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Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms Part III

Yes, in case you were Wondering, we made a return visit to the SWEET SALVAGE "Back Roads And Blooms" Event on Saturday so that we could bring most of the Family to Enjoy it this time.   It was more crowded than the usual third day of the four day Event, but there was still a bounty of Fabulous Inventory to Inspire and buy... and I did both!  *Winks*

The Son and Family met us there, sans one of their Teenagers who had an Event she had to participate in.  Prince R also didn't join us since he too had an Event he had to participate in.  As the Kiddos all get Older it is more challenging to get everyone together at the same time since the Older ones have a busy itinerary of their own. 

The two Youngest Princesses though are always eager to join us on our Adventures, they're still at that Age where they Believe we're 'Cool' enough to hang out with and our Interests aren't totally lame.  *LOL*   Actually though, even the Teenagers Enjoy a trip to SWEET SALVAGE's Monthly Events, so the two who had to be missing it, regret that they couldn't also join us due to their own personal commitments to High School related extra-curricular Events they were Performing in.

Yes, even The Man opted to join us this time, though it was a bit much for him on account of the very large crowds still present on day number three, so he spent most of his time outside Enjoying the Courtyard portion between the Main Shop and The Warehouse.   The Son really Enjoyed The Warehouse portion, which was new since his last visit and loaded up with Mantiques that are just his Style.

But being the Good Guy that he is he also spent a considerable amount of time with us Gals in the Boutique Area as we showed him everything we were Captivated by.  *Hint Hint and a Wink*

And this is precisely which is what makes him A Keeper, right Solina?  *LOL*  My Friend Kim, who is the Proprietress of SWEET SALVAGE, helped me with this Shot by Posing the Kids for the Perfect Couple look... Thanks Kim, they did turn out pretty Cute, huh?!?!  *Smiles*

Okay, so cutting to the chase I know you're wanting to know what other Treasures I picked up this second visit, huh?  *Winks*   Well... the small Vintage Botanical Style Entomology Card with the Butterflies is now mine...

As is this one too, I Loved the Aged Sepia backgrounds and the Muted Hues of the Butterflies depicted on the Cards... and that they were only a couple of bucks each was an added Bonus!

This Gorgeous 2001 small Original Oil Painting in an equally Gorgeous Reclaimed Lumber Frame by a Favorite Artist Christie Repasy is now also mine all mine!   I had the distinct Pleasure of meeting Christie several times during Local Events and she is as Sweet and Charming as she is Talented and I just J'Adore her body of Work!   If you want to see even more of Christie's Work just click on the link I've provided in Pink.

And since The Man and I recently Celebrated another Anniversary a few days ago, I Treated myself to this Fabu Gypsy Curtain Created by my Talented Friend Minnie from her VINTAGE MINNIE Line as my Anniversary Gift.   Minnie and I Share a Love of a similar Style, Aesthetic and Color Palette and so just about all of her Creations blend and meld well with whatever else I have Decorating Bohemian Valhalla.  After The Man's Traumatic Brain Injury he just can't track Special Occasions anymore or have Memory of any of it, so this was my way of Celebrating our Special Day on his behalf.  *Winks*    I'm replacing several Window Treatments slowly but surely, this one shall go in the Studio Cottage Bedroom across the Old Carriage House Double Doors the Bed is up against. 

I also got this Sweet Tinplate of a Small Child in it's Original Ornate Gilded Frame from my Friend Myko's Space.   Along with a few more Flash Cards which say, "Never Give Up", "Carnival" and "Rustic Luxe".

And last but certainly not least I got this Lovely Ostrich Egg, which is a more Sepia Hued Shell than the Whiter one I already have at Home in a Cabinet Of Curiosities Display.   I'm still looking for a Black Emu Egg... missed my chance of Scoring Myko's during a previous Event because I Hesitated on the Purchase... and you know what they say about that!  *Winks*   I'm going to be Creating some Altered Art Metal Stands for my Eggs when I get back to being busy in the Studio... think along the lines of Tiffany Egg Style meets Salvador Dali Style.  *Smiles*

In fact, if you have a 'Thing' for Bird's Eggs and Nests like I do you would have been in Seventh Heaven here at the Event because there were so many to choose from!   I particularly liked this Sweet one which was quite large actually.

And if you were purchasing something Special to give as a Gift, there were so many Lovely Options for Presenting them in Style!   Loved these Sweet Tea Dyed Gift Bags by Artist Terry Parvan of WINIFRED STREET.

This reminded me that I've still got my Adult Tricycle tethered up and haven't been on it in ages... I don't even remember the last time I had the time to just take off on a bike ride or a long leisurely walk around the Neighborhood in fact!   Every Spring I always Intend to do more Walking or Riding... but finding the Free Time to actually do it has been more of a Challenge than I always anticipate... and of coarse The Man can't go with me anymore since Walking any distance or Riding are too difficult, if not impossible, for him... and the Kiddos don't really want to anymore.

But I still find loads and loads of things to Inspire me to do that are Possible and not so Challenging every time I Attend one of these Events.   And of coarse I always run into so many people I know here that it's also a Wonderful Social Outlet for someone who has to be housebound most of the time Caregiving.

Spring is just such an invigorating time of Year isn't it?   I always want to do so much more after Winter has passed and Spring has the Promise of New Life and New Beginnings associated with it!!!

In the delicate Balance of things I find that I can often make the Time to do at least some of the things that bring me the most Joy and Satisfaction.   There are always so many Projects on my List that I shall never run out of things to do or Dream about doing as Time, Energy, Circumstances and Resources line up and Permit.

And we shall continue to Journey Together here at the Event for at least a few more Posts I think, even though the actual Event ended this Afternoon... because I still have loads of Pretty Pictures to Share with you my Friends!


Blessings and a Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. I sure look forward to your frequent posts! I know the new ideas and treasures you acquire do much to make your life more satisfying!


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