Friday, January 16, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Room For Improvement ~ Warehouse And Garden Courtyard Reveal!

Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook

So... Blogger is acting up and I spent far too much time already trying to Create a Post to bring you along to the New Warehouse and Courtyard Reveal at SWEET SALVAGE'S "Room For Improvement" Event this Month!   Don't you just Hate it when you've got something Exciting to say here in the Land of Blog and Technology is on the fritz!?  So, I've spent all Morning Experimenting on how best to bypass the Image Loading Issue I'm experiencing and by George I think I may have actually Succeeded even tho' I didn't know what I was doing!!!   *Smiles*

Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook

Frustrating as it was it wasn't nearly so frustrating as downloading the Images I took at the Event to discover that the majority of them weren't of good Quality!  Oh No!!!  *Insert wringing of hands and knashing of teeth, I was devestated!*   Thankfully The Sweet Team had captured an abundance of Pre-Reveal Sneak Preview spectacular Imagery of it all, especially the ones from great overhead and Panoramic angles I couldn't possibly capture anyway, that I can Share among the few of my Images that turned out well enough to Showcase it properly.  Of coarse mere Images don't do it Justice, you simply have to go and see for yourselves to be totally blown away and have an Experience!

The New Warehouse and Garden Courtyard Areas were now Opened and Revealed for the very first time... Spectacular New Improvements and Expansion of the Sweet Experience.  I had Great Expectations and it isn't usually that I can say this, but everything EXCEEDED my Expectations regarding all of the Amazing Changes that have been made to kick off the New Year!

Many New Talented Designers and Purveyors of Antiques and Vintage Goods have been added to the Team, many of whom are Friends of mine, Lesley, Mike, Ken and Ray to name just a few.  So I couldn't be Happier for them all, everyone was totally Rockin' it in the New Warehouse Reveal, as I knew they would!    The Energy was palpable and Enlarging the Vision has also meant additional Inventory, Improvements and Space for the eager Devotees of these Monthly Events to Enjoy when we make our Monthly Pilgrimages!

Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook

Because the Warehouse Features so many more Mantiques and Vintage Industrial Style Offerings I noticed so many more Guys, often joining their Ladies in the Thrill Of The Hunt and they were all as Excited about what was spread out before them and their 'Scores' as us Gals were!   We all stood in line at the check-outs comparing and talking about our Hauls of Found Treasures and what we Intended to do with it all. 

This is part of the Magic of these Event... you meet so many New Friends and Kindred Spirits to Enjoy Fellowship with as well as mutually being Excited about the Thrill of the Hunt.  Whether something specific in mind, or not knowing what you want until you Find it, the pure Euphoria of your Haul is contagious I tell you! 

And some of the new Additions such as a Coffee Shop inside the Warehouse Section and Mobile Food Trucks in the Garden Courtyard Section offering an array of items for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch as you Shop made for a Leisurely and more Relaxed Pace of soaking in and Experiencing the Event and lingering without having to leave.   I Enjoyed this delectable European Waffle Creation for Brunch in the Courtyard with Friends.   YES, it tasted as good as it looks!  Notice the Diet Coke as a feeble attempt to offset the Calories!  *Bwahahahaha!*   But I figure I get quite the Workout and burn off an enormous amount of Calories whilst at the Event seeking out my Haul, so it's all Good.  *Winks*

With everything spread out and thousands more feet of Retail Space added I Lingered even after I procured my Haul of Treasures, which will be Revealed in a Future Post... since with my New Style of Blogging and Editing Imagery I too will spread things out more and take you on a more Leisurely Journey with me.   I noticed other Shoppers doing the same and it helped me to realize that one of the major areas of Room for Improvement for me will be to take things at a more Leisurely and Relaxed Pace whenever I can.   To do everything even more Mindfully and be Present in Each Moment.

To Savor everything and pay more Attention to each Detail of what is before me so as to Experience it Fully and not in such a Rush or Frantically due to constraints.   I found it so much more Enjoyable to not pay so much Attention to my Watch, even though to be sure I was on some Time Constraints due to the Family and couldn't Zone Out either.  *LOL*   And after downloading the Images I Captured and realizing I hadn't done such a good job of Mindful Photography, I will Learn to slow down more now, to focus upon the aspect of Capture of Quality Images rather than focusing upon the Quantity of them.  


And I cannot leave you hanging without a Sneak Peek Reveal of just some of my Haul... I mean, just how many other folks that you know do you suppose will leave any Event and tool around Town with her Trunk full of Gypsified Blinged Out Skullies I Wonder?  *Winks*


Be Sure to keep coming back as we Leisurely Share our now more Spread Out Experience here... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Your photos loaded much better than before.

  2. B oth of you look great!! Of gosh it does look like a tremendously fun place!!


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