Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sidelined... An Exercise In Being Still

Off and on since Saturday Afternoon I've been Sidelined with not feeling 100%... in fact, I've felt absolutely dreadful off and on.   I'll feel like I've recovered and then have a serious setback and be Sidelined yet again.  This has been an Exercise in Being Still.   This isn't easy for me, I'm not very often plagued by infirmity and Being Still is certainly not my usual State of Being.  It is in fact quite difficult for me. *Winks*

Eating seems to be the present barrier... if I don't eat I am totally fine and feel Well again with no symptoms whatsoever.  But being a Diabetic, that is not an option nor conducive to actually Being Well, it just prevents the after-effects I'm experiencing every time I eat.  I still have an appetite, I just don't want what follows a meal and so it suppresses hunger considerably and I don't even feel like eating.

Yes, a visit to a Doc will be in order if this continues unabated... but for now I'm just trying to get plenty of rest and keep hydrated... adapting to Being Still for a change.   My adaptation of Being Still involves a lot of Naps and waking time wandering around with my Camera taking Still Life shots, since it's pleasurable and takes my Mind off being Sidelined and not feeling 100%.   I can't really do more than that anyway in my present condition and that's Okay, I don't even want to!

When I am forced into the Role of doing nothing I do find that I have more Time to Wondrous Imaginings and that has been pleasurable too.   Also, the Family leaves me alone for the most part since clearly I'm no good to anyone right now, so it would be futile to ask for me to do anything for anyone.   That rare Freedom from my usual routine around here has been a nice break, even though how I'm getting the break isn't Ideal or at all comfortable. 

But the Being Still part does have particular Merits that I'm thoroughly Enjoying.  Unexpected Merits like focusing upon a resident Mockingbird's Beautiful Song for long parts of my day.  As he sits atop a Telephone Pole behind our property and sings his little Heart out in a most impressive repertoire of other Bird's Calls!   He will sing for hours, three chirps of each Call he has Mastered... and he's Mastered so many that I Wonder how long it took him to learn and mimic them all? 

And adequate Time to re-visit or contemplate things I've decided to do or not to do and decide whether it's really Important or not?   One such thing has been re-visiting my self-imposed decision to shorten and edit Blog Posts to 10-12 Images.   I'm just not Feeling it and it's totally cramping my Style and becoming too much of a focused Intention that I can't always manage.  So I'm contemplating the Importance of it and in doing so I realized it's not really Important to me at all.  I just wanted to see if I could do it... possess any Restraint and Editor Qualities?  *LOL*

NOTE TO SELF: Yes, you CAN do it, you proved that to yourself.  {Insert patting Self on the back.} But it doesn't come Naturally or flow effortlessly from you.  So... is it really that Important to you that you want to continue to self-impose anything that is so out of Character?  No, it is not and it's bothersome because it's not Characteristic to me.  Besides, doing it my Usual way doesn't in any way interfere with Daily Life, so why bother now that I know and all of that has been Revealed in The Process and Experiment I Challenged myself with!?  *Winks*


So, though there could be streamlined Edited Posts in the Future it won't be so Intentional... and I'll more likely be back to Over-Sharing and going long, just sayin'.  *Smiles*  In fact, I'm so in The Zone when I'm Photographing and Observing the World around me that I actually lose track of Time and just how much I've captured through the Eye of my Lens until I get to the downloading part and see the results.   I always then know that I'm in my Element of doing something when that happens.

The same goes with my adaptation of Being Still, I do find that I CAN do it if I'm focused upon something that I'm in my Element with... something far more laid back than my Usual State of Being and Doing, but which I can get Lost in.   I like Losing myself, it is my preferred Destination actually... until I am Truly Lost I am not all that tapped into anything.   Losing yourself has a way of opening up something Magical from the Inside Out and Releasing it.   You can't do it until you're Lost in the Moment and out of the way of yourself.

When I get myself out of the way and Lose myself then I Truly SEE!   Looking at the World around you is not the same as Truly Seeing it.   When you Look at something you have to ask yourself, yes, but do you SEE it?   Perhaps that is why I am particularly drawn to Art and Photography as an Art Form in general... because it forces you to Truly SEE things.   Slowing Down and getting in The Zone helps me to SEE what perhaps I have merely been Looking at and unlocks so much Magic it is difficult to contain it or tear oneself away.

  If you were to just Look at the Old Door I Photographed above it would just be a Door.  But when you SEE it, it becomes so much more than that.  The Magic comes Alive in what the make up of that Object IS when you SEE.   How often do you SEE the World around you?  I have passed by that Old Door for almost two decades now... it's only when I take the Time to SEE it that I even notice subtle nuances.  Like it used to be painted a Lovely shade of Violent before it was that equally Lovely shade of Seafoam 1930's Green.   It's Aged Detailed Patina, Construction and the Hidden Things a Look will never capture or Reveal.

I don't know if you have to Be Still Today or not... but even if you're not forced to be, like I have found myself, it's well worth Being Still for a Moment.   This was my Lesson while I Endured whatever is ailing me and pumped the brakes for me, not so gently, but ever so Effectively.  It has made me more Mindful about taking and making more Time to just Be Still in my days, however normally hectic or full they may be.   It gives me more Time to SEE and Release Magic as it is Revealed, just waiting for that Moment of Clarity.

I Hope your Days will be filled with a certain amount of Released Magic and SEEING now... if they haven't already been before?   Sometimes we know what to do but the busyness of Life just gets in the way of us actually doing it, doesn't it?   Sometimes we just don't know what to do at all... and even then, the Being Still is often the Answer we Seek and couldn't find until that Revelation hits us.  Your version and adaptation of Being Still can be whatever you need for it to be and is tolerable for you. It's not all that Deep really... 

In Stillness and Joy... even if not at 100% feeling Well in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I hope you feel better soon, Dawn ... being still is nice for a little while but it drives me crazy after about a day. I need to be doing stuff, as I'm sure you do too! :)


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