Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms Part V

Even though I still have a gazillion Lovely Images taken at the Event, this will be the last in the Series of Posts specifically about it, but I'll Save the Images for Future Posts about random topics I just wanna talk about and sprinkle with Visual Delights among the Storyline.  *Smiles*

I don't know why but I've always been Attracted to Vignettes and Displays much like this one that just have random Lovely and often disparate Objects that are Visually Pleasing and don't really have to be for any specific Season or Purpose other than just to stimulate the Senses pleasurably. 

This Sweet Antique Hangar probably once Graced an Old Boutique, perhaps before they had Mannequin Displays for Showcasing Product?   She is still Lovely even in her decayed Elegance, though the fragility of what paint and graphics remains means she would have to be treated with loads of TLC and not handled too much anymore.

I have an abundance of Old Flower Frogs in Metal, Ceramic and Crystal because they lend themselves so well to a variety of Display options.   And who doesn't Love the Covers of Old Books, even if you never intend to actually read them, they also Display so well and I often use mine to make leveled tiers of varying heights for Displaying what is in my Vignettes and to add Color.

In fact, though I happen to be a Colors of the Rainbow Type of Gal, whenever I see Beautiful Objects grouped by Color I always find it to be Visually Pleasing regardless of what the Objects actually are.  The Cohesiveness of grouping like-colored Objects together just makes them look more Important and brings them together well for some Mysterious reason?

And I did like this Idea of Storing your everyday dinnerware under Glass when you're not utilizing it but need is easily accessible and Visually Displayed rather than hidden behind cabinet doors.  I am a Fan of at least some Kitchen Cabinet Storage without doors hiding what lies within.   But only if you have something Lovely to look at that is also Utilitarian.   Lets face it, some stuff needs to be hidden out of sight because it just wouldn't Display well.  *Smiles*

And though Oceanic Treasures always evoke a sense of Summer rather than Spring to me personally, I still really like Natural Elements in any Vignette.   Our Nature Collections are always some of our Favorites in this Family because we often Collected them during Vacations and other Memorable occasions so it brings back fond Memories to behold them.
This Flower Shop Style Display is very Springlike to me though... Fresh Cut Flowers and Living Plants are always extremely Appealing to me during Spring and I probably buy more of them that Season than at any other time of the year actually.

There was a Collection of OOAK Altered Art Crosses at the Event that were absolutely Breathtakingly Magnificent!!!   This one happened to be my Favorite, though each was so Beautiful that it was difficult to have an absolute Favorite.

Here's a Close-Up of some of the Details and Objects used to Create this Masterpiece!  What a Statement Piece this would be in any Home.

And I was very Tempted to pick up that Floral Print peeking out from behind the Demijohn... in hindsight, Wish I had because I Loved that it was both Botanical and had that Bold Aqua background to it.

In fact, several Bold Aqua Pieces caught my Eye at this Event, including this Lovely Plaque.

And thought I haven't yet Decorate for it at Home just yet, Easter is fast approaching and so any of the Easter Inspired Vignettes were an Encouragement to me to get busy with it and drag out my Holiday Decorations for this most Holy and Cherished of Celebrations!

I also want to try to bring in some Living Flowering Bulbs in time for Easter... the ones I have in the Garden are already in Bloom and there is that brief opportunity to Enjoy them before the Blooms are spent and the bulbs go dormant for yet another Season.

Well... be sure I will continue to sprinkle some of the Loveliness captured through the Eye of my Lens during this Event in other Posts in the near Future.   Next Month's Event will be "Color Stories" and being a Colorful Gal, well, you know I'm looking forward to that one!  *Winks*
Blessings and Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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