Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sweet Salvage... Continued Journey For Improvement

For what it's worth I'm so unhappy with Blogger right now and the loading Image Issue I'm experiencing.  But I'll persevere and attempt to Create a Series of Posts during the problem, there just won't be so many of them as I'd intended originally... and our Journey through the Event together will be slow, but sure!   Your Patience will be appreciated as I slowly Share the Experience we had.  In a way, it has made Photo Editing a breeze since it's such a pain in the arse to get them to load at all with the problem and I don't have Time to try to load too many with the convoluted way I'm having to!  *Smiles*

So... as we Continue on our Journey in "Room for Improvement" at the Event, which ended this Afternoon, I paid Special Attention to what Moved me most Visually, even if I didn't Purchase it or feel a Need to.   I think it is Telling on what I'm Attracted to in my Surroundings.   I found that it is usually the Simplicity of Lovely things that Appeals to me strongly.   Things such as Lovely dried Bouquets of Flowers in a Rustic Basket against a backdrop of Beautiful Fabric and Trim.   Sumptuous Settings but not necessarily decadent or having to be expensive to get that desired Effect.  I Love to dry my own Fresh Herbs and Flowers, they even look Lovely while in the Process of drying.

And speaking of being a Vision of Loveliness, I always J'Adore my Retro Fabulous Friend Jenny's Vintage Vibe Wardrobe!   This Ensemble is definitely a Personal Favorite, that Rich Raspberry Velvet Jacket was Divine, WANT IT!   And if I were a Hat Person and could carry Hats off as Exceptionally as my Beautiful Friend does, well,  I'd be wearing one all of the time lemme tell you!   This is not just a Style for Jenny, it is a Lifestyle and it's as if she's walked right off of the Movie Set of a Vintage Classic! 

And I brought The G-Kid Force back with me when we returned on Saturday for the third day of the four day Event.   Opening Day is for "Me Time" but Saturday is for "Family Time" and the Kiddos really Enjoy coming to the Event too, when the Opening Day Frenzy has subsided sufficiently that we can linger and it's a totally Family Friendly Experience.  In fact, if you find that Opening Day is a bit too Intense for you, may I suggest you Attend the Event either Friday, Saturday or Sunday instead.  There will be Fresh Inventory added daily and the Intensity is diminished to a Calmer Flow of Shopping and everything has been Re-Styled so it looks like a New Event every single day. 

And yes, I'm FINALLY going to Show Off some of my Haul in this Post since you've been Patiently waiting on the Reveal of what I dragged Home to my Lair!  *Winks*   My Friend Heidi of PARIS MONTANA is one of the regular Guest Artists throughout the Winter Months of the Event and she was offering up some of her Signature Skullies so I snapped up a couple.   Choosing was difficult since I wanted them ALL... but this is Skully No. One I finally decided upon...

And tho' Agonizing to decide upon which would be the other one, this is Skully No. Two that came Home to Bohemian Valhalla with me.   The Pearl Accents clinched it for me by a narrow margin... but I'll show you the rest so you can decide for yourselves which would have been YOUR Favorites!

This was actually the Runner-Up Skully behind the two I finally chose... I kept comparing this one beside the one with the Pearls and European Lace Accents... I was so indecisive, you have no idea how long it took me to come to a decision between the two and NOT end up with Triplet Skullies!  *LOL*

This one was very PARIS MONTANA Style for those of you who are Gypsy Cowgirls... and the "Haute Mess" Boyfriend Shirts displayed behind it were so stinkin' Cute!   Remember when you used to Raid your Dad, Big Brother, Husband or Boyfriend's Closet to layer your Ensemble with the proverbial 'Boyfriend Shirt' over it all?   Well, now you don't have to rob their Closets anymore and the play on Words on the back in shimmering Metallics is so Clever!


And last, but certainly not least, was this Pimped Out Skully.  So... which were YOUR Favs my Friends?   Mine are going into the Art Studio Cottage with Antique Italian Gesso Frames mounted around them and they shall hold and Model Necklaces just like this one is... don'tcha just LOVE Functional Art?!?   I do, if my Art can perform Double Duty and is Multi-Functional it's twice as nice.

And for those of you who aren't into Pimping Out your Taxidermy and Skullies there were Fab Specimens for you too at this Event.  In fact, I was Delighted that so many were Proudly Displayed in ways that I particularly Enjoy Styling with myself.   Taxidermy need not look Lodge-Like unless you want it to.

Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook

My Friend Ken's Space Artfully Showed Off how to make Loft Style look beyond Amazing, with a Beautifully Curated blend of Taxidermy, Vintage Industrial Style and Opulent Antiques mixed together seamlessly.  I've always Dreamed of having a large Industrial Loft Space converted into a Residential Abode, how about you?   You know, with exposed Old Brick walls, Turn Of The Century Typical Industrial Building with tall Arched Windows and all the Vintage Industrial Accents left intact to Decorate around.  And either Beautifully worn Hardwood Floors and Wood Beams and/or equally Beautifully worn Cement Floors and Cement Ornate Columns.

Yes, The Young Prince even joined Princess T and I this Month, since he'd heard that the Expansion included more Mantiques and the Found Treasures the Guys really dig.   And yes, he's back to dual toned hair and the Grunge Emo Style he prefers.  *Smiles*   Be sure to return as we slowly Continue on our Journey... because even though the Event is wrapped for this Month, I still have plenty to Share from the Experience... and more of my Haul to Reveal!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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