Monday, March 16, 2015

I Confess I Love My Beautiful Mess

I've heard that Creative Minds can be messy... and I confess that I Love my Beautiful Mess.  When things are too orderly I am just not as Inspired Creatively.  If everything is as it should be then I don't come up with Wonderfully Crazy Creative Ideas as easily or see things differently or extraordinarily.  I get Joy out of my Jumbles of Lovely Objects.  An abundance of disparate Objects that Interest me have always stimulated Ideas and Concepts.

I don't want what I Create to be ordinary or contrived, I prefer that the Ideas flow from outside of the realm of ordinary and expected.  But in a Natural way that is effortless and comes from some place deep inside or has been sparked and Inspired by something Fabulous to behold.   I see enough of ordinary and expected out there in the mass produced products offered and it just has never appealed to me very much, if at all.  I can't even remember the last time I shopped at big box stores for Wardrobe, Jewelry or Accessories in fact.

I probably own larger Collections from relatively less known, obscure or unknown Artisans than from those well known Labels and Brands that everyone knows about and seems to want to own.  I'm just not that impressed by the so called Trendy makers of products that have absolutely saturated the markets and everybody has one of or closely resembles whatever else happens to be popular right now.   

I also often lament when an Artisan becomes insanely popular because to keep up with demand it will usually mean they will no longer be Creating their own Work anymore.   Or be Creating the Hand-Made by them OOAK Pieces that appealed to me in the first place when their Art was more distinctive and hands-on.  It's just the nature of the beast really that once a Brand takes off and has to fill the enormous supply and demand end to their products, there has to be some compromises to fill orders and take it to that next level of financial success and a broader Market. 

I think every Artisan has to consider those possibilities when they're Creating their Craft... what will taking it to the next level mean or Cost me?  Even though everyone usually considers the Cost of Failure... few seem to think ahead to consider the Cost of Success.   In everything you do that can make you financially successful and attain the pinnacle of whatever it is you're doing, there is the Cost of Success and it can most definitely have a downside as well.  I can't say I've ever feared Failure because I'm a tenacious person by Nature so I rarely give up... but the fear of Success is something I've learned from experience the hard way.

I discovered that in my Corporate Lives very early on as I attained Goals rather easily and fast tracked it to the Pinnacle of my Careers and Success at a very tender age.  To whom much is given much is required... usually way more than you anticipated or could have predicted.  Sometimes the view from the top of the Mountain was not all that either.  It was typically not as you Idealized and envisioned it to be when you were setting those Goals driven by fierce ambition and raw talent that would take you there and cultivate valuable contacts along the way.   The contacts I kept, they were worth keeping and saving, I owe them Forever Gratitude for their part in my Journeys, Success and Story.

But it did get to the point where I chucked the Corporate Lives and the Financial Success, Stress, Demands and Strains that went with it.  Because I was no longer willing to pay the price of what it Cost me in my Personal Life and the Cost to my Family for me to be that Successful at something... or at anything really.   When I began Creating for Pure Bliss, since I've always been an Artist at Heart and it has always fed my Soul... and could devote more time to it sans the demanding Careers... I never even considered Selling any of it or making it a business venture.

I'd Create my Pretty little things for the sheer Joy of it... to either keep or give away and to relax and feed my Soul.  And initially when others began to ask me to Create something for them in the way of Commissioned Pieces I was down for it and flattered... for a little while anyway.  But I found that having deadlines and a demand for my Art actually stifled Creativity and created pressures that I didn't need nor want in my Life.  Keeping up with supply and demand was just too much for one person so I was at a Crossroads on what to do about that?  Sure opportunity was there, but should I seize it and what exactly would it entail?  How would it change my Life for the good or the not so good and could I keep a healthy balance of Personal fulfillment and Creativity for Profit?

 Should I take it to the next level in order to make it a financial success and develop a Brand?  After careful consideration I decided I did not want that level of Success when it came to my Art and I have a total Peace about that decision because I know what it would Cost me.  I am Content with how things are at this level of Creativity and my Artistic Pursuits, so I've finally embraced that and come to terms with it being Ideal for me as it is.   Without feeling guilty, conflicted or persuaded by those whose advice or requests are in stark contradiction to what I know I can or want to handle at this Season of Life.  Who all mean well and certainly have the best of intentions because they believe I could do it if I wanted to... I just don't want to.  It is nice when your Work is respected and admired, and I realize many won't fully understand my hesitancy to do more with it than I am or probably ever will and that's Okay too.


