Wednesday, March 4, 2015

AZ Renaissance Festival 2015 ~ Part II

As we continue on our Enchanting Journey through the 2015 Arizona Renaissance Festival I Hope you will be as Inspired by the Imaginative Costumes and Characters as we were?   I've always Loved a Good Costume and any excuse to see or wear them and Transport oneself to a Magical Place of Make Believe is simply Delightful in every way for Yours Truly and our Clan.  Why not blend Reality with your Fantasies in Real Life I say!?!   I Believe in the Motto of Dreaming as if you'll live Forever and Living as if you'll die Tomorrow.

Costume and Masquerade Parties, Halloween and now Renaissance Festivals have been and always will be Events that are high on my List of Favorite Things to participate in and be thoroughly immersed into the Magic of... and the dressing up part is a big part of the reason why.   As an Artist, a Dreamer and a Creative Soul I thoroughly Appreciate all of the Talent, Imagination and Effort that goes into a Good Costume and Character.  Whether Young or more Mature how could you ever tire of the Joy it brings to yourself and to others?

Now, my Brother has been to numerous Renaissance Festivals so he was mostly focused upon doing Press Coverage of the Participants primarily, while I was just as Enchanted and Mesmerized by the Architecture of the Prop Buildings for the Event as well.   I've always Loved Architecture in general... and Fantasyscape Architecture in particular, so I was in my Element here!   Characters and Costumes abounding along with the Delightful Fantasy Architecture that had ample doses of Whimsy was the best of all Visual Fantasies come to Life for me!!!  It made it seem REAL, like a Storybook coming to Life!

Remember reading some of your Favorite Storybooks and Wishing they were REAL and you could visit such places and meet such people?   Well, it was like having that Wish come True!   Having an entire Fantasy Village resplendent with all the Characters in the Flesh, Entertainment and Shows abounding AND Fantasy Shopping all coming together... SUBLIME I tell you!!!

Having the Characters just mingling about and being able to interact with them all in Character was just Delightful, even if you weren't in Costume yourself, you still felt like and integral part of it.  The Camaraderie was simply contagious and everyone was having such a Big Time!   We didn't intend to spend over five hours there... but it was one of those experiences where you just lost track of Time because so much was happening and really, you need to go back in order to experience all of it... and I'm told it changes up daily throughout the two Months it will be held.  Different Characters and Entertainment being added all of the time.

Do I want to go back already?  Why ABSOLUTELY and without a shadow of a doubt!   I Predict that we very likely will in fact... and in Future years I do Plan to save up so as to make more than one Pilgrimage and possibly also Costume-Up the Family so we can attend in Character and be part of the act so to speak.   In fact it was very difficult to discern which Characters were part of the Event and which Characters were Guests that come to the Event and aren't actually going to Perform!  That's just how dedicated so many of the visitors are about these Festivals and I Love that about it.


Now I shall regale you will some more Images that my Talented Brother Syd Martin shot... the rest of these were taken by him and I've even included the Names of any Characters that I can now Identify because their Identities were either Revealed or they are Friends of my Brother... so Enjoy...

The Dashing Daniel Kings

The Enchanting Moon-Mermaid

 Jeff Winters with the Lovely Kristi Bigsmiles 

 The Beautiful Serendipity Whippo

Come back again to continue with the Experience... we still have loads and loads to Share with you my Friends on this Fantasy filled Journey!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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