Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Certainly NOT The Best Day Ever...

Perhaps I have an Unorthodox way of Dealing with Extreme Life Stress, perhaps not, maybe most of you can relate to throwing yourselves into Work and what you Love that Comforts you and brings you back to Center?  So going Junquing and throwing myself into replenishing Inventory and foofing the Showrooms has been my Happy Place to Escape to after a Crisis Marathon.  Today was certainly NOT the Best Day ever... in fact, it rivaled being one of the Worst Days ever actually as far as Intense and Heavy Crisis back to back.  I had Worked last Night so didn't get Home 'til late, and since The Man was still up I knew it wasn't going to be a Blissful Evening since clearly he was concerned.  Princess T has been struggling with Respiratory Issues again with the turning of the Seasons, so the past few Nights have been rather sleepless for me as I stay up to give her regular breathing treatments every few hours.  The Man can administer them too and remembers how to, so we take turns and it had been a particularly bad Night for her and thus for us.  We've been thru this since Infancy so I'm used to that part... what I was not used to was what sent me to the ER with her at 3:00 AM when she had what appeared to be a Seizure and subsequent complete Panic Attack where she could not be Comforted nor Consoled!   

Many inconclusive Tests and advice to get a request for a Referral to a Neurologist later I leave the ER at 5:00 AM and fall into bed hoping to get a smidgin of sleep, since 6:00 AM is wake-up Call to ready Kiddos for School!  It was Half Day and Picture Day at the Elementary School so she wasn't missing that, Diva and Trooper that she is, and picking out her Ensemble and Hairstyle was a Big Deal to her.  Okay, so I get the Kiddos to School and fall back into bed again hoping to get some Real sleep... but at 9:00 AM I get 'The Call' from the High School Campus Police!!!  Egads... seems that The Young Prince, who has not been stabilized on his new Meds since we were having Insurance Approval problems for getting the new script filled, had managed to get himself Suspended and they needed a Sit Down with me!!!  Suffice to say it wasn't good... that's all I'm saying about that.  Clearly no sleep for me again... so I get online to talk to my Lil Bro' in Cali about his upcoming Trip to Arizona... only to discover Mom had another Stroke, a pretty severe one where now Speech and Mobility to maneuver her own Wheelchair are capput!    Oh, and his Health has taken a dire turn for the worse... but he's still intent on coming out this Weekend to cover the Arizona Renaissance Festival and spend some Quality Family Time with Big Sis and stay at my Studio Lodgings, becoz what the Hell, things can't get much worse so might as well go out in a Blaze of Glory, right?!  It's his Birthday Feb. 6th so he'll be in Town for it and we might as well Celebrate SOMETHING Positive, Living to have another Birthday when you're deemed Terminal IS a Big Deal!  Yeah, that's how my Family Rolls and Thinks when things are circling the drain Personally.  Throwing in the Towel or hoisting up the White Flag my Lil Bro' says, is for the Weak and Faint of Heart and not even an Option.  *Smiles*   So, Hell yeah, I turn to Working up a Storm, prepping the Studio Cottage Bedroom for receiving him and readying most recent Haul for the Showroom!!!

Along with Vintage Ice Skates still in the Original Box, Chenille Teddy Bear, enormous Metal twirling Party Platter Lazy Susan, Vintage Negatives Illuminator that still works, Vintage Tool Box, and some Vintage 1970's Dolls, some of which are Creepier than Hell and I didn't Photograph, like the 1973 Crissy Doll with growing Red Hair and Uber Creepy Expression... I also got a Gift from another Picker Friend of this Awesome Vintage Lindstrom's Hy-Ball Pin Game with an Inscription from 1961 on the back when it was Gifted to somebody back then too, but I suspect could be even Older and about 1930's Era?  Yes, it has some Water Damage, but it is still Functional and Graphics are still quite Bright.  My Picker Friends are Awesome, if they Source something they think I will like and run into me during a Pick they will Surprise me with it rather than buying it for themselves to flip... who says all Pickers are cut-throat, not me, I've always run with the most Generous and Best around who have my Back and have been extra sets of Eyes in the Field for me!   One Good Friend swears I'm Charmed because everyone is always just randomly giving me the Coolest Stuff... she could be right... I like to think of it as just Good Karma coming back to me for what I Intentionally put out in the World.  But I must say, Good Karma really Balances Out the need to keep Enduring constant and often Severe Crisis and Life Stress that I have no Control over and have to just ride out... it brings me back to Center and Focused upon all that is Good and Right with my World.

