Monday, March 9, 2015

Ghost Hunting... Our Haunted Attraction

***First four Images were taken by my Brother Syd***

Though my Brother has visited numerous times in the past, during this visit it was the only time he'd actually spent the Night on the Property or even been here after Dark.  Knowing the Local Lore of our Homestead being Haunted he came prepared with all his Ghost Hunting Equipment including Full Spectrum Camera Lens and other Gear he's used for capturing Spirit during Ghost Adventures Hunting.   *LOL*   I was fascinated by all the equipment I've seen on all the Ghost Hunting Reality Shows and interested to see if we'd have any Luck having Spirit Reveal for a Photo Op during his visit?

I always have to give any Guests fair warning about possibly having Experiences, since so very many have and if you don't forewarn them, peeps can and have left in the middle of the Night absolutely terrified and totally Freaked Out.  Opting not to be an Overnight Guest or even pay us a visit after Dark ever again!  *Ha ha ha*   Luckily my Brother grew up in the same household as I so our Family's viewpoint about coexisting with Spirit is identical.   He was eager to have an Experience and hopefully to capture something also through the eye of his lens during his Weekend Stay.  I'd been Working in the Art Studio's Main Room so it was in disarray... 

And had I known in advance he would want to Photograph every room looking to capture Spirit I would have certainly tidied up! *Winks*  But, hey, he's my Brother so he knows I'm no Suzy Homemaker and now my Shame is painfully evident via some of his Images of rooms that haven't yet been de-stashed of the Hoard of Lovelies I either am temporarily storing in there until I find a place for them and get more organized... or I get them into Inventory for the Showrooms.  But having some of my Spaces Photographed by a Professional Photographer with a Professional Grade Camera and Special Lenses was quite a Treat so I was Game for whatever he wanted to do.  This Image and the one below are shot with Full Spectrum Lens... but Spirit wasn't cooperative this Visit to show up on film anyway.  Though my Brother did have numerous Experiences in the Art Studio Cottage during his stay and got pretty Freaked Out by it because the Activity was so strong.


I had told him the day he arrived to use the Main House Facilities for Showering since we were having plumbing problems in all the Cottages right now so were just using the Art Studio's Shower for Storage and it isn't working.   So imagine his Surprise slash Horror when in the middle of the Night he hears someone in there taking a Shower... hears Voices and see's Shadows going back and forth in the Main Room too via the Transom since he'd left the Light on in there... and thinks somebody is in the Cottage with him and probably doesn't realize he's there spending the Night!?!  Needless to say there was nobody in the Bathroom, the Shower or the Main Room when he checks!!! And for the next three days it continues enough that he gets very little Sleep! *Smiles*

The rest of the Images will be mine from the one above on down to the end of the Post because I'm Lazy about trying to download his Images with Blogger not being so cooperative either.  Princess T had Invited her Great-Uncle Syd in to Photograph her Playroom, which is allegedly the most Active room in the Main House.   She doesn't play in there after Dark too much for that very reason since she said it gets way Creepy and Weird once the Spirits want to use their room.   This is precisely why it was converted from a Guest Bedroom to a Daytime Playroom and Storage for my Vintage Suitcases filled with Fabrics and Trims... and a couple of the Dress Form Girls.  Nobody much wanted to spend the Night as a Guest after their first Experiences during a Sleepover, so it was a terribly underutilized room as a Guest Room.  Most of our Guests and Extended Family choose to spend the Night at Hotels or Motels now anyway after being Entertained by Spirit.  *Smiles*

I've often been asked by people whether it bothers me to live in a Home that is allegedly a Haunted Attraction?   Nope... it does not.  No malevolent Spirit or Activity has been noted and the Property is so Old and has so much History attached to it that I would actually be Surprised if there were not some attachments from the Past that remain in the Present.   The Abbott-Case Clan whose Family founded the Property were Good People, Godly People and they Loved this place very much.  It was an Honor for me to be able to Purchase it and Save it from Demolition since the City had Condemned it and would have preferred to raze it rather than Preserve it or the rich History associated with it.


I've never been bothered by the Spirits and a few Younger Children that have had Experiences here have told me that it is because the Spirits like me and know that I Love the Home as much as they do and Saved it from being destroyed and lost forever.   That's a nice thought actually and so I'll gladly accept it whether it's based on something Spirit actually Revealed to the Children or was a product of their fertile Imaginations.   Kids always like our Home even if it does get a bit Creepy after Dark... they always feel Welcome here and are intrigued by all the rooms, extra doors and other quirks of the Architecture... it is a Stimulating Space to visit and to reside in so I'll gladly Share it with others, be they on this side of Time and Eternity or the other side.

We always have been Addams Family Type People anyway and we've Collected and Curated numerous Oddities and Curiosities long before we ever bought this place.  They are very much at Home here as we are and it's a Great Space to Display the Cabinet Of Curiosities Style that I Adore and am very much Attracted to.   Yes, my Creepy Doll Collections did kinda Freak my Brother Out almost as much as Spirit did during his Visit... but he did get Excited when I sent him Home with one of my Taxidermy Piranhas he'd been Admiring.   I'm not so sure his Fiance' was as Excited about the Gift once he brought it Home... but she does know how I am and what I surround myself with so she probably wasn't Surprised either.  My Gifts are going to be more on the Weird and Wonderful side so it's almost Expected when I give them. *Smiles*

So... this is the Post about my Brother's Ghost Hunting Adventures here at Bohemian Valhalla... our Family Haunted Attraction, which Fascinates even those who are Creeped Out by Our Style.  It's like something some peeps don't want to see and are repelled by AND YET they can't help themselves, they gotta take a Gander and Satisfy that Curiosity... because deep within all of us there is that Curious Nature you know!  *LOL*


And I want to Thank those of you who Contacted me and asked that I not stay away too long... I must Confess that I do miss Visiting the Land of Blog even when I'm not feeling up to Posting.   And I do have loads to Share and say... once I muster up the Desire and Energy to Create it here... and I'm trying to... it's just somewhat of a Process right now I'm going through...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Oooh sounds exciting! Lucky they are friendly ghosts!~

  2. We have a friendly spirit in our house and her cat too! She likes to play music in the night time hours. I do enjoy your posts and pictures. Thank you for posting when you can! I am so appreciative, even if I don't always post a comment!

  3. I especially enjoyed seeing more of your home pictures. The ghost thing would be hard for me though! But I guess you feel they are good ones

    and mean no harm!

  4. So many lovely items to look at ... I wish the pictures expanded to life-size because my eyes ain't what they used to be!

    Although I never encountered anything myself in the Gothic Mansion (I think I might be a little obtuse when it comes to sensing things like that), we did have a psychic once say she felt a lot of activity in the house. But she said she could sense how much we loved that house and the other 'occupants' knew that too. I hope the new owners haven't upset the balance with all the renovations. LOL

    1. Changing things and renovating can be particularly hard for Spirit. When I do make changes I try to be respectful about that transition period ALL occupants may need. Dawn... The Bohemian


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