Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brass Armadillo 3rd Anniversary Sale

So this weekend we're having our 3rd Anniversary Sale at our Antique Mall location THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.      And as  you know I'd been struggling with getting on the ball with bringing New Inventory in for the Sale.  But, I bit the bullet and brought in at least SOME Fresh Inventory for both Showrooms in time for the 15% Off Everything Anniversary Sale.  Yeah, it was an 11th Hour sorta Mad Rush to do it... but better late than never I say... and for those Customers that do Recon prior to the Big Sales it will be a nice Surprise!  *Winks*

The Mall is also having Raffle Drawings for 10 Free Anniversary T-Shirts every hour on the hour... they were having Free Hotdogs, Chips and Refreshments Today and will have Anniversary Cake and Punch Tomorrow as well to Celebrate our third year of being open.  My how time flies when you're having Fun with something... like I have had with having Space at an Antique Mall to downsize my Treasures and justify my Thrill Of The Hunt!

I also agreed to Work a Turnaround Shift by Working my regular Shift Friday Night until the Mall Closes at 9:00 pm... and then come back and work a Morning Shift Today, Saturday, when the Mall opened, to help with the big Sale crowds we knew we'd have.   Remind me never to do that again... what was I thinking?!??!?   Clearly my Turnaround Shift days are over, it kicked my arse and I'm too Old and don't have sufficient Stamina for that anymore!  *LOL*

So I get Home in the middle of this Afternoon and promptly take a short nap that ended up being a Rumpelstiltskin Moment where I end up sleeping 'til 8:00 pm!  *Bwahahaha!*  Chalk up a shot-in-the-head Saturday where nothing else got done that I'd intended!  *Smiles*  Hopefully tho' my Sales were really strong because it was Mad Busy at the Mall last Night and all of Today while I was there working... so a lot of merchandise was flying out the doors and I got quite the Workout.  And Lucky for me each of the G-Kids had a busy itinerary planned out with Friends all day so they didn't even miss me and The Man could Relax all day.

I'm also Hopeful that some of my better Found Treasures Sold... even tho' Smalls are my bread and butter, having those larger ticket items Selling is the icing on the cake!   I'd like to tell you that I waded thru a significant amount of my Stash at Home, but really I didn't... just enough to make the Showrooms Fresh and presentable for the Sale.

And enough to give me a Peace about what I did manage to get accomplished.  You see, I had envisioned opening up the Storage Cottage and sitting outside in the Spring Sunshine pricing Inventory.  But I think our Spring might have morphed right into Summer since Today our temps reached 95 degrees and it was too toasty and draining to do much other than water my Garden when I got Home from Work!  *Le Sigh*   So much for the Vision... *Winks*

I did manage to Source a few more Vintage Suitcases to replenish the Showrooms with for the Sale... I'd completely depleted my Stash of them in Storage and they've been Best Sellers all Month long.  I can see why really, many peeps are actually using them to Travel with and tell me that the Modern Luggage just doesn't hold up, especially if you do International Traveling... International Travel is really rough on Luggage!   Whereas the Vintage Luggage was more durable Quality and the Real Deal in Workmanship and Materials.  Some of these Real Leather Vintage Suitcases are HEAVY and Survived Decades of Travel, use and abuse already.

I always like to find the Unusual pieces of Vintage Luggage as well, this Metal one with the Stars is so stinkin' Cute it was difficult to get it past the Kiddos and out the door into Inventory!  *Smiles*

And... had it been in my Size I would have certainly kept the Marilyn Tank Top myself and done some Altered Art with it for my own Wardrobe.   Alas it was a more diminutive Size and I didn't want a Major Project to Alter it to Real Woman Size.  *Winks*   Lord knows I got too many Projects I'm already NOT getting around to!  *Ha ha ha*

So... Bye-Bye Marilyn... it is a Cute Sexy Pose too and I don't have this Image on a Shirt dammit!  Don't you just HATE when that happens?  Tho' I do like Sourcing Cute Wardrobe for my Customers, when I find the Ideal Piece I'd like to have for my own Wardrobe and it's too Small, which happens all too often I might add, it's a Downer.

Some of this Vignette Sold right away even though I should be Going Green for St. Patrick's Day now that Valentine's Day is over or heading into Easter and Spring for a Good Retail Turn of merchandise that is appropriately Seasonal.   I'm so far behind in Styling for the Holidays and Seasons too... I think I still have a Nod to Christmas up at Home in fact!  *Blushing*   I haven't been as Good this year in Styling the Showrooms for each Holiday way in advance like I did the first two years our Mall was open.   I'd like to in a Perfect World, but I just haven't had the Time nor Inclination to Source Seasonal Decor far enough in advance like you really need to.

Thankfully my Customers haven't seemed to mind too much because they're still Buying... but I know it would boost Sales if I did and look pretty Awesome too.   I Love walking into a Shop or Showroom that has everything Seasonally appropriate.  It gets me in the Mood to Shop for the Seasons prematurely... and to Style my own Home for the upcoming Season... well, sorta... maybe that last part is a blatant Exaggeration since my Seasonal Stash sitting in Storage isn't budging towards moving into the Main House!  *Ha ha ha*

I have Daydreams about Seasonally Decorating the entire Home in much the same way that I have Daydreams of Traveling again... and it's all pretty much stuck in Dreamland rather than Reality I'm afraid!   I was just telling the Fam that we might not be taking that 2015 Vacation after all unless we hit the Lottery AND have other Divine Intervention to make it possible.  *Le Sigh*  Yeah, that went over like a lead balloon.   Initially it was a Goal to make it to Hawaii for that Second Honeymoon Type of Trip... then we downgraded it to a Goal to make it to Texas and perhaps stay at The Prairie owned by Rachel Ashwell... now it's been downgraded again to something Local we can do on the Cheap as a Turnaround Day Trip... and even that is subject to Change without Notice!

But... NEXT YEAR... *Winks*... Not quite Living The Dream yet here in Arizona... But still Dreaming it anyways... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thank God for "dreams"! And what's WITH that 95 degrees????


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