Saturday, March 14, 2015

Butterflies And Blooms... Spring Is Definitely Here!

I Love Photographing Butteflies... because they seem to Vainly Enjoy Posing for a Photo Op to Show Off their Delicate Beauty, it makes me feel like an Accomplished Photographer.  *Smiles* 

But every so often you get a Rare Photographic Opportunity to capture an Elusive Creature through the Eye of your Lens... like the Gorgeous and Curious Luna Moth.   They don't live very long in their Adult Form because the Adults don't eat and don't even have mouths, so three to five days is all they have to find a Mate and propagate their Species!   Wow, talk about Intense Pressure to find a Love Interest and get busy! *LOL*

We were fortunate that some Luna Moths had just been released into the Butterfly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens and were striking Poses up a storm even though their Mission of coarse was Urgent to...

... find each other and get it on!  *Winks*  Yes, we were even more fortunate to see this Elusive and Beautiful Creature's Mating Ritual and delicate embrace.   Princess T didn't think we should be Photographing such an Intimate Moment... *Smiles*... but I couldn't help myself, I mean, how often do you even see this?  Have you EVER seen this in fact?  I know I hadn't and I have been around a long time and didn't know if I'd have to wait well over a half Century to ever see it again?!!  So yes, I am now Guilty of Butterfly Porn!  *LOL* 

With the large Crowds of Observers mingling about I am always Surprised at how Calm, Confident and Tranquil all of the Butterflies are... often even landing upon us and not at all phased by all of the Attention bestowed upon them.   They really are the Super Models of the Insect Kingdom and seem to know how Lovely they are as a Species... I mean, there are no ugly Butterflies!

So Butterflies and Blooms are always Camera Fodder for me each Spring because the results are always Ideal and make me feel like I know what I'm doing behind that lens and bask in how well the Images turned out!  *Ha ha ha*

So many things in Nature you just can't get this up close and Personal with like you can with Butterflies so that part is Special too.  To make that Connection with some of God's most Amazing and Beautiful Wild Creatures.

Creatures quite Happy and Willing to Show Off and Show Out when you're Photographing them and they get a chance to Shine in the Spotlight of being the Center of Attention...

Not quite unlike someone else we know... *Ha ha ha*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - Such gorgeous nature! Each photograph and Moth or Butterfly is more spectacular than the last! I love that orange one, so cheerful. But all are beautiful. I adore Luna Moths. So delicate and such magic. Nature is precious. Thank you for sharing your photos. x

  2. Thanks for the Butterfly information! Beautiful Pictures!


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