Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe ~ Part III

This Series of Posts might go on for a Minute since my self-imposed Quota of Images per Post makes it so that I'll need more Posts to Share the Gorgeous Imagery at the Event... but you won't mind will you?  *Winks*

I'm still not the best Editor when it comes to Sharing... I am probably destined to be an Over-Sharer all my days?!?  *Smiles*   Instead of Fighting it and trying to Control how I am about Collecting and Sharing I am coming to terms with Embracing it as how I was just meant to be.  I go to extraordinary lengths to find, Collect, Curate and Display Beautiful things... or at least that which is Beautiful or Interesting to ME.


Being a Keeper Of The Past has it's Merits to be sure... some things just wouldn't Exist if they had not been kept as a part of my obsession with Collecting them and Saving them from an uncertain Fate.  The Appreciation of some things takes time and sometimes too much time passes before their intrinsic value is mainstream enough that more than just the quirky few of us wants them.

When things are deemed worthless by the mainstream of Society or just not noticed as worthy of Saving or Keeping, their numbers can diminish considerably... or left to decay to a point of little or no redemption or resurrection and Lost to the ravages of Time.   I'm always Excited when I become the Keeper in a line of Keepers of something that has been Saved from Extinction and passed along Generation to Generation.

Perhaps not as a Family Heirloom of my own Kin, but just something that somebody else back in Time felt a certain kinda way about enough to Keep it, for whatever reason, so that it wasn't Lost forever.   Perhaps that is why I view such things as Taxidermy in a different way than many do.  When I see the Preservation of an Animal that Existed in a certain Era long past, it gives me a glimpse into what that Species looked like back then and the subtle nuances of similarities or differences compared to the Species as it exists Today... IF it even still exists Today?!?  Alas, Extinction has taken it's toll on some of God's Wonderful Creatures and threatens others even now as they become Endangered Species. 

 I mean how many of us in this Era have even seen a Specimen of a Dodo Bird or a Passenger Pigeon?   An Antique Animal Specimen Preserved is rather Immortal really and therefore cannot be entirely Forgotten.  The Essence of it still Exists in the Visual of that Individual Animal... whether it died of Natural Causes or not... over Time it would have certainly died and decayed... but to Live on in Taxidermy is rather Wonderful and makes it Special that Survives to this day in it's decedent form.

How things were made is also Evident in the preserved specimens of whatever it is.   The Workmanship, the Materials, the Crafting has Evolved over Time... and not always in a good way.  To me Older is almost always better and certainly of Superior Craftsmanship, Quality and has more Character than most mass produced Modern items.   I don't possess a lot of mass produced items, they're too common and ordinary for me to Appreciate in quite the same way as something uncommon and extraordinary.

And I will almost always opt for a Vintage or Antique Item if given the choice.  Or to have it be even more Special... something Created by an Artist and OOAK.   I'd rather go without for a while until I can afford to get those Anchor pieces for my Furnishings, Wardrobe and Accessorizing.   I will always buy the very best that I can afford and then Trade Up over Time to get to the pinnacle piece in my Collections.

Typically I will Create my own Art just enough to Fund a Purchase I'm Jonesin' for... like an Artistic Junkie of sorts.  *Ha ha ha*   Lazy Artist that I am it just works for me to do it that way, if I can work out a Trade I'm totally Content to.   Creating for Cash just never has been enough of a Catalyst to be Creative for me personally... Creating either Feeds my Soul or fills some kind of Need I have for a Means to an End by Selling what I made to get something else I want and needed the resources for!

If my Soul isn't particularly Hungry and seems Satiated, I probably won't Create for a while or even feel the Need to.  But if I really, really, really WANT something badly enough that I know my Art could pay for it... well, I CAN be Motivated into Action!   Because after all, I want what I want don't I... and I will be tenacious and relentless to get it!  *LOL*

What kind of things are Motivating Factors to and for you my Friends?   I have always Believed that if you want something badly enough you will find a way to get it or make it happen.  You will take steps in the right direction if it is something you simply have to have or want to do desperately.  I'm not one to Settle... never have been and probably never will be.   I've gone without for extended periods of time to get exactly what I was aiming for without compromises.

I know that I can have Expensive Tastes and so Luxe can be something I insist upon waiting for.   If I wanted a Diamond for example, I would not Settle for a Yag... I'd rather have the small Diamond than a big fake and Trade-Up over time 'til I got the size and Quality I was aiming for in the Real Deal.   But that's just me... I'm just not Impressed by fakes, be they things or people... Being Real is just something I have more of a Respect and Deep Appreciation for.   If you're 100% with me I don't care how many alleged flaws come with it... same with my Stuff, if it's the Real Deal it can be Imperfect and I don't care.

What do you Insist upon when you're choosing something... or anything for that matter?  What does it HAVE to have?   What can't you Compromise?   What really Stirs you when it comes to picking out your Stuff or your Relationships?   It can be really Deep to Contemplate that on the way to Self Discovery.

So here's to Discovering... whether it's Stuff... or about ourselves... Blessings and Love coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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