Friday, March 27, 2015

Whoosh... It Just Rushed Up On Me

You know how some Holidays just manage to rush right up on you and Whoosh, they're almost here and have caught you totally unprepared and off guard?  Well, Easter has done that to me this year, for some unfathomable reason I thought I had more time to get ready for it, so I hadn't even started to consider Decorating to Celebrate it nor purchasing the Kiddos Easter stuff!  

Usually I'm more at the top of my Game when it comes to preparing for any Holiday or Holy Day.  But when it's a panic stricken last minute prep and mad dash to drag everything out of Seasonal Storage I just end up minimizing the Vision.  I opt to scale back for what I'm going to do in the way of Styling and what will actually come out of Storage and be set up.   This was such a time as that.

I couldn't even really remember where what I wanted even was, since Easter Seasonal Storage is more scattered than Christmas or Halloween Seasonal Storage.  It doesn't take up as much room and so I squirrel it away and like a Squirrel forgetting where it stashed it's cache of nuts all over the place I can't find it.  I am lucky if I find even half of it if I don't have adequate lead time for a Treasure Hunt for it around the house! 

And I really do have a nice Collection of Easter Treasures I've accumulated over the years.   So I am disappointed that I didn't Plan better and check the Calendar to see how Time was running out.  Time enough to properly Prepare for such a Special Celebration and Enjoy the Visuals of some of my Favorite Seasonal Items to Display for the Holy Day!

Even the G-Kid Force noticed how Spartan my Easter Vignettes were this year and how they were scrambled out in half an hour's worth of Decorating!   Yes, I know I've still got some Time left and can Improve upon it... and I've kicked it into High Gear now that I know that it Whooshed up on me like this.

I almost left it too late to pick out Spring Blooms since most of the Nurseries and Shops are already closing out their Easter Stock and re-stocking with Summer Inventory.

But the biggest panic for me was the Easter Basket Prep... since Shops were already discounting their Easter Inventory and pickins were so lean that I had to get more Creative than usual.   And, since I knew I also didn't have a Good hiding place, I'd already decided Easter was close enough that the Kiddos could see and even have their Easter Gifts early if they didn't want to wait.

Which of coarse was a 'Given' since these are not the Waiting Kind of Kiddos and if I didn't react fast enough once they'd seen their Easter Gifts, I probably wouldn't even manage to get any Photo Ops Preserved for Posterity of Easter 2015!   *Winks*

The Young Prince had already informed us that he was now way too Mature for the Easter Egg Hunt so I'd have to fill in to do it with his little Sister instead.  Splendid, can you already tell how I'm looking forward to that, Easter Egg Hunting with Miss OCD!?!  *LOL*   So, I decided that a Traditional Easter Basket probably wouldn't be as well received either, now that he's allegedly such a Manly and Mature Fourteen and all.  *Winks*  I was quite proud of myself for coming up with the alternative of taping his Easter Treats to a Skateboard instead.  I mean nothing says "Easter" like a Death Skull on a Skateboard to an Emo Kid, right!?!  *LOL*

I knew that would be more of an Investment than a Typical Basket outlay since decent Skateboards are pricey, but I'd get a lot of Mileage out of such a Gift.  He's been borrowing his Friends Skateboards to get around Town since he'd recently wrecked his Rollerblades, so I knew a Skateboard would be an unexpected and useful Surprise.   He was Jazzed about it, not so much about my insistence of Pathological Picture Taking of him with it though.  *LOL*  Teen Angst and all it's difficult to get a Smiling Image of him lately, he's always so dreadfully Serious, especially if I even look in his direction, never mind point a camera!

Okay, so can you at least Pretend to feign Happiness and Joy for the Photo Op, even though clearly you're posing under protest?   Yeah, that's better... and off he Gleefully skates on it with his mouth filled with Pop Rocks.  *Smiles* 

 Yeah, you might have also noticed his new 'Do'?  He finally decided on his own that he didn't really wanna take care of his long locks like he should and deal with Natural Dreadlocks forming for his lack of Maintenance.  So he Surprised me by voluntarily opting for a shorter more manageable Style, Color me Happy and Relieved with the much more Handsome and Groomed look.  *Whew*

And I rushed his arse to our Stylist Friend John before he could change his Mind about the request to get it all cut off!  Whoosh... that Haircut came faster than Easter was coming!  *LMAO*   Yes, our Stylist's Shop is totally Groovy, he's an Old Hippie too and was part of a Big Hair Days Band.  John still has Luxurious enviable hair down past his hips... and I'm not opposed to Guys with long locks, so long as they are up to taking care of it ... Prince R clearly was NOT!   I couldn't convince him to just go to the Jamaican Hair Stylists and get Professionally done Dreads so we wouldn't have any more of the, "Did you even brush or wash your hair Today?" conversations, so this was the answer to Prayer for me!  *Whew!*

The Other One's Basket was put together by the Cracker Barrel Team, I like that you can choose all the Basket Supplies and receive a Complimentary Custom Easter Basket Display of it all.   She's got this Thing for those Googly Eyed Stuffed Animals and has a massive Collection of them building so I already knew I'd include a couple of them in her Basket this year.  So she got a Koala and a Seahorse, because, well, they remind everyone of Easter too, right?   Well, maybe just those living in Australia or Atlantis anyways. *Smiles*

