Friday, January 23, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Room For Improvement Finale'

Yes, though I still have a wealth of Images of the Event, this shall be the Finale' Post of it and I'll utilize the rest of the Images to sprinkle throughout other Posts as Eye Candy while discussing other Topics.    I have more Stories in mind to tell so before I forget about them I'll have to move on or risk having a Senior Moment regarding the other Topics I want to Blog about.  Not that any of it is particularly Earth shattering, but when you're Writing a Journal you know how it is... things are relevant in the Moment and not so much as Time moves on and takes you with it.  

My Memory gets shorter too as Time marches on and I just simply Forget some of the things I wanted to talk about if I keep delaying the conversations.   In fact, if I get distracted enough, I can Forget about what I'm talking about right now and completely lose my train of Thought!  That's probably another reason I Enjoying having a Creative Space apart from the Home even though it's on the same Property, I can sequester myself and completely Focus upon the Process of whatever it is I'm doing.

If I wait too long to do anything in fact I'm less likely to actually do it because my Mind just isn't on it or in it anymore.   That's the Challenge of having a cluttered Mind that skips from one thing to another at warp speed and is filled to the brim with too much data to process in a finite amount of Time allotted.  *Smiles*   With Blogging I find that I either have too much to Share or I am in a dry place and don't feel like Writing at all.   Sometimes I do have a lot to Share but no Time to actually sit down to Share it... or too many activities dovetailing each other to linger on any one Topic and devote sufficient Time to it in Posts.

This Editing Thing has actually Challenged me even more... since I am determined to keep Image Sharing to around ten to a dozen per Post with the Story Line interspersed between the Imagery.  When I run out of Image Quota for the Post then the Story has GOT to Wrap at about the same time you see!  *LOL*  It's a Personal Challenge to acclimate myself to new self-imposed conditions that I Hope will assist me with other areas of Life I'm trying to be a better Editor of.   Part of my Room For Improvement List for 2015 where I'm being more Mindful of things on many levels.


It's Old Me but with better habits instilled that will Hopefully improve Quality of Life because the new habits will replace others that weren't working so well anymore... or at all.   Funny how bad habits can develop so insidiously that you barely notice... and when you finally do... they're already deeply entrenched and so habitual that breaking free of them is no easy task.   I often Wonder why this rarely happens with better habits without more Intention having to take place?!?

I have set some Habitual Goals to work on every single day until such time as I just do them Naturally and consistently without really having to Think about it so much.  Or without having to be quite so Intentional about it simply because its foreign and still new to me right now that it's not a Habit yet at all.   Dietary changes are only part of it... so is relinquishing ten items per day in the Great Edit and Purge Process, which I decided to ramp up into overdrive now.   It doesn't have to be ten big things to Let Go of... in fact, it's the Habit and Training of Letting Go of a significant number daily that I'm instilling more than about what it is exactly.  It is the Consistency that counts more than the amounts... the same goes with Saving Money and just about anything else you want to Train yourself to become Habitual about in a Good Way.

I also decided that for 2015 I shall be Intentional about not Isolating or Feeling so Isolated as much.  Caregiving is unfortunately one of those Life Changers that can become very Isolating and before you know it you've disconnected from so many things and so many people that you've gone Off The Grid unintentionally.   Only surfacing when you absolutely can't stand it anymore and need to come up for air and an Escape or Release from the submersion into Caring for those who are your responsibility.   It can be all consuming and so self-sacrificial that you lose yourself and whatever it was other than that which you are Purposed to do or be!   I miss my Friends and Socialization... I can be Solitary, but I seek a Balance of both.  I haven't had a Balance of both for a very long time.

You want to Feel as though you are Living and not just Existing or having to be on the clock Caregiving twenty-four-seven and three-hundred-sixty-five as a Volunteer.   I've done a lot of Volunteer Work in my Lifetime and thoroughly Enjoyed it all.   I miss some of the Ministry and Volunteer Work I used to be able to do even though much of it was hard and often Challenging work.  But Caregiving has stretched me in ways that other Ministry and Volunteer Work never did, only because it is non-stop, there is no Going Home or On Vacation from it... it is not a Part-Time Volunteer Gig whenever you can find the Time for it if you are Caring for a Loved One(s) that live with you.  The hours are way longer than any Paid Job or Career you ever had and there aren't Co-Workers to Share the workload.

And so for 2015 I've set some Room For Improvement regarding the Time spent away from Caregiving Duties... and with Assisting those I'm Caring for with becoming more Independent and Self-Sufficient, so that I can do other things and they can Feel more Empowered and Confident apart from my presence in their lives.   It's a relatively slow Process, with setbacks and obstacles, but we're diligently Working on it every single day because it is Essential we Succeed.   I've often joked that I need Staff... but since that is not within the Budget, well, this is the next best thing... diminishing my Workload so that non-existent Staff isn't so necessary.

I'm also Improving my Capacity for remembering Great Ideas for Future Projects.  Developing a System to Archive Great Ideas and Inspiration for Future Reference is a way to keep Creativity Fueled and put some of the Stuff I'm keeping to good use.   I Adored this Creative Idea of painting Driftwood pieces to resemble Bone and wiring them into a Wreath around a Skully!   I actually thought it was Created from Bone, even up close... and with being Driftwood it was also very lightweight and Ideal for hanging and working with to get the same Look... more so than Bone would have been.

And I finally did come Home with the Bling Baby that my Friend Cyndie had Created and utilized for Display Purposes but agreed to Sell to me.   It was the very first one in her Collection of Bling Babies so I was Honored that she was willing to take the NFS Tag off and part with such a Sentimental Piece, knowing it would have a Good Home at Bohemian Valhalla.   Thank You again Cyndie!  You'll see Bling Baby in some Home Vignettes in Future Posts.

Well, I've come to the end of my maximum Image Sharing Quota of a Dozen so this must mean the Story Line is a Wrap too!  *Winks*  Until next time... Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Good for you sticking with your changes! I'm sure it gives you the satisfaction of being in control; over something!


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