Monday, February 9, 2015

More Business Than Pleasure

Unfortunately my Brother's Visit from Cali to cover the Renaissance Festival ended up being more Business than Pleasure so we got to spend precious little time together and that was a real disappointment.   There was so much I Intended to do with him that we will have to Hope he can remain Well enough to come back for during another Visit to Arizona?

On the last day just before going Home they were able to finally drop by the House and our Antique Mall to spend a little time together with some of the Family.   My Brother has been really battling Serious Health Issues and has lost about 100 lbs. rapidly so I don't quite know how I feel about him weighing far less than me now, being that he's 6'4" and I'm only 5'2"!  *LOL*

But considering all he's been through recently with the Serious Health Crisis I thought he looked Really Good and that was a huge Relief!  I had braced myself for how he might look 100 lbs. lighter since he's always been a big Guy and I didn't know how frail he might show up with that much rapid weight loss due to extremely Poor Health?  I know he's tough as Old Boots tho' and his Spirits were still High.

The Son managed to make it over to the House to see his Uncle, though the rest of the Family couldn't because they weren't feeling Well and didn't want to risk getting my Brother even sicker.  This time of Year so much is going around that staying Well even if you're usually Enjoying Good Health isn't easy and if you're battling Serious Illness it can be devastating. 

Before all the Girls got Sick though with whatever is going around we did manage to spend a Girl's Day Out together recently... now all three of them aren't feeling so Well.   We still have to get the Referral to a Neurologist for Princess T's last Health Crisis and Seizure-like Episode... so we're slowly working our way thru The Process for that Approval and trying to keep her as Well as possible in the Interim while we go thru that rigamarole!  

Poor Kid has battled Sickness all of her Young Life though so she's quite the Trooper when it comes to handling not being Well.   She can get mighty Cranky on the particularly Bad days, but she rarely Complains about not feeling Well so much of the time, and it must be Miserable since that's her 'Normal'.   She still insists on going out and doing things in spite of feeling under the weather most of the time.  Guess when you don't Feel Well most of the time you figure you might as well get on with Living and getting the most out of your Life regardless of how you Feel?

The Brother and Fiance' liked our Antique Mall and how big it is, they liked the size of my Showrooms and fact our Loft Spaces have elevator access.  They may be moving their Space out at their Pomona Antique Mall since the Building was recently Sold and is under New Ownership now.   Their Building is Historic and Gorgeous, with three Stories of Fabulousness on Antique Row in Pomona, but with their combined Health Issues they now need a ground floor Space rather than being upstairs and without an elevator and there are no ground floor Spaces up for grabs.

Relocating is a lot of Work so I don't Envy them the Task at hand to move and to find a place as nice as the one they have had all these Years.   Also moving your Retail Space when you've built up a Loyal Following can be rough too, so they're Hoping to stay relatively close to their Old Location if possible?

They'd done some Pickin' while in Arizona so the back of their vehicle was loaded up... and so was mine since I was re-stocking the Showrooms this Weekend as Sales had still been fairly Strong and Inventory was getting low again.   We joked that this MUST be in our Blood since we both Enjoy doing exactly the same things... we always did... even as Kids, which is probably why we were always not only Brother and Sister, but also Best Of Friends all our Lives.

Of coarse we compared Stashes of the Hauls recently Sourced and decided that we could still be Junquing Partners since his Haul was all Rusty and Crusty and mine was more Shiny Bling or Weird and Wonderful.  *Smiles*   I'd Sourced pounds of Chandie Crystals, which were in mounds by the sink after having been washed and cleaned.

I'd literally loaded a large Vintage Suitcase up with them and Old Cigar Boxes... you wouldn't Believe how heavy that made that Old Suitcase!   As I labored to schlep it around I was being asked by Family what on Earth I had in there, a dead body?!?  *Ha ha ha*   When the  over THIRTY FIVE POUNDS of various shaped Vintage Chandie Crystals and Old Cigar Boxes were poured out of there like an Avalanche when we got Home it was quite an Impressive Sight... like Pirate's Treasure!  *Winks*


And these little Critters reminded me of my Brother and I in many ways... getting along Tremendously like Yin and Yang, even tho' one is Rules Conscious and abides by the Signs and stays on the Designated Trail... and one Clearly does NOT and is more the Rebel of the Family making their own Path where there probably never was one!!!  *Winks*   Guess which one I AM?   Yeah, that was a No-Brainer, wasn't it?  *Bwahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sorry you didn't get more time with your brother but we've both learned to be happy with what we do get!

  2. you are so busy as usual. glad you got to spend some time with your brother and he is doing ok. I love love love the chandelier crystals holy moly would I put them to use


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