Friday, March 20, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms

Well, I had to attend much later in the Opening day than I normally would have to avoid some of the longer lines and ensure I was feeling up to it and the long drive to get there... but I did make the SWEET SALVAGE "Back Roads And Blooms" Event for this Month... so color me Happy!  It was important for me not to miss the first Event of Spring because I knew there would be a host of my Favorite Style of Inventory such as Botanicals and Nature Inspired Decor.  Like this Beautiful Original Paul de Longpre Print in a Gorgeous Antique Frame my Friend Myko was Offering... which didn't come Home with me... but just sayin'... had Budget permit, it probably would have.  *Winks*

But I did come Home with a Great selection of inexpensive Botanicals that are just My Style and will be hung in a Simple Style of Vintage Trim Edgings and Botanical complimentary Washi Tape.  I snagged four of these actual Botanicals for a mere two dollars each!!!  That's practically Free, right? *Winks*

I have this 'Thing' for Specimen Samples done like this actually so they couldn't have been more Perfect for My Style of Decorating with them.   Whether they were someone's Science or Nature Project only adds to the Allure for me and I liked that all four were clearly done by the same individual.   One was Naturally Sepia Aged by Time and I dirtied up the other four with Sepia Stains that were a little too Pristine for my Taste.  They will be smudged better to make my Stain blend to a more Natural Aged look, this is all still in the initial stages of being Altered just so I can Show them Off. *Smiles*

I think I will edge them with Vintage Satin and Velvet Ribbons in Earth Tone Colors from my Vintage Trim Stash and hang them up on the Art Studio Cottage Walls with Washi Tapes.  For now they'll just be propped around the house until I get around to that Project.

I also snagged this enormous Vintage Bird and Botanical Print which was hidden underneath a bunch of Pretties but didn't escape my Eagle Eyes seeking out just the right Botanical Prints to bring Home to my Lair!  *Smiles*   This one was marked down so color me even Happier to learn that it was a Bargain!

I also brought Home some of these Adorable Gardening Flash Cards... the two I chose were the "Plant Happiness" one you see above and another that said "Feed your Soul".   My Friend Robert crept up and did a Cute Photo Bomb while I was Lost in my Thoughts while lining up the shot.   These are the Surprise Images that I particularly have a fondness for actually... as they are the Fun Stuff Special Memories are made of.

Because of coarse for Yours Truly a big part of attending any Event is to get to Socialize and catch up with all my Friends while I'm there... and meet New Friends, which I also did at this Event since a Lovely Artistic Lady recently transplanted to Arizona from Maui and I made our acquaintance while Shopping and realizing we were definitely Kindred Spirits!   These are my Friends Leslie and Myko, whose Spaces and Inventory are always beyond Amazing!

My Heart literally stood still when I was lining up this shot of some frames and realized OMG, this is a Laura Van Frame and I simply MUST have it to add to my Laura Van Collection slash Shrine I have set up at Home!  *Winks*   Laura has been a Favorite Artist of mine for years and now we are Facebook Friends and have gotten to know each other via FB and Blogging... it's such a Small World isn't it?

I also got one of these Gorgeous Lacy Rocks that my Friend Cynthia's Sister Creates... mine is the one in the Foreground with the Pearls.  I'll be Sharing more of these Creations in another Post because they are simply Sublime and turn ordinary rocks into Works of Art with Vintage Lace and Appliques.  It's a Wonderful way to utilize Vintage Fabric and Lacy Scraps and would be a Fun Project with the Kiddos to help them Create their own to give as Gifts.  But right now I'm hurrying to bust out this Post before I have to leave to go to Work Tonight.

And I still have LOADS to Share with you... so you'll just have to come along again with us as we continue the Journey through Back Roads and Blooms at SWEET SALVAGE my Friends... or, if you'd prefer to go in Person, well, the Event will run through Sunday Afternoon so there's still Time for you to go snag some Found Treasures of your own, they re-stock Inventory daily throughout the Event!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I enjoyed Sweet Savage again thru your eyes! Going make me some lace rocks too!


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