I'm Good with being an Obscure Artisan who is Content not to make a Living from it.  I know that I'll always have the Urge to Create my little Lovelies and explore other Creative Outlets that I can find Joy in and which will feed my Soul.  I still want to Create the Beauty that I Wish Existed.  Maybe I'll even have some excess of Creativity that I will Sell.  But that's not at all important to me since Creating has never been about the monetary gain for me, it just fulfills a Need I have to Create on my own Terms.   I know that I will always Love my Beautiful Mess and find masses of Inspiration and Joy in it.   I know that I'll always have a tendency towards squirreling away the Smalls that I'm Attracted to and find a use and a Purpose for them one day... if only to Display and be Inspired by the Visuals of each Collection.   Things don't necessarily have to fulfill an active Purpose for me to get something Special out of them you see.  Many things interest or intrigue me.

I'll probably always have enormous stashes and caches of Antique and Vintage Fabrics, Trims and Accessories to Create from as well.   Some I've had for many years already and they haven't yet made their way into a Piece of Art, but when the time is right I know they could and so I'm not bothered by them being part of the Beautiful Mess right now.   Sure, once they're in a Beautiful Creation then almost anyone might find them to be a thing of Beauty... but for me they always were, even in their Raw Forms. 

I've got particular fondness or a Passion for certain things and it can be very random and quite Obsessive in fact.   When talking to other Artists I find that to be a rather common thread actually... we each have our Obsessions and the Collecting of them for Artistic Purposes or just to have in case one day we might Create something with them.   I take a lot of time setting up my Creative Spaces and so some have been dismayed at why I bother if I'm NOT going to make a thriving business out of it?   Well, because my Bliss is Priceless to me and so the Environment I Create in should bring me equal Bliss, Inspiration and Joy even if I choose to never Sell a single thing, that's why!  *Smiles*

Though I do Love my Beautiful Mess I am being Inspired by other Artists here in the Land Of Blog who have Mastered Organization in their Studios or Creative Spaces rather than the Organized Chaos Method I've used in mine.  So I have moved more in that direction, just so I can find things more easily when Creating so that there isn't so much interruption in The Process.  I'm rather Enjoying the Organizational Process to fill my new Storage Spaces with my Treasures, bits and bobs. 

You wanna know why?  Because I'm actually now finding and locating Beautiful Objects that I totally forgot I even have!  *LOL*  So it's been rather like a Discovery Process and Treasure Hunt uncovering those things that were Lost in Organized Chaos and now can be Found again and put into my own kind of Order... which can still be messy and totally random, but I can make sense of.  It can still be a Beautiful more Organized Mess and put a bit of Order in the Chaos.

As I locate previously forgotten objects I remember buying up some Commercial Lines of Findings that I liked and which were being Closed Out and deeply discounted... as well as those Unique Pieces that are Thrill Of The Hunt Trophies.  I think that along with my Fabric Art Projects I'll want to begin making Jewelry and Accessories again because I have a lot of Fun with it.   And as long as it's Fun I'll do it, my threshold with Art seems to be when it crosses the line from Fun to being Work that I'm not as Excited about doing because I feel I HAVE to rather than just Eager and WANTING to by Internal Urges.

I've always known myself to be one of those Artists that when I'm "On" I'm totally ON... and when I'm "Off" I won't care to Create a single thing for an unspecified amount of time and be totally Okay with that Cycle of Creativity.   I Feel a Period of being "On" coming on and that's probably why I've been Nesting so much in my Creative Space and readying it for more use than it's seen in a while.  Spring has a way of giving Birth to a lot of Ideas that have been percolating or dormant during other Seasons.  It is Exciting to consider what might come to Life in the Studio as I enter a more active Creative Phase again.

So here's to our Creative Cycles... Celebrating them and knowing what limits or boundaries we either want to set in place for ourselves or do away with altogether, depending upon your own Inclination and Desires or knowing what you can handle and will have a lasting Peace about.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. GOOD MORNING! And I too love your "beautiful mess!" I had many trinkets and goodies that I had splayed out on my dresser, but I've put them behind a glass cabinet where I can still enjoy them, but not dust them! hahahahahah - I love this life of collecting wondrous sparkles and vintage pieces. So inspiring!

    Thank you kindly for coming by to comment. I am looking forward to doing a lot of editing and revising of my blog content for a coffee table sort of publication and to include some wonderful blogging friends. Have a great day out there in Arizona! Anita

    1. The Reveal of your Labor of Love in Book Form will be greatly anticipated by your Blogging Friends. Dawn... The Bohemian


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