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Oh, I Thought You Said You Needed Compression Pants I Says...

As I take you with me to my Friend Wendy's Beautiful Shop MELROSE VINTAGE in Today's Post to behold some Amazing Romantic and Spiritual Eye Candy, let's talk about Family.   Our Family, as you know if you've been following my Blog any length of time, has unusual dynamics since we're raising a couple of our Grandchildren.   This also means that the Generation Gap is even wider between the Kiddos we're raising than the average Parent experiences with their own Offspring.   Sometimes that Generation Gap seems as wide as the Grand Canyon in fact and trying to breach or traverse it can be as difficult for the G-Kid Force as it is for us.

You see we don't just come from different Generations... because since apparently Grandpa and I are such Dinosaurs now, it's almost like we're coming from two completely different Worlds or a Parallel Universe!   They just don't live in the Jurassic Era where we reside and are completely Comfortable staying at our Season of Life... they're two Generations removed from our Time and the Filter by which we view our World and what's going on in it!  *LOL*   So the Communication can get skewed in such a way we're speaking completely different languages in the same household and they need an Interpreter to mediate the situation... that Mediator is usually someone from the Generation of their Parents.

I've come to the place where I no longer Personalize it when The Young Prince or Princess T opts to have a Younger Adult from the Generation of their Parents do something for or with them rather than asking me to.  And Lord knows they almost never ask Grandpa to, because he's even quite a bit older than me, which makes him the Grand-Daddy of Dinosaurs and totally Clueless in their Eyes!  *Winks*   Fortunately there are some of their Friend's Parents willing to step in to take my place when the G-Kid Force feels that they'd rather have someone with a Generation Gap that isn't quite so wide along, rather than dealing with me in the same situation or scenario. 

Okay, so SOMETIMES I do Personalize it a wee bit when it was something I was quite capable and willing of doing for or with them and they asked a Friend's Parent to do instead... who am I kidding!?  *LOL*   But I do have an Understanding that having your Grandparent doing the things a Parent normally would or should be doing for or with you is sometimes just not the same, no matter how much Love is put into it by the Surrogate Generation Parenting you.

   We can never be or take the place of Mom or Dad, I'm Gramma and Grandpa is Grandpa, it's our Natural Role even tho' we're Un-Naturally standing in the gap of them not being able to be raised by their Parents, nor do we try to be anything different than who and what we are.  We Established that very early on once the Children became old enough to chose what they wanted to call us and how they wanted to View us in the role we have in their lives.  They've been with us since Birth but I Believe that they very often just need the Validation and Companionship of someone of their Parent's Era.    There is no Mom or Dad in our Home and so they often 'adopt' a Mom or Dad Role Model for certain things because it's handy and more Comfortable for them at times.

They each know they have a Mom and a Dad of their own, but since Mom and the Dads are not available to fulfill that Need in daily living, they usually are Okay with asking someone they like and Trust from that Generation to fill in on certain things... we're Okay with that too.    After all, a little Respite for Gramma is greatly Appreciated as well, so if someone's Mommy or Daddy is willing to take on one or both of The G-Force to do something with or for them that they Need or Want, I'm totally down with that!  *Smiles*   Yesterday was one such day for The Young Prince R.

It's a brand New Semester at High School and so he's Transitioned to Winter Guard now in his Extra-Curricular Activities.   Each new Transition apparently Needs completely New Gear and Fees, which I am required to Bankroll and try to stay up on the Purchases of by the Deadlines.  But I must say, it's often very Confusing to me and there is almost always a Communication Barrier since the Younger Generations of our Adult Children's Era and our Grand-Children's Era Communicate in TOTALLY different ways than Dinosaurs of our Era did or still chose to do. 

  I KNOW it's hard for me to move on and catch up and sometimes I can't or don't want to for a variety of valid reasons.  We cannot afford nor do we have every new Gadget that comes out and the incessant upgrades and enhancements that are never ending... it's Challenging enough to be raising another Generation on a Fixed Income that often isn't enough no matter how much you stretch it.  We don't own a Smart Phone yet, I can't even figure out how to turn one on when given some of the newer Gadgets that don't have buttons... so if the G-Kids don't Assist I'm dead in the water and the Technology is useless to me!  I am Officially Technologically Handicapped and Challenged, I freely Admit it and am not Ashamed to say it out loud!  *Smiles*  I'm not Opposed to some of it, but it's all just moving too fast for us and we don't want or feel a Need to possess it all or take Classes to be Schooled in it.  We've lived this long without most of it and we've Survived just Fine. 