The Instructions of said Lindstrom's Hy-Ball Pin Game are still very legible and even if someone opts not to use it again for Play, it will make a nice Display Piece in a Vintage Themed Game Room don't you think?   I'm sure the appropriate colored Marbles would be easy enough for someone to Source, I didn't opt to get any out of my enormous Vintage Marble Stash because I don't want folks playing the Game in the Showroom and jacking it all up or spilling Marbles all over the floor for someone to potentially slip and fall on.  You hafta think of such things when you're Selling in an Antique Mall where you're not Present all of the time to keep an Eye on things because some people do the weirdest and most destructive of things in Retail Spaces if they think they can get away with it or nobody is looking.  Sad but True commentary on the Condition of the Moral Code, Respect for Property that isn't theirs and Ethics, or lack thereof, of some people in Modern Culture.  Alas, the Cost of doing Business nowadays so you have to second guess that segment of Society and what could happen.


Vintage and Antique Games and Toys are at particular Risk, but they Sell so well that I often cannot resist taking my Chances and putting them in the Showrooms anyway and Hope they Sell before they are jacked up or just jacked!?!   *Smiles*  And I thought this Old Game was a Fun Piece to add to Showroom One Thirty-Three.

Along with this Old Desk Set of Senator Henry Jackson.  I'm not very Political so I had to Google to know specifics, but it was Interesting provenance:

  • Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson was a U.S. Congressman and Senator from the state of Washington from 1941 until his death in 1983. Jackson was an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972 and 1976.
For anyone who Enjoys Collecting Political Vintage Items I thought this would be something of possible Interest and it's a well made set with a Functional Calendar and only slight damage on the right side where there might have been another one of those Stone raised pieces that came off over the years, I don't know, but it doesn't hurt the look of the overall Piece and only left a slightly rough old glue spot behind.   I like Quirky and Unique Inventory for Showroom One Thirty-Three so this was another Perfect Addition along with the Old Hy-Ball Game.

But for Showroom One-Fourteen the Willow Tree Nativity Set that I Sourced was more in line with that Room's Vibe.   I don't personally Collect Willow Tree Figurines but I know they are a Popular Collectible and anytime I've had them they Sell very well.   I decided to flip the pieces Individually rather than as a Set, because that too has been a better way to Market larger Sets of things in my rooms and with the demographic of the area since high priced Inventory languishes too long to have sitting around in my small Showrooms to wait for someone to Pony Up for an entire Set of anything priced as a Set.   I don't know about other Vendors, but I find that most Collectors usually are looking for those holes in their Collections and not buying Instant Sets anyway.   And Impulse Buyers are more apt to want a single piece or affordable Purchase than to impulsively buy an Expensive Full Set of anything.   Just my Observation about what our Market is bearing in our particular area... and as I said before, I'm a Supply and Demand conscious Seller.

Most of the Pieces are marked Willow Tree... a few of the Stable Animals are not and could be from a different Set or Manufacturer, I'm not sure, so the unmarked pieces are priced lower just in case... but they do go well with the Nativity Scene as fillers anyway.    I used to Collect Nativities and still have my Cream Of The Crop Nativity Sets, but over the years I've been Selling off most of my own Personal Collections and yet, I still Source nice looking Nativity Sets when I find them, still have a Soft Spot for them I guess.  *Smiles*

I also really Enjoy Sourcing Japanese Manufactured Collectibles... they just look really Cool to me, especially the Accessory Lines and they too Sell very well.   So Tempting not to Keep this particular Bag because I J'Adore the Graphics on it... but Lord Have Mercy I have such a Hoard of Bags already that I don't need to start Secondary Collections of Bag Themes do I?  *LOL*   And I Love to Create my own Bags as well... so those that know me Well will totally get that Inside Joke and realize my Studio and Home can look like Bag-Land.  I probably have more Bags than most High End Boutiques have in Inventory for Heaven's Sakes!!!  *Ha ha ha*

And Decorating and Design Books... my Library is filled to capacity since I Adore Books... and so I also like to have an extensive Library to offer to my Customers as well and my Selection in the Showrooms rivals Barnes and Nobles... in fact, I probably have more Decorating and Design Books for Sale than they have in Inventory right now and at a better Discounted Price!  *Shameless Plug Ha ha ha*

I've been really, really Grateful to be back to Working Part Time since I have the Best Co-Worker Friends EVER I tell you... there is no end to what they'll do for me and to make me Laugh and come up with Crazy Blog and Facebook Fodder... I mean, look at these Guys!   Only your most Confident Male Friends who Share your Quirky sense of Humor and are Game for anything can be convinced to allow you to Photograph them after you talked them into donning Vintage Tiaras and saying you will be Sharing the Images!   I Love these Guys and they never cease to make me Smile... even when it's not the Best Day ever!  *LOL*

Thank You my Stellar Friends for being such Great Sports and Confidently wearing your Man Pageant Crowns for a Good Laugh and The Cause... you totally ROCK and you're so damned Cute in them that you made my day... and I NEEDED that!  Besos from your Crazy Old Hippie Gypsy Friend Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I don't know how you do it, Dawn! You are simply an amazing gal with such good spirit. Hey, if all of our days were good, we wouldn't know a bad day. I'd pay for that, if I could.


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