Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vintage Millinery, Bohemian Bling And Skullies

I'm always on the Lookout to expand my Collection of Vintage Millinery, Bohemian Bling and Skullies... so when all three are together in one Piece, well, it's Bohemian Valhalla for sure!  Unfortunately the dreaded Budget doesn't always line up with the Timing of when I stumble upon the Perfect Treasures that require some Saving Up for.   This was such a case when my Brother was here Visiting earlier in the Month and I spied not one, but two Ideal Pieces to add to my Collection!   *Le Sigh*

Yes, I wanted them BOTH... of coarse... me being me and all... but I only had a sufficient amount for just one.   I Agonized over which to choose and finally decided I liked them both equally, since each had it's particular merits, and I'd just have to come back again after Payday.   Yeah, you can already see where this is going and how it will end up can't you?  *Bigger Le Sigh*

After all, how many other Gals Collect such things I reasoned?   I really don't know a lot of Gals that like Skullies or Taxidermy at all so typically I'm the only one absolutely Swooning over such things.  So I thought my Chances pretty Good that they'd still be there come Payday, right?

So during that Visit I pacified my Jones' by just Photographing them and Fondling them.  *Winks*   My Brother could probably tell I was absolutely Fiending for them, but he also knows how Tenacious I am about Saving Up for what I really, really want and simply must have.  It was agreed that because I couldn't make up my Mind to procure just the one I could afford this day, I'd come back again and just get them both when Budget permit.


Now... Past Experiences have certainly Taught me better than to Assume anything when it comes to OOAK Ideal Pieces just waiting around until I buy them.  Because even when you put your Juju all over them and have your Mojo going on and all that, there are no Guarantees.  He who has the Moolah first is gonna 'Score', simple as that.   So I try not to get too Attached to any Pieces I have to leave behind due to Budget Constraints.

And in my Gut, I have to Confess, I was not absolutely Certain that nobody else would think these as Fabulous as I did.    Especially given the Vignette my Friend Katy had Styled around them, making them seem absolutely Perfect for even the most Romantic and Feminine of Settings!!!  *Insert wringing of hands as I bade Farewell...*

So... just one more Fondle... you know, just in case...  *Smiles*   I was really Hoping that I wouldn't just have Pictures to remember these by... but I figured that if it wasn't meant to be, at least I would have Inspiration Images to draw up and thus Trick Out some of the Skullies that The Man had dragged Home from years of Hunting.    It really is small consolation though, because even tho' I CAN make most things, when do I ever find the Time to lately?

I've got so many pushed back Projects as it is that it's likely I will only get around to a small fraction of them unless I become an Immortal!!!   Studio Time has still been at a Rare Premium and when I do try to sequester myself in there... someone always comes a knockin' at the door... it's almost as if the Fam can't stand the thought of me doing something they can't be in the middle of... and it ends up being, "Curses, foiled again!!!"

And in hindsight I should have just chosen the one I thought might Sell first if someone else did set their peepers on 'em... and my Gut told me which it would be... but then again, I Loved them both SO EQUALLY that it was just Impossible to walk out the door with one and not the other.   My Gut ended up being right as always...

Because the moment I had Saved Up enough I rushed right back down to Claim my Treasures... only to discover only one was left!  *Gasp!*   I scoured the Shop like I'd lost one of the Children, desperately seeking it!  *LOL*    And though I was Glad the one left had been the one to remain since I'd preferred it's Bling and Millinery by a slight margin... I had liked the fuller Skully of the other one... the one that was now MIA and nowhere to be Found!  I had that kinda Sick Feeling like something of mine had been Abducted by someone else!   Yeah, I'm overly Dramatic like that sometimes about Stuff.  *Smiles*

I described it to the Shop Gals... and I'd Hoped perhaps someone had just dragged it off and set it down somewhere else... but you know how Denial works... only for a short while before Reality sets in... and then Acceptance.    Yep, I'd lost my Chance at the other one, MY Skully had been bought by someone else, don't you just HATE when that happens and you've already felt like you Claimed something you hadn't yet bought?!?!??!?   *LOL*

Yes, even though both weren't gone, which would have been horrible and I might never have gotten over... well, at least not for a long while anyways... having just one should have been enough, but for a while it wasn't.    I was Petulant as a Small Child... Sulking over my Loss and Lost Opportunity to have it ALL.   I'm a bit of a Sore Loser when it comes to missing out on something I really Wanted you see... I can't be Happy for whoever has MY STUFF now and got to it first even tho' I kinda had my Chance... well, sorta!   *Smiles*

If I'd had the $$$ to get them both when I first saw them both I would have... there are certain things I don't wait around for IF I have the Resources lined up already to just 'Score' it and have no regrets.  But when you don't, you don't... and I have to remember that it just wasn't meant to be, lick my wounds and be Grateful for what didn't get away.  *Smiles*   It can be a Process tho', to get to that place of just getting over the ones that got away, I can Rant a bit and have my Fit about it... and it can Haunt you and end up being your 'Fish Story' later on down the road... this is my Fish Story... of The One That Got Away...

But you know what they always say... there's more Fish in the Pond... and I just LOVE to go Fishin'!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh how well I know this feeling! That intense high when you discover a special something, then the burning desire .... and the realisation that you cannot have it, just then. I think the ones that get away are the ones we remember most. Taking photos of them does seem to ease the pain though. But, we never quite forget! Happy fishing my dear friend. x

  2. ohhhhhh I do know that feeling well. It is ALMOST yours and you have already put on a shelf or special vignette in your mind so of course it will be there when you can afford it. I have learned to find solace in the fact 'we met, we touched, and it was freed into the world where it its true home beckoned.


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