 I also like direct Communication and insist upon it... if the Kiddos are Required to have something for School I want a Face To Face, a Phone Call or a Hand-Out Flyer on Paper.  Yes, I give them Options of Communicating with Dinosaurs in a way that we can Understand and can actually RECEIVE the Necessary Information, even if it's not Twenty-First Century Preferred Style of doing so!  *Winks*   I don't want a Tweet, a Twitter, a Text or an E-Mail sent instead... in fact I've never Tweeted, Twittered nor Text anything in my Life yet and I'm not going to start now, Forget about the T Words they're NOT in my Vocabulary.  And my E-Mail Folder is a disaster... currently I think it has about 800+ unread Messages backed up since I don't have the time nor inclination to wade thru them all, so typically I just delete the whole shebang whenever I even think about how long it's been since I was in the Account!  I never liked E-Mails anyway!  *Ha ha ha*

But I digress... yet again... Sorry... and I think I'm also about to go long and over Self-Imposed Designated Quota, but what the Hell, I'm on a Roll now aren't I and things are stacking up again?!  *Winks*  So, anyways, I've been Valiantly trying to keep up with and Communicate with all the Extra-Curricular Staff that the Socially Overloaded Grandson has in his Posse now this Semester and figure out what he actually Needs and When?   And how much it's gonna Cost me so's I can Save up for it all... since High School Required Anything is always consistently EXPENSIVE and very often so Specific it's harder to Source and Find than the Holy Grail I've discovered.   And like, as you know, I have all this Free Time I'm doing nothing with, Right... and the G-Son's Schedule is my Whole Universe, according to him anyways?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Yes, it's Exhausting to me, so I NEEDED Backup, plus a stiff drink and a Nap... really I did... and the Parents of some of his Friends in Band were Thankfully Helping all they could to Translate this Mess for me in 'Senior Speak' and using their Smart Phones to show me the way lest I lag and fall too far behind in my Old Age.  *Winks*

  So Traversing the Valley of the Sun looking for Compression Shirts that HAVE to be Sleeveless... and Band Dance Pants slash Tights that can only be had Online and they were down to the last four of in Stock before I could Bid on and Order them before four other people beat me to it... and Band Shoes that could only be Sourced at some Dance Studio on the Far Upper East Side and don't often come in Man-Boy foot Sizes like the Bigfoot Grandson has... well, it's been our Norm already!   So... when The Young Prince says he needs ANOTHER piece of probably Elusive Gear, because he's being so Guarded about asking for it at the LAST MINUTE before the Deadline to get it... I'm about ready to implode!   Maybe he sees this eruption surfacing, I dunno.... but he says it's Okay, no Sweat... because he doesn't need or want me to go with him to get them anyway, the Mom of his BFF is taking him to get them and all he needs is my Money.  *Ha ha ha*

I figure this Girl Friend he's in Band with probably needs the same thing anyway so that's likely why her Mom Volunteered to take him with them?   And The Mom is a Sweet Friend of mine too and had already told me she'd be taking some of the load off by making sure he got what he needed since she can Communicate in the Language being spoken because she's from our Daughter's Generation and her Kiddo is older and has been in High School Band Extra-Curriculars longer so they know the Drill.  *Smiles*    She picks him up and they aren't gone all that long, so maybe these Supplies aren't so difficult to Source after all, or she knew where the Motherlode Stash of them is!?? 

 So... Imagine my Surprise when he comes Home after their Shopping Spree with two pair of Athletic Supporters!  Yep, apparently they'd gone Shopping for Jock Straps!!!   "Oh, I thought you said you needed Compression Pants!?", I says!!!   I didn't even know what Compression Pants would be... but we'd finally found and bought Compression Sleeveless Shirts already, so Whatever...  "Yeah, that's why I DIDN'T ask or want YOU to go Gramma...", he says.   *Bwahahahaha!*   He's probably Right... it was best I didn't Embarrass the Hell out of him due to the Communication Barrier on this Trip, huh?  *Winks*   'Cause who wants your Clueless Gramma asking the Clerk where their Compression Shorts are AS IF she doesn't know what a Jock Strap is!?  Just becoz the Signals got crossed in the Translation of what exactly he Needed this time and he wasn't Comfortable to ask Gramma about in order to go Jock Strap buying with him?!?  *Tee Hee*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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