Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Messy Areas Of Life ~ Room For Improvement ~ Sweet Salvage

As we take a relaxed leisurely stroll together and continue with Room for Improvement and taking in all of the Event that I captured through the Eye of my Lens, it has slowed me down enough to contemplate what I personally have Room for Improvement for.    Beholding this Magnificent Antique Gown that my Friend Myko had in one of her Vignettes reminded me of Improving my overall Health and Appearance this year.  Had I been more successful at my weight loss Goals last year I would have sprung on this for my own Wardrobe because it was just My Style and Sepia Palette.

I don't know about all of  you other Beautiful Big Women, but I find it frustrating not to be able to find my preferred Wardrobe Styles in Big Women sizes.   Or to be able to find Magnificent Vintage Wardrobe in larger sizes since clearly Back In The Day obesity wasn't quite the Issue that it is Today.  I would incorporate a wealth of Vintage Wardrobe if only it were in my size, but it isn't, so add one more Incentive for weight loss to the lengthy list I already have going on to Inspire me to slenderize and get Healthier!   And yes, this Gown SOLD so some Lucky Lady now has it in her Collection.

In fact, I hadn't realized how drawn I had been to the Sepia Palette this time around until I downloaded my Images and saw a distinctive pattern emerge with it being a predominant color I'd been particularly attracted to.   Not that I didn't already know I Adore Sepia tones, I have always had a fondness for the Divine Aged appearance of the Hue, but that for once the Bold Jewel Tones hadn't taken center stage and Sepia had been more on my Radar and hogged the Spotlight.

I see this as an Evolution of Needs and Style Preferences for me and I am Allowing it as Room For Improvement in the Metamorphosis of Change that is a Constant in Life as we move through Seasons.   Though the Bold Jewel Tones are certainly still highly Attractive to me, I find that the Mood a Sepia Atmosphere evokes and Sepia Surroundings are more Tranquil and Peaceful to me.   Right now Tranquility and Calm are what I am gravitating towards because I like how it Feels, especially in my Personal Spaces.  I don't NEED the Stimulation I once did in the Past when I was younger... or for things to be Mad Exciting and Stimulating all of the time.  At this Season of Life an uneventful day of Resting, Silence and Mindfulness of my Surroundings and Thoughts are Blissful enough.

Sure, I am Cherishing the daily Adventures raising the G-Kid Force afford me that I probably wouldn't be Experiencing if I weren't still Raising youngsters at this Season of Life.  It does often remind me of what I Enjoyed not only at their Ages, but also when our Children were their Ages.  Things you don't do so much as a Senior, unless you have youngsters present and are participating in their activities and what they prefer to Enjoy in Life.   Things I probably wouldn't choose for myself initially, but that once I am in the Moment of doing it for them and at their insistence, I must admit, I AM Enjoying it as well and Glad they got me On Board!

There is definitely Room For Improvement in that area of my Life as well... to be more Open about Participating on a regular basis in what they're Passionate about and want me to do with them or Share with me.   I Confess that sometimes Age catches up with me and I'm not so Game or Down With what Excites a Nine and Fourteen year old... sometimes I just can't muster the Enthusiasm they would like for Gramma to have about it all or the Energy to Go For It.  When I'm as Enthusiastic about what we're doing as they are, and vice-versa, the Mood and Energy is so much better between us all.   The Young Prince for once wasn't Camera Shy and avoiding being captured through the Eye of my Lens nor immersed in Teen Angst this Afternoon, so it was a nice day out with him in tow because he WANTED to be Involved and spend Time with Gramma and his Little Sister for a change. 

There was in fact a Reason for this "Switch"... the Morning hadn't unfolded so Well at all, since my Trio here had been in a very Negative Head Space and they'd been up since Too Early!  So by the time I sufficiently woke up and reluctantly joined them, since I'd heard all the Drama unfolding and didn't REALLY want to be a part of it... none of the three of them was getting along and playing well with others.  There was a lot of mutual Unlovely Behavior and Attitude going on and it was a Toxic way to begin the day as soon as your feet hit the ground.   A day when you Wish Life had a Rewind Button and you could hit it and just Start Over!

