Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome 2015... Artful Life Evolution Continues...

Welcome 2015!!!   I'm Excited that it's a brand New Year!   I am determined that Living an Artful Life and having it constantly Evolve will continue.   So that also means I don't exactly know where that will take me this year, but I'm certain the Journey will be part of the Excitement and Fun!!!

You see, I prefer Living Spontaneously and I don't need to know where I'm going or have any set Destination or Itinerary Planned out... so long as I'm on my way I'm Content.   I rather like not knowing what to Expect, it keeps things Edgy and a Surprise.   I like Surprises, I like seeing where an Unknown Path goes and where it might take or lead me?!

Some of the best things that have happened in my Life have been Complete Surprises and not at all Planned or Contrived as a matter of fact.   Now, that doesn't mean I don't set Goals, I Believe in Goal Setting and having Dreams to pursue as well... but nothing has to be set in Stone, I'm very Flexible and Adaptable.   I also Love Serendipity and it always plays a Major Role in my Life!

Though I am a Creature of Habit in many ways and very Nostalgic about a lot of Stuff, I find Change to also be very Exciting.   I'm always willing to try something New... go somewhere New... meet someone New and Expand my Horizons!   I have always looked at Life as one Great Adventure!

I like to Evolve as a Person... I like my surroundings to continue to Evolve... and my Interests, so that nothing goes stagnant or ceases to grow and Improve.   There's always room for Improvement... ALWAYS!   I don't care how long you've Lived already or how long you've had something or been somewhere, it all can still benefit from Improvements, however slight or major.

I also want my Blogging to Evolve and Improve as well as other areas of my Life I'm Working on a Continued Evolution of.   I thought about what that meant to me, the Evolution of this Blog or starting another... and what I wanted to Accomplish with it?   Should I start completely over, Fresh and completely different... or just Freshen and Change what I already have?   I decided upon the latter, since I don't really want to Attempt to Manage more than one Blog!  *Smiles*  And I didn't really want to Change the whole thing... I just wanted to Refine it in many ways and Improve my Blogging Skills and my Editing.  Yes, I WANT to Evolve into a better Editor and a good Start is right here in the Land of Blog in a brand New Year!

Complete Change can be very difficult and so I usually Change in increments whatever it is I'm being Artful about and just allow The Process to kind of Evolve itself rather than being forced or obliterated and built from the ground up again.  There are Improvements I want to make in any and every Art Form I put my hand to and this Blog is no exception, so it will Morph and Change and go through a Metamorphosis of sorts as Time goes on. I want to Improve my Photography and the Images I Post and my Writing Style among other things.  I'm also going to Attempt to Edit my Images to Ten or less per Post!   *Gasp*  Yeah, I know, for me that is some Severe Editing and a Real Challenge!

You see, I am Aware of my particular Weaknesses and Strengths... and those Characteristics I'd like to build upon and Evolve into Strengths if possible... Editing is just one of many of them!   If it was just for my own Pleasure I could do a complete Do-Over and probably be Okay with it in many ways, I've started many things over in my Life with few, if any, regrets.  Sometimes making the New Thing completely unrecognizable from the Old Thing!   But I've found that with Blogging, it may begin as a Journey of being all about you... but once the Blogging Community comes on board and Supports your Blog, it becomes so much larger than that, than being completely Egocentric in Nature.

I know that for me, when certain things Change completely outside of my own Influence and Control, I can be pretty Saddened about it because it's really Missed, whatever it was and the way that it was and used to be.  If I really Loved it as it was, I can lament over Wishing it were the Same and hadn't Changed, or at least not so much.  The Land of Blog has certainly been no exception... there are Blogs that no longer Exist that I sorely Miss along with the Souls that Created them.   There are Blogs that Changed so drastically that I either became more Intrigued and Inspired, visiting even more often... or quite the opposite and fell away because it was just too different or no longer as Inviting or Relevant to me.  If something isn't Relevant to you in some way, then you probably won't stick with it and will just move on.

Having a Blog in many ways is Relational and that initially came quite as a Surprise to me since I didn't Expect it to be at all!    And so I have become as Careful about my Blogging and it's Evolution as I am about other Cherished Relationships, to seek enough Balance that it's not so unrecognizable as to no longer resemble ME and be True to Self... because it is a part of me... but just a layer and a small part... of a Person whose constantly Evolving and likes it that way...
New Year Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. O.K. Glad your not changing the style of your blog completely! I like your new script, less pictures will be O.K. I have wondered how in the world you were able keep up! Change sometimes is hard but can be fun! Serendipity is my favorite word! Anyway, Happy New Year and I'll be follow you all the way through!

  2. Happy New Year, Dawn! Your goals/plans for modifying (I guess that wasn't exactly the word you used) your blog sound interesting - and in all honesty, I think will make it even easier to visit you as you confine your photos to 10..... I love your writing style, by the way.

  3. Happy New Year Dawn! I pray your journey will excite and tickle your senses!

  4. Hi Dawn:) Your posts are always so thought provoking:) I just love Can't wait to see what you come up with. Wishing you and your beautiful family a blessed 2015.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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