Saturday, January 10, 2015

This Is What We Do

I was talking to a much Older Friend who is also a Serious Collector and has an Amazing Eye when it comes to 'Pickin' Valuable and Rare Objects, one who I have mad Respect for the Sage Advice of.   We were talking about  our Plans for the New Year and I happened to mention that I was going to try to cut way back on Treasure Hunting for Fabulous Found Objects.
"Why?", he says in all seriousness, "This is what we do!"
I Meditated upon that proclamation and realized that he's absolutely right, this IS what we do, those of us who Live for the Thrill Of The Hunt for our Found and Rescued Treasures.  Most of the places that give us the most Excitement and Enjoyment, the places we look foward to frequenting revolve around our Treasure Hunts in fact.  Surrounding ourselves with our Time Worn Treasures is our Bliss!

It's not even that we simply must Find anything though... our Deep Appreciation for it all is Reward enough... even if we don't drag it Home to our Lairs or procure it for our Inventory in the Retail Spaces, Shows or Trades that we equally have Fun participating in regularly.

It is almost like belonging to a Tribe... 
TRIBE: A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect.
We're all so much of one Mindset, Commonalities and Lifestyle really, so that it makes us very much alike in ways that are quite eerie at times, considering how different we can be on other things not related to what we Love to do and what we Share a Love of and want to Share with others.
BTW: Check out all the Orbs I Captured thru the Eye of my Lens {All over the far Right of the Image, I count Five clearly visible ones at least!}... when Photographing this Century Old Cash Register!!!  WOW, that's a lot of Spirit Attached to one Clearly Significantly Beloved Object huh?!!!!!

And that's part of it really, Significantly Beloved Objects that we all have some sort of an Attachment and Attraction to even if we don't plan to Keep them for ourselves, but feel Compelled to Rescue, Restore and Hunt for regularly.  There are Common Bonds among us that are thick and so Special that if we were to drop out of the Fellowship in the Doing of it, there would most certainly be a huge Void that would be difficult to fill with anything else.   At least not anything else we are so driven to do by our Nature and Enjoy so thoroughly that giving it up would be truly Sacrificial. 

Not to mention, but my Older Friend did, that if any one of us Quits in the Doing of it, Imagine what Treasures would not be Found, Preserved, Offered up and could be Forever Lost because the ranks of us has diminished!?!  I Shuddered to even Contemplate that Fact, because I certainly know the Fabulous Finds I've gleened over the years that were Landfill bound or deteriorating from Neglect and the Elements, had I not happened upon them just in time to Salvage and Save them!!!

I also thought about those of us who not only Collect such things, but also utilize them for our Art Forms... and how many Unique Creations would not Exist if we just stopped doing what we do!?!  The Upcycling, Recycling, Repurposing and Art that is Born through the Found Treasures they are Created from are so much more Unique than mass produced items... and typically of much better or even Superior Quality given the bygone Era supplies that are used.

Like they say, it just isn't made like that anymore... and even if it could be or was, it would cost a Fortune to replicate the Quality of Craftsmanship, pay for the intense Labor and utilize the same Grade of materials that would be comparable in Today's Market!    I don't think most folks could or would be willing or able to pay the Price to make it all from scratch now like they used to make it back in da day.   Yet, quite often we that do what we do can gleen the Real Deal at a Bargain and pass those Savings along to our Consumers or Collect it for the benefit of Future Generations to use and Enjoy.   We're always on the Lookout for it you see... because this is what we do...
And so I've decided to ditch the Idea to try to cut way back in the Doing of it because there aren't as many Logical Reasons to once I made a comprehensive List of why to keep doing it versus why to cut way back or quit.   Yes, my Sage Old Friend was absolutely right and I guess I just needed to hear it from a Respected Source that it's Okay to continue to be this way... it's how we were Clearly Meant to Be!
Happy Hunting my Friends!...  Still Seeking out Found Treasures in the Arizona Desert Region... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad to hear it! Nothing is more exciting for you I'm sure! We all need that kind of excitement!

  2. It's a sign, Dawn! Between the sage advice of your friend and the latest post from Seraph and Splendor at Chintz of Darkness, it's definitely a sign that we're not meant to quit doing what we do! LOL


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