who couldn't Appreciate that in this Business?!?  I might even have to Consider a Good Swap for that Mannequin Body if he's Interested in comin' for a 'Pick' at Bohemian Valhalla to see if we could work something out in Trade?  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian   


  1. Hi glad you are finally getting the help YOU need with the G force. I know it has been a real long road for your family. the valentine's boxes....but I LOVE what is inside these boxes even more!! LOL LOL Many many years ago my beautiful soul mate
    would give me 7 pounds of dark almond clusters from See's....I go this every year at Christmas and at the whole thing each year. Needless to say, now at my age cannot do this.. but it was great while it lasted! (O:(O:



    1. A couple of those great Old Vintage Valentine Hearts actually were from Sees Candy and I can only imagine the great Selection something of that size held?!? Probably putting the recipient in a Sugar Coma for quite some time... LOL. You made me laugh, which was good since it was a discouraging day Today. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hey Dawn....l was SO gunning for you to get that space and what bummer it didn't happen, but like you say it musn't have been meant to be, and l totally agree it would have been easier to deal with if someone awesome had been going into the space but go FIGURE. It also happens at our venue as well. l had asked for a better location and when one came up they gave it to someone who hadn't been there as long as me but in my case it was all about being in the right place at the right time and clearly l WASN'T :-(....l love your valentine hearts too, so funky aren't they, and great news that you'll be getting some extra support and services, it can't be easy for you with all the family decisions on your shoulders. Hugh's male mannequin would look fantastic in a tux and top hat....of course it would only work if his head remained attached....haha.... Have a great weekend coming up won't you.

    1. Yeah, I didn't feel like the Lone Ranger as several totally Awesome Vendors were also not seriously considered that had put their hats in the ring for the coveted space... which is why I TRY not to Covet any Space, but you know how us die-hard Vendors are when something good even looks like it's a Possibility to Expand The Vision and the Kingdom! LOL I agree also that Hugh Manne would look very GQ in a Tux... and I'd totally Pimp Out the Top Hat Gypsy Mad Hatter Style. *winks* I have so many Grandoise Dreams and Delusions of Grandeur! *Ha ha ha* Dawn... The Bohemian

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  4. So Sorry You Didn't Get The Dream Booth! But you'll make the best of it and come out on top I'm sure


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