Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday... Or... What To Do With The Kiddos?

It's Super Bowl Sunday... with the Big Game right here in the Valley just a few short miles from our Home... the Weather is Glorious and The Man will be glued to his Recliner all day in front of the TV to Enjoy the Pre-Game... Game... and Post Game Entertainment.  *Smiles*  This also means... what to do with the Kiddos since he'll be monopolizing the main TV from Sunup to Sundown watching something they have absolutely NO Interest in!!!  Uh oh... you see and sense Drama coming, don't you!?!  *Winks*

I've given strict Orders NOT to bother Grandpa during his Super Bowl Marathon of Enjoyment... but you know how Kids are and a whole entire day of not bothering one or both of us seems like an eternity to them.   It's almost better if they are removed from the house the entire day, if possible, to ensure that it actually plays out like that and happens!  *Le Sigh*   Otherwise Princess T could be fighting Grandpa for the TV Remote Control so she can switch it over to watch 'Sponge Bob Square Pants' rather than Football and then the Drama will become EPIC!  *Bwahahaha!*

 Yesterday Evening was a lot of Pre-Game TV domination as well, so The Son and Family came by and us Gals and ALL five of the Kiddos did our thing as the Guys did theirs.  We all had a Grand Time in spite of us Gals having THREE TEENAGERS in tow with our entourage... the two Younger Female Kiddos still like being our Sidekicks so they weren't such a Big Deal to Entertain and drag along!  But that was Yesterday... and Today is a brand New Day and Adventure to keep Kiddos out of the hair of Men!  *Ha ha ha*

And I don't know what it is about Big Game Preludes, but with Men it almost always means they're gonna be Edgy and rather Emotional themselves... almost like they're in a form of Manopause.  Man Drama can abound when their entire focus is on some Sporting Event... and not just any Sporting Event... but the Big Kahuna of Sporting Events they simply cannot miss a nanosecond of!  Heaven Forbid if Life would get in the way of the Big Game, you know... it's almost more than they can stand or handle!   And it's not Age related Man Drama, The Son was just as Edgy and rather Emotional as his Dad has been Pre-Game about having to Deal with anything or anyone just before or during the Big Game!

"Leave the house...", I suggests to The Son when he calls me in a tailspin panic that Major Drama was playing out over at his house too and on the day of the Big Game, Imagine that!   "I have!", he responds, "I didn't know what else to do?"  Novice that he is, going with the Gut Instinct was prudent.  "Good... then Deal with your Drama and Work it Out when you get Home and after you've had your Super Bowl Sunday Fix and the Testosterone has subsided.", I says.  *Smiles*   

Hey, Yesterday when I had his Beloved and all the Girls with me we were all Happy as Clams at high tide and everyone was getting along splendidly, so I didn't quite know what else to say about it.  He's Dealing with a house full of Estrogen on a Super Bowl Sunday and he's vastly outnumbered four to one, so retreating to live to fight another day is probably his best option I figure.  That's Mom Wisdom Imparted... after Enduring many years of Super Bowl Drama often unfolding between Men, Women and Children I know the Drill well.  *Winks*  It's not always Paradise and Rainbow Farts when someone is WAY more 'Into' something than those around them are... it happens, so have realistic expectations about it.

I can't even begin to tell you the Laundry List of Fabulous Events and long Anticipated things I'm WAY more 'Into' that regularly and almost systematically have been compromised, threatened, ruined or even Cancelled due to Man Drama and Kid Drama... so I can't get too Worked Up about a Super Bowl Sunday not remaining unrealistically Blissful... it's probably just Karma?  You Fellas DO Understand Karma dontcha?  *LMAO*

But becoz of the near Hysteria going on at my Home too and the fact that The Man can't just leave the house anymore Unsupervised or drive due to his Traumatic Brain Injury... and his Familiar Surroundings are vitally Important and Comforting to him... it will mean I've gotta figure out something to do FAST on a Sunday Evening with the G-Kids in tow to get them outta here and leave him in Peace to Enjoy his Big Game!   Not so easy peasy a task when a Teen Grandson would rather NOT have to hang out with his Gramma and Annoyingly Moody little Sister... and isn't into Jock Sports either so he won't wanna join the Guys in a Testosterone laden Super Bowl Fest.

Even tho' I reminded the Young Prince that I managed to get his Grandpa and Uncle to be pried away from their Pre-Game Super Bowl TV Coverage Yesterday Afternoon long enough to come along with his Aunts,  Female Cousins and Sister to watch him in his Dance and Flag Twirling Recital... Under Protest too... but he's not having it, he don't wanna watch Football with them, period, end of discussion.  *Ha ha ha*   He Promises to hang out sequestered in his room and NOT play his Keyboard, any other Musical Instrument in there or interrupt The Big Game going on in the Livingroom Today in any way!  I'm Wondering if I should get a Bible out, here on the Sabbath and make him Swear this on it to Ensure no Trouble plays out in Paradise during my absence?  *Smiles*

Well... if you're gonna Dream... Dream BIG I always say!!!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The game is on in the background even as I type ... :) But I drove into the city and the youngest and I went to see The Hobbit so I've managed to avoid the better part of it - I hope. ;)

    1. LOL... yeah, when we can find something to independently do that is mutually beneficial to everyone it works out well, doesn't it? Ha ha ha... BTW, how was the Hobbit Movie? Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. My least favourite of them all - but I guess I should have known that something called The Battle of the Five Armies wasn't going to be my cup of tea! LOL


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