Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe ~ Part II

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I don't know about you, but I totally know what I'm most Attracted to and it's almost at the exclusion of anything else.   Maybe that doesn't make me as well rounded to cover or Share an Event thoroughly and without personal bias as I could and should for the benefit of others.   Because I know that I tend to photograph and gravitate almost exclusively to what I like best, and its hard for me to care about the rest or really even notice it.  Even when I'm trying to be diverse about what else might have been there and I know other people would have considered Swoon worthy and wanted to see, it's a bit like wearing blinders or having selective hearing.

And I'm probably not the exception to that Rule actually, which is why I really like visiting other Bloggers who might have been at the very same place at almost the very same time and seen it all from a totally different perspective through the Eye of their lenses!   Sometimes it can even seem like we were each somewhere else entirely if the Photographic History isn't remotely similar!  *Smiles*

You probably already know that if you come to visit me here you are more apt to see something dead, decrepit, exotic or weird and wonderful if it was present where ever it was I went.   That's just what I seek out and my Radar picks up anywhere I go, I don't even consciously do it actually, its the lens and filter through which I tend to view my World and Feather it.

It's even interesting to me when I download all the Images I took and realize how much I didn't photograph and what I fixated upon!    Not surprising really, but interesting certainly.   Sometimes I THINK that I was very broad about what I covered only to discover that I left out a lot.  I tend to take a lot of pictures on purpose because I know that I'll likely only REALLY like a small portion of them and how they turned out or what they Featured.   Most end up on the cutting room floor so to speak and with the digital age that's not such a big deal anymore as it was when we used 35 mm Photography and instant views of our Images weren't even possible.

Remember those days when you had to wait and get your prints back to see what turned out and what didn't, with all the waste and regrets that often entailed?  Not to mention the Expense... now it's all so refined and inexpensive that Photography can be a Hobby with relatively little Investment and even us Amateurs can turn out some decent or impressive Images with the help of Photo Editing and the like even if we're using cheap cameras and basic techniques! 

I know that for me, being a VERY Visual person who is Inspired and Excited by so many things that I see, I was always interested in Photography and capturing it for posterity, but I was never all that good at it actually.   I still have lots of room for improvement and constantly work on getting better, but I'm at the place now where I'm quite satisfied with my results and thus have fallen deeply in Love with Photography as another Artistic Outlet I thoroughly Enjoy. 

I'm all the more Excited to go do something or go somewhere when I've got my trusty Camera with me to Capture it, or at least portions of it, through the Eye of my Lens.  So that it Lives on beyond that Moment in Time and can be Shared with those that weren't there with me, but who I know would Appreciate it as much as I do and be Inspired by it or Transported to it through the Imagery. 

After all, there's so many places we can't go and things we can't do since we can't be everywhere at once and we've only got a finite amount of Time and Resources.   So Imagery really is quite Important to allow us to Experience more than we would be able to any other way and be Exposed to it.   I can't begin to tell you how many times an Image has Captured my Heart or Stirred my Soul to a point that it had Meaning for me beyond just looking at it.  Sometimes mere Images have had a Profound Impact upon me and even changed direction or Destiny if it Moved me sufficiently.  And with an Image it can be Revisited time and time again... some of my Favorite Images I've held onto for decades and Enjoy them now as much as I ever did.

How many New Artists, Events, Shops and Destinations have we each been Introduced to through the Imagery we've seen in Publication or Social Media Sharing?   Countless I'm sure!   They say that Sharing is Caring and I truly do Believe that, what we Share with others is deeply Personal to us in some kind of way to do so, or we'd just keep it to ourselves.   Sharing an Experience, especially if it was Memorable and Enjoyable for us, is to Magnify and Multiply that Pleasure with each Person it is Shared with.

I've begun to take others with me more than I used to when Attending anything that I Enjoy... not only in person but also here in the Land of Blog.   I like what I like and sometimes I wasn't even aware that others might like it too because I didn't really care if they did or they didn't actually.  I knew that if I really wanted to do something, see something or be somewhere it was never contingent upon whether someone accompanied me or not.  I can fly Solo just as Pleasurably as I can with an Entourage.   Often I'm so in my own Bubble that it doesn't seem to even matter if I'm alone or not once I'm doing something I'm 'Into', I'll still lose myself in it.

And being Lost In The Moment is Pure Bliss isn't it?   There are so many things I can get Lost In The Moment of and I'm Thankful for that ability and wide range of Interests and deep Appreciation for the World around me.  The Randomness of it is often Surprising to those around me and hard to Predict, even for myself sometimes.   What are some of the things you can get Lost In The Moment of my Friends?   My Hope is that each day you can lose yourself even for just a little bit in that Bliss.


Because a Blissful Existence or even a Blissful Moment in Time is like a slice of Heaven here on Earth isn't it?


Blessings and Bliss from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Beautiful post, Dawn - every word and every image! Except that little burlap dress. I'll never be a burlap fan, I'm afraid. Velvet and tapestries all the way. ;)

    Lost in my own little bubble, indeed! :)

    1. I have such eclectic tastes in fabrics that Burlap can work in my World right along with the Exotic and Antique Fabrics. *smiles* I once had an old Farmer give me his entire Barn stash full of 100 year old Burlap Feedsacks and everyone thought me Mad for taking them since at the time nobody was appreciating that aesthetic... they are the old Hemp Burlap and soft as Velvet once laundered. Now of coarse everyone that scoffed about them would like to have them now that Burlap is Trending and the new stuff isn't nearly as luxurious or well made as the Antique Burlap. *Ha ha ha* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. l loved this post Dawn and nodded my head all the way through:-) l'm always on the lookout for something new and different to sell on my stall and yet the things l see and buy are always the does that even happen???. Your skulls are amazing too l love them. Mum is mosaicking a sheep skull at the moment and is covering the entire thing in pearls and jewellery. Yes l agree digital photography is awesome...l'm still using the same little camera l started my blog with but that's fine when l can fix my messes with Picassa:-) l agree with you that so much of our creativity and inspiration comes to us visually.... we're so lucky to have all these amazing places to visit all from the comfort of our own space. l hope you have a week of total bliss there in the desert.

    1. Ohhhhh your Mum's Sheep Skully Mosaic sounds Fab, you'll have to Share an Image of it when she's done Creating it! I recently saw a Steer Skull covered in Indian Head Nickels and Turquoise, spectacular even tho' it was a little too Western Decor for our Home it was still eye-catching. Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Your friend Heidi has pimped those skulls fantastically (not sure if that's a word:-) hasn't she. Yeh l absolutely will share a photo of Mum's skull (sheep's not hers:-)
      when it's finished.

  3. PS: Those Gorgeous Skulls were Created by my Friend Heidi of Paris Montana, I cannot take the Credit for them, but I did buy a couple from her the last Event we had because I fell in Love with them too. Dawn... The Bohemian


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