And since The Other One LIVES for Photo Ops I knew I'd have no protest about her posing for her obligatory Easter pixs.  *Smiles*   I think she even changed her Wardrobe three times and Styled her hair and Accessories twice before she was ready to sit for her Session!  So that's the major Challenge with Photographing her, she is adamant and knows how she wants to look... well, sorta, Major decisions such as this are agonizing... and not just for her!   *Bwahahahaha*

Being the Ultimate Diva she has to be fully Convinced by her Photographer that she looks Absolutely Ahhhhmazing Darlink... and then she's ready and could sit for hours being the Center of the Universe and my undivided Attention bestowed upon her.  *Smiles*

"Here, take another one like THIS Gramma..." as she tries out every Facial Expression and Posing angle she can come up with before I say enough already!!!  *Ha ha ha*


And then she'll always plead and want at least ONE MORE Gramma... with her looking Pensive and away from the Camera... because apparently they do this on 'America's Next Top Model' or something?  *Smiles*

And we're all now comfortable with a little bit of Easter present in our Vignettes around the house in time for Celebrating.  Even if I don't get a lot more of it out and set up in time I'm learning that less can be enough sometimes when it comes to Holiday Decorating.   Never thought those words would be uttered out of my mouth!   Certainly my less is more than most people's more is.  *Winks*


And I'm still Searching for more of my Beautifully Decorated Eggs hidden somewhere around the house, that will be part of my personal Egg Hunt!  *LOL*

And of coarse every year I THINK about those Pinterest Projects I never got around to last Easter that PERHAPS I might get around to this Easter... who am I kidding, I barely got the Decorations out that were already Created!  *Ha ha ha*

I've still got some faux Eggs and Vintage Men's Ties also hidden around here somewhere waiting to Tie Dye the Graphics of them onto the Easter Eggs... looked so Cool last year that I Intended to do it... and just ran out of Time.   But it's still a Project I'd like to try my hand at and certainly the Supplies are around here somewhere... if only I can FIND them again?!?

What Easter Themed Projects do you have in the Making... or the Imagining of, if you are like me and might not end up actually Creating them in Time for this Holiday Season?   We always get around to Coloring Eggs, but I like to make those Stylized Permanent Ones for Annual Displays too to add to the Collection of Beautiful Easter Eggs to Style with.

And of coarse, even though I don't eat Chocolate, the rest of the Crew here must have their Seasonal Candy Bowl filled up.   Thankfully the Shops still had a good selection on hand of Easter Candies anyway, though some were already being marked down and wouldn't last long.

I never did get around to Styling my Showrooms with very much in the way of Easter Inventory and what I did have hasn't lasted very long.  Next year I shall have to be way more Prepared in Advance for all of the Special Holidays if I want Good Retail Sales when folks are in the Mood to buy for them.

Honestly I don't know how the Indie Shops manage to do it so well without mass produced merchandising?!?   Sourcing Vintage or Unique Halloween and Easter Inventory has been a particular Challenge that I haven't had Great Success with yet.   In fact, I don't know that it is in abundance to even Source unless you've been at it for some time or have Cultivated Great Contacts!?

I Love Styling for any and all Holidays and Holy Days so it's not that I don't have the Desire... but I often don't have the Time nor the Inventory to do it like I want to be able to so that it's a Showstopper and particularly Impressive or Inspiring.   But I Plan to work on that in the Future and get my Act together one day.

Where is your Favorite Easter Displays my Friends?   Unlike Halloween and Christmas it is a Holiday that tends to get neglected Style Wise, like Thanksgiving does, so Decor is sparser and more limited than I'd like it to be.  Which is why I often just want to and prefer to Create my own unique pieces instead, lest I can't find any in the Retail Marketplace.

And when I do find Vintage Pieces, I must admit I tend to just want to hold onto them and not offer them up for Sale because I know I probably won't find anything like it again no matter how far and wide I Search!?

This is a Sweet Vintage Piece I saw at our Antique Mall and may just have to add to our Collection at Home.   These are the things I Seek but often just can't find an abundance of.

Luckily Vintage and Antique Easter Bonnets are an exception to that Rule... and I've Photographed a few that caught my Eye on a recent Window Shopping Adventure to find Vintage Hats with equally Yummy Vintage Millinery attached to them.   Often when I'm adding to my Vintage Hat Collection it is the Vintage Millinery that I'm really buying the Hat for and closes the Deal for me.

I'm not a Hat Person so rarely wear them, but I Love to Display with them and be Inspired by them.  I remember growing up that my Mom was a Major Hat Person as were many Women of her Era.  I Loved to see her in the Vintage Hats she Collected, she looked so Exotic, Refined and Beautiful in them.   Back in da day Accessorizing was really Big Deal, as was Dressing Up, much more so than now.   And going to Church on Easter Morning was a Fashion Show that rivaled Fashion Week!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Your Easter basket Gifts for the kids were great ideas! I don't manage to get all my stuff out either, but I enjoy what I do get out!


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