 Especially since I had Planned for such a Special Family Day Together and I wasn't certain I could now pull that off without a Miracle!??  I folded and had a major meltdown from the strain of Coping with all this Negative Energy and how best to diffuse it!?!   To say I was disheartened and distraught would be an understatement, because this happens so often that it makes me Feel overwhelmed on how best to Cope with those suffering from Brain Injury and Mental Health Issues to make days more 'Normal' and Uplifting for us all?!?  I am a Positive Energy Being and it sickens me, literally, to have too much Exposure to Negative Energy.  I descended into Hysteria because the floodgates of not Crying about it all opened up and I couldn't stop once I started Weeping uncontrollably!  Tick Tock Tick Tock... could I, would I, be able to pull it back together in Time to Salvage the Day and get back on Track rather than Off The Rails I Wondered?!?

 Thankfully, me folding up and going to pieces, when they're used to seeing me remaining Strong through all Adversity and hardly ever crying, well, it shook the Trio up enough that things weren't so Messy between them all by the time I pulled myself Together and got a Grip.  They apparently needed to see my vulnerability and frustration being more Transparent and it was a Wake Up Call for us all that enough Pressure will crack me eventually.  This is yet another Incentive to be even more Serious about Living a much Healthier Lifestyle in order to renew my Strength, Endurance and overall Health and Well Being, so that I'm not left in their dust panting as I try to keep up and Cope with daily Caregiving and Life as we know it in general!     The Young Prince was very much Into the Industrial Antique Hardware and Vibe in the new Warehouse Space and Enjoying himself instead of being so Gloomy and Depressed, that Warmed my Heart to see him Happy and Engaged for a change.  His Attention to Details and noticing them is exemplary, he wanted this Hinge, I probably should have gotten it for him as he Imagined all kinds of Possibilities for it's use! 

But it was enough that we had Salvaged our Special Family Day Out Together and ended up having a Great Time.   Even though The Man had opted not to join us because he just wasn't Feeling Well Enough that day to try to keep up with The Force and he didn't want to put a damper on the day that already had endured a major hiccup and almost completely derailed with my Emotional train wreck about it!  *Smiles*    I don't like to scare my Family with big Emotional Cryfests that I can't Control... being the Control Freak that I am it even scares me to have one since I'm just not one to Cry... and when you do and can't stop, it's frightening and exhausting, I was drained afterwards!

After all, I'd Held Up through an onslaught of Family Court Dates about the Adoption of The Force and Medical Appointments so Well... it seemed rather Silly to go to pieces over the usual Mood Swings of my Trio here when I'm used to it being the Norm for them, so it's not as if it blindsided me.   But I guess deep down I was really Hopeful that in the New Year I could bring more Positive Energy and Peace to our Home and diminish the Drama and Tension that can escalate when one or more of them is being Unlovely or Difficult to Manage.   Some days it seems Futile to continue to try to Change that which I have no Control over really and not delude myself into Believing I can turn it around since it involves how others 'are'.  But I do still have Hope that there is ALWAYS Room for Improvement and we'll continue to put in the Work in that area of Life as well for the mutual benefit of us all. 

Because Life and our Environment can just sometimes get very Messy... but it doesn't mean that it has to STAY that way... Clean Up Efforts can Improve things considerably.   Here's Hoping that you too can Clean Up the Messy Areas of your Lives my Friends and remain Hopeful that there is ALWAYS Room For Improvements... Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn you all did so well to have a great day after a less than ideal start, it just shows how committed to each other you are when pushed....even down to hubby making the decision to stay home. The antique gown is amazing and l agree the colour is perfect.

  2. I hope you get a lot of visitors and make some sales. Good look. Looks like you have a big variety.


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