Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nesting Mode

As the Holiday Season drew to a Close and the hustle and bustle subsided, I found myself settling in to Nesting Mode.   It's not that the Weather is inclement, in fact it's absolutely Glorious and back into the high Seventies and low Eighties again.  Which would make it Ideal to spend more time Outside and to get things done and kicked into High Gear both Inside and Out.   But I haven't... I've just felt more like Nesting as the New Year was ushered in and rolled out with the Blank Slate I could build the rest of 2015 upon.

There's just something about Post Holiday Season Dormancy that I just Enjoy and want to languish in for a while.  Maybe because the kick off to the Holiday Season has such build-up and hyper activity that once it's over, I just need a Rest and to be Still, to luxuriate in Nothingness for a while?  To not Rush into anything specific and just contemplate the Changes I want to make during this Brand New Year and how exactly I want to be Intentional and Prioritize things as coming Months roll out?

I'm not one to overindulge in Holiday Foods, but I must say that the start of a New Year makes me yearn more for Comfort Foods... not necessarily unhealthy ones... just Foods that tantalize the palate and make long leisurely Meals all the more enticing.   With New Year's Resolutions in Mind for Healthier Living and Dietary Change it is rather an Exciting Challenge to do things differently than before.  To do things Better and be more Mindful of them with Clear Intention of what I want the end results to be.

To spend more time to contemplate Lifestyle Changes I want to Implement and Changes I would like to make around the Home, the Art Studio and the Gardens.   Looking at the Larger Picture but not Allowing myself to be Overwhelmed by the sheer Magnitude of it.  Being in Nesting Mode means I take more time to consider The Nest and what it is lacking or what I'd like to Change?  Or how I'd like it to Transform so that I want to spend even more time in it just Nesting? 
Because Nesting is just so Comfortable and Comforting isn't it?  Life can get so busy, so hectic, so active that sometimes we yearn for those Moments of Serenity where we don't have to or want to do anything at all really and have no specific agenda in mind.   And in the Stillness to just allow things to come to you as they will as you empty your Mind, Rest your Body and Restore your Soul.
When I'm in Nesting Mode, even when I do have things that have to or need to be done, I have more trouble kick starting the Process and leaving the Comforts of our Nest.   I want to stay hunkered cozily under the Down filled Comforter, which on these types of days Feels SO Good, and not even have to rouse myself to begin the New Day... or at least not hit the ground running anyway.  I drag my Post-Holiday feet in the Doing of most things when in this Mode and look at whatever Projects that need attention and Scheduling on the Calendar as things I'd rather be able to put off, at least for now, if I can manage it or avoid it or simply delay it?

And of coarse often you can't or things would just start stacking up.   And some things simply cannot be avoided and MUST be done, like Appointments and such, of which there are always too many in this household.  But I find that I just move at a much slower Pace, on Purpose.  If I can squeeze some Emptiness onto the Calendar, inbetween what MUST be done, I am Intentional in doing so now while I'm in this frame of mind and Enjoying the benefits of it. 

 I would actually prefer more days like this... of Nesting and allowing Life to unfold in less of a hurry and flurry.  Without so many demands exacted upon my Time, Energy and Resources, having more 'Down' Time.  Yes, I could definitely get used to this and how Good it Feels.   And though with my particular set of circumstances it isn't possible to spend as much time in Nesting Mode as I would like to, even now when I'm inclined to settle in to it so Naturally that it almost becomes my State of Being, I Crave it enough that every New Year I Expect to be this way now and look forward to it in fact.

Nesting Comfortably in the Arizona Desert right now and Loving it... Dawn... The Bohemian

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