Friday, March 6, 2015

AZ Renaissance Festival 2015 ~ Part III

 The Devilishly Naughty Trouble Mayking

 The Ethereal Fairie Kaitlin Chin

 The Hilarious Santiago Tynker of Clan Tynker

I thought I'd lead off Today's Renaissance Festival Post Journey with some more of my Talented Brother Syd Martin's Photography Genius.   I know I'm totally biased, but I Believe my little Brother is a Superb Professional Photographer and I would only Hope one day to possess such Talent for the Art of Photography!   He totally captured the Essence of everyone who stepped before his lens... and aren't their Characters and Costumes Sublime?!? 

This Sweet Elfin Sprite showered Syd and I with the Fairie Dust she was holding... so we Glistened and Shimmered like mad afterwards!   I think I was Happier about that than he was... hard to look Macho and Manly covered in Pink Fairie Dust, right?  *Smiles*


  Syd sent me a bounty of Photography of the Event to Share and I'll continue to intersperse them with my Photos in the Series of Posts as we take you along with us.   I confess that putting my Photography in the same Posts with his is somewhat intimidating since I can't help but make mental and visual comparisons, even though I know he does this for a Living and has had numerous Celebrity Clients.  But Hey, it makes Fabulous Blog Fodder and he was Gracious enough to allow me to Share them so I'll Humble myself Okay! *LOL*  Some peeps pay a Pro a Fortune to Photograph things for their Blogs, but my Generous Lil Bro' just donates his Talents to his Big Sis's Cause so I'd be a Fool not to accept, right?   *Winks*

Since it was Pirate Weekend the Pirates were everywhere...

And the Wenches Serving up their Brews...

This Regal Couple had the most Amazing Accessories that had been Hand-Crafted by an Artisan present at the Festival...

Just look at that Carved Sword Handle Crafted from an Antler!!!  *Swooning*   And he had a Knife and other Accessories to match!!!    Count these as some of my Favorite Accessories seen at the Festival... but I was hard pressed to have any Favorites actually since so many Talented Artisans were selling their Wares in the Village and you were Spoiled for choice!   If only I'd won the Lottery prior to attending... *Le Sigh*

My Favored Costumes and Characters were of coarse the Royalty and those holding Court... some of these Ladies and Gents had spent Months or even Years Creating what they wore and I was duly Impressed!   As a Fabric Artist I had to ask about every Amazing Detail and the Quality of the Fabrics and Craftsmanship was absolutely Divine!!!

I got the Grandson one of those Critter Tails... his is a Wolf and he's Loving it so much that he's wearing it everywhere and I'm sure he's sleeping with it on!  *Ha ha ha*

This group of Pirates were so much Fun to hang out with, what Characters they were!!!
Well... be sure to come back again for even more of the Series.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. This festival is much more elaborate than I remember our K.C.,Mo. one being. But to be honest it has been many years since I attended!


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