Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Got A Fever... Spring Fever

It probably doesn't help that we've been having record breaking Gorgeous Weather in the mid-80's all week... so now I got a Fever... Spring Fever!!!   It just Feels like a Spring Day when you go Outside and the Weather is so Gloriously Sunny and Warmer than average for this time of year.  It doesn't Feel at all like it's still Winter and February... in fact, it hasn't Felt like Winter at all this year and I'm totally Okay with that!

And now that the Valentine's Day Vignettes in the Retail Shops are already starting to be replaced by Easter Vignettes, I'm thinking along those lines too.   I don't really Decorate much for Valentine's Day anyway... though I have some Rusty Heart Ornaments for the Year-Round Tree we keep up, I couldn't remember where I Stored them!  *Le Sigh*  So it's been barely a nod to Valentine's Day at Home when it comes to Styling for that Holiday.   So I've just jumped right into Spring with a Flourish!  By Breakfast this Morning I'd Adopted my Spring Duckling while meeting up for Breakfast with a Friend.  *Smiles, yes, my Mornings can be highly Unusual like that!  Winks*

 Spring Decor always has Appealed to me strongly when it comes to Styling, so breaking out my Egg Collections and my newest acquisition, this Darling Sweet Taxidermy Duckling, just brought my Spring Fever to a head Today actually and so Spring is in Full Swing now.  In fact, I went out right away after procuring my Duckling to Source a wee Crown so that it was Appropriately Pimped Out for residing at Bohemian Valhalla.  *Winks*

I totally 'Scored' when "Michaels" Craft Store was having 80% off of my Favorite Line of Charms by Amy Labbe's "Art-I-Cake" and a Suitable Crown was had for less than a Dollar, since it came with far more than just the Crown!  *Can I get a Whoop-Whoop!?*   The Man was cracking up that my Mission Statement before Work Today would be to Source a Crown for the new Duckling and I came back with it in less than 30 Minutes... and On Sale at a Deep Discount ta boot!  I lead rather a Charmed Life and have to pinch myself sometimes when things just work out that way and the Laws Of Attraction are in Hyper-drive!  *Smiles*

It is a heavy little Crown with some Substance to it so I wasn't sure it wouldn't topple Duckling over, so I propped it up between my Bling Egg and Gypsy Tambourine before Crowning it just to be sure.   Fit like a Charm {no pun intended} and I'm totally Loving it, but thought I'd also Photograph my New Addition sans Crown as well for this Spring Fever Blog Post so you can see how stinkin' Cute it is.  Eventually there will be Flowering Spring Bulbs joining the Vignettes around the house as the Spring Theme comes together.

Hopefully I'll have better Luck remembering where I put all of my Easter Stash of Decor better than I did the elusive Valentine's Day Decor?  *Ha ha ha*   I don't have a lot of time to find those Rusty Decorated Heart Ornaments for the Tree in time now... and wouldn't be at all Surprised if they didn't turn up after I don't need them and aren't looking for them anymore?   Don't you just Hate when that happens?!?   I'm trying to become more Organized and Streamlined in my Storage Solutions though, it's part of the lofty 2015 Resolutions Goal.

But even if I don't find everything I'm looking for, it's Okay too... because I'm also Learning that Less can be Enough!  *Gasp... yep, I said that out of my own mouth!*   Sure, I'm still more of a More Is Never Enough Type of Gal most of the time and that's my Natural Inclination... but going with a more Simplified Theme and Decor than Usual hasn't bothered me like I thought it might either... in fact, I'm kinda liking it!   Imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May you too catch the Fever... Spring Fever... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Lovin that little bright yellow duckling and it's crown!


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