Monday, March 30, 2015

Fast Forward Past Spring

So... there was this tremendous amount of stuff I was gonna try to get done before the intense heat set in... but the Weather had other Plans and fast forward past Spring right into Summer Heat already!  We're just a smidgen off of having triple digit heat... Officially anyway... I'm pretty sure it's gotten to 100 degrees plus Unoffocially from thermometer readings NOT where they take the Official Reading.   Regardless, we've already Officially broken Records for the hottest days on Record since they began recording daily temps, for several days in a row now.

This is not a Good Omen for what our Summer Temps are likely to be.   Granted, we didn't have much of a Winter, and for that I'm Grateful considering what I was hearing from all over the rest of the United States where they got hammered this Winter.   And because Autumn and Winter were so balmy I should have and could have just gotten that tremendous amount of stuff done then... but I didn't.   Nope, I was waiting for Spring... the dormancy that comes with the Winter Lazies and Enjoying the Holiday Seasons had overrode any logic or good sense.  

Yes, you always hear of the Lazy Days Of Summer... but in actuality, with the exception of Spring, I can have Lazy Days of Summer, Autumn and Winter!   I have a Laundry List of stuff that needs doing almost all of the time, it never seems to get shorter or caught up completely.   I have more Projects that aren't getting done or haven't even begun to get started... and to be brutally Honest, sometimes I don't have the Ambition to tackle the major ones lately.

Certainly when I get a burst of Energy and Determination I can wade through some pretty intimidating major and ambitious Projects... but that has been the exception to the Rule lately.   I blame it on not having an Adult Sidekick that would tackle any of it with me... and Rolling Solo, well, it is just rather Overwhelming to consider such a major commitment of Time and Energy.   When I'm tackling something significant alone I just fade out faster and don't have the same Spirit as when someone is Assisting me.


And by saying Assisting I don't even mean that they have to be put to Work actually doing anything but just being there.  Just having someone there and present to bounce Ideas and Decisions off of works Wonders for me personally in getting things done more efficiently and effectively.  My Decision making Process can get mired down otherwise in the minutia of any daunting task.


And since my Storage Cottage does not have Air Conditioning and it's now gone too Hot to tackle the Process Outside either except in the very early hours of the Morning... and I'm SO NOT a Morning Person... I might have missed my Window of Opportunity?   Well, unless I want the equivalent of a Sauna mingled with the Work... which would probably be a great way to lose weight... or drop dead... and at my Age I'm not certain which that would be so I probably shouldn't risk it?!  *Smiles*

But I can't even blame it all on the intense heat rolling in earlier than usual really.  Our Home and the Showrooms are rather in a shambles as well and they all have Air Conditioning.   The Art Studio Cottage Bedroom is still half painted and needs me to finish hanging drapes and Styling it.   I've only got half the Garden ready for Spring... well, that's an exaggeration, I've got the Front Porch done and planted some Veggies and Herbs in their Container Gardens.   

But I was Proud of what little I did get accomplished... it was a start... which is better than not starting anything I keep telling myself.  *Winks*   I had thought I'd gain and build momentum I suppose... but I didn't really... it stayed in the Land of Thoughts rather than Actions.  And I know that even if I had an Assistant it would still take a lot of  Free Time to wade through everything that needs to get done.   So... I need those days when I can tackle it without Issues Of Life Distractions either... which almost never happens.

And on the very rare instances where someone is a willing Volunteer I know I only have them for a very limited and brief time frame.  So I tend to choose those Projects that can actually be plowed through with fierce intensity and get done in short order if I have the Help present.   It's not going to be those more tedious Projects that consume too much precious Time, either theirs or mine, or it would seem like a huge imposition thrust upon them.

I've always joked that I need Paid Staff actually... but since that is never going to happen... I pacify myself with the thought that some of the Weeds are actually quite Pretty this year.  And at least something is growing in the rest of our Acreage so it's not totally devoid of Color and anything left Alive even though it's all been sadly neglected and not at all irrigated.   *Smiles*

And when I've had enough of just looking around at all the Work languishing and waiting to be done I'd much rather go out and do something Positive to take my Mind off of it.   Yes, I no longer have to go out to Work, I just wake up every Morning and there it is all around me!  *Smiles*  So I have to go out just to get AWAY from Work now!!!  *LOL*   And yes, some days I just Escape and to Hell with all the Work that still needs to get done because it's not as if I can do it all anyway in a day... or a week... or perhaps even Months devoted to it exclusively! 

Deferred Maintenance is rather like that you see... it seems to just multiply exponentially and get away from you!   And this has certainly gotten away from me, no doubt!   I have no Delusions about catching up with it anytime soon, and so... sometimes I just sidestep it for a while so as not to get totally Overwhelmed and Depressed about it's magnitude.   And that's Okay... because even now... I'd rather be Blogging anyways... *Winks*

Deep in Deferred Maintenance here in the Arizona Desert... with a tremendous amount of stuff clearly not getting done... and I barely Care... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I want to see pictures of your porch that you do have done.

  2. The heat, sometimes, is worse than the cold. However, I would like just the normal warth we usually get this time of year. It has been a long, long winter here.


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