Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One Intentional Thing Crossed Off The List Already!

One Intentional Thing already crossed off 'The List' of things to do for 2015 has been to return to Part Time Work at our Antique Mall to offset my Showroom overhead and therefore clear more profit from my Sales.   I was tired of feeling like this Armadillo and going nowhere because I had to be involuntarily sidelined from Working my Spaces and Working as a Part Time Key Dealer at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST ANTIQUE MALL because The Man and The G-Kid Force had been fussy about my absence and not faring well the last time I tried.   So I hadn't Worked my Shifts since June, and had neglected Working my Showrooms properly, in order to give them more time to get used to me returning to the work force a mere eight hours a week or spending a day here and there to prep and re-stock my rooms properly.

I had always Intended to return to my Shifts because I thoroughly Enjoy the Work, and I didn't want to have to shut down my Showrooms due to absence and neglect, though I threatened to on more than one occassion out of pure frustration!   I also NEEDED the Respite it provides from Full Time Caregiving as well as the added Economic Blessing it afforded by making overhead minimal and profits therefore healthier and worthwhile.  We've always missed my significant Income from my Corporate Lives, which went away when I was forced into early Retirement to devote my time to Full Time unpaid Caregiving of the Family.  I've been Daydreaming of things I'd like to do to my Showrooms IF ONLY I could be more Intentional about it and spend more time Working them!  *Le Sigh*  Things like adding more Curiosities and  My Style of Inventory, while also re-vamping both rooms.  If it wasn't so pricy I would have LOVED to have added this Human Skull as a permanent NFS Prop for Loss Prevention purposes by adding a tongue-in-cheek Plaque that reads:  "This is what happened to the last Shoplifter from my Showrooms!"   *LOL... just kidding, but it would be in line with my Dark Addams Fam Style Humor huh? Ha ha ha!!!*

So, when the Manager and Assistant Manager asked me once again if I'd Accept a couple of Evening Shifts now beginning the New Year on Tuesday and Friday Nights... as well as fill in a Day Shift for just the day after New Year's Day, I decided it was time to try this again and Accept.  They are aware of my Situation and Circumstances so have always been Gracious about working with me to accommodate the Needs of my Family and take it one day at a time.  It also feels Good to feel Needed at Work as well... and know that I've been missed and they always thought of me whenever a Shift opportunity opened up, hoping I could Accept when the time was right again?

It has been difficult to know exactly when the time would be right again, but I feel it's worth giving it another shot now.   It's been half a year since my last Part-Time stint and now The Man and The G-Kid Force are more on board being without me for brief periods.  So that I can get things done and try to add to the Family Finances... and we can do more Recreational things Together... and have more discretionary Income available, planning for an actual Vacay and paying down debts.   Each of them has been working upon being more Responsible and Independant... helping each other out rather than the constant Drama with each other they could be prone to in my absence.  *Smiles*   With The Man's Traumatic Brain Injury he is more like my Third Child at Home now, so Training in Behavioral and Emotional Maturity has been equal to doing it with The G-Kid Force.  So that each of them feels more Empowered to be more Independant and not so Dependant upon me Twenty-Four-Seven and cut me a Break!

Since Respite Care did not work out because The Man wasn't at all cooperative or having a Peace about a Stranger coming into our Home Caring for him or helping... and we didn't qualify for very many hours anyway, we had to have a Plan B.   He was considered a more High Maintenance Client and the Respite Caregivers would just quit and need constant replacements or not show up at all in the end.  And The G-Kid Force were a disqualifying factor to receiving VA Funded Respite Care anyway and could never be Home at the same time the VA provided Caregiver was, so the logistics were nightmarish to receive adequate Respite Services.  I mean, what are you supposed to do with the extra Fam Members they don't wanna cover looking after?  It was ludicrous and not really a Respite at all if all three weren't covered... and so it was always my Intentional Goal to just ready the Family for Semi-Independance without relying on outside help that wasn't even coming.  So I could have a Peace about leaving them for short periods so I could do what I needed to do and go where I needed to go without dragging them all, or some of them along... and also meet myself at my own Point of Need to Care for the Caregiver, which is equally important.  

It has indeed been a lengthy Process and a Labor of Love, well over a year now in the making, but we've made Progress... and had occassional setbacks in The Process.  It is my Hope and Prayer that one day my Beloved and the two G-Kids we're raising will be totally Independant and Thriving without my Full Time Caregiving being necessary!?   Getting all three of them on board has been vital to Success and most of the hesitancy was centered around their Confidence, or lack thereof, that they could indeed do this, for me and for themselves and for the Family Unit as a whole.   The Kiddos are getting Older and that helps a lot... The Man has been continually making Progress in leaps and bounds since his Catastrophic Accident in August of 2013 and realizing he CAN do more even though it sometimes makes him Anxious and hesitant to even try.  He now knows he won't Die from Anxiety and being Challenged to focus on his Abilities rather than his Disabilities.   Allowing his Condition to be an Explanation rather than an Excuse, which is always important for the Disabled to realize, so that rather than being a Victim they will instead be Victorious in so many ways and be more self-reliant.
  I liken it to something I've been doing since I was Thirteen Years Old... Sponsoring Third World Children through a Wonderful Organization, one Child at a time to make a difference in their Lives and Foster more Opportunity and Options.  Being Relational that entire time, but with the sole Intention of one day having each of them no longer needing a Sponsor and Thriving in Self-Sufficiency and Independance while Attaining their own Goals and Dreams.  More than five of my Sponsored Children over the span of all these years has Attained that Goal of no longer needing my Sponsorship and I've been so Proud of them and their Accomplishments.   We still continue Sponsorship with a newly assigned Beautiful Child, that's her picture above on our Altar, and my Hope and Prayers are that one day she too will no longer require a Sponsor and will Enjoy a Prosperous and Healthy Life.

And The Work continues on the Path to Self-Sufficiency for The Man and The G-Kid Force so that one day I can step out of the way and know they no longer Need me in the capacity that they now do.   It's always a Relief to know that you're not really Needed and a person can stand on their own... because one day you might not be there for them or cannot be there for them... Life has its twists and turns and ultimate end one day after all.    I'm Glad to be back to Work... and to also spend more time in the Showrooms preparing them for the New Year and a Fresh Makeover.  I'm still Inspired by what my Colleagues have done in their Showrooms, Booths and Cases, but mine were in dire need of an overhaul so Princess T and I have begun that Process and Sales immediately improved dramatically for our Efforts, as I knew they would... it will Work IF you Work It!

Working also Improves not only my Emotional Health and Well Being but my Physical Health as well, so my blood sugar levels have been more stable with being able to Work more at the Mall again and Enjoy more Positive Energy than I receive at Home... so the Rewards are more than just Monetary and Social.   Having one or more Intentional things crossed off The List already so soon into this New Year has been exhilerating in fact and has me gaining momentum and renewed Optimism for the Future and what it holds and could hold by continued Intentional Living!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  2. Firstly l'd just like to wish you a Happy New Year Dawn... and it sounds as though you're already off to a fantastic start. It must a joy to return to work after having 6 months away....that said your time at home has clearly been of great benefit to your family 'cos look how well they're doing now after 6 months of your full attention, so time well spent l'd say. Your sponsor child looks so happy and healthy, how very rewarding it must be to see them grow and become independent young men and women.


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