Monday, January 12, 2015

Just How Many Do We Really Need!?!

I'm trying to stay Cool, Calm and Collected... but some days it's mighty hard I must Confess.  The Calendar and Schedule is already packed solid with necessary Appointments and Special Services for The G-Kid Force and The Man.  As well as Specialty Classes and Sessions The Force do AFTER School almost daily, so there's not much wiggle room to squeeze in Rest and Relaxation, nevermind anything else in the way of unscheduled mandatory Surprises 'The System' springs upon us!

I tell him NOT to answer the Phone in my absence, when I'm shuttling Kiddos around to and from School or their other Calendared Stuff like Doc Appointments, Intercession Tutoring Class, Group Therapy, Band, Clubs, etc. etc. etc., because with the effects of TBI he forgets who exactly called or what the call was about.  He gets worried after the fact and vague in the retelling of it... or anxious that he messed up about something important that I should have handled.   But then he forgets he wasn't supposed to pick up the Phone and just let the Answering Machine get it or tell them to reach me on my Cell instead... and so when I get back... all kinds of stuff could have been Arranged by 'The System' in my absence!  *Arghhhh!!!*

So of coarse Today was one of THOSE days... as if it wasn't hectic enough because I had to already coordinate and arrange School Approval for pick up and delivery by a Bus for Princess T after Intercession Tutoring.  Since I also had to be in the Inner City with Prince R for a mandatory 'Family Session Intake' of his new twenty-eight week Mental Health Group Therapy Sessions stint, which begin Tonight and require my presence!  There are eight of them I must attend, Thankfully for the rest they will provide Transportation for him to go alone.  *Whew*  Her Tutoring ends at 5:15, our Family Session begins at 5:00 and requires driving into the Central City at Rush Hour to the location he's been Approved for.  *Le Sigh*  I haven't yet found a way to clone myself so as to be two places at once!   So... as I'm picking up Prince R from his New Academy after he gets out of School at 11:30 Today, by the time I get Home The Man has already taken an Important Call in my absence!!! Whoops... this is NOT going to be Good and I'm probably gonna Freak Out, I can tell by his face and the wringing of his hands!

"I Think I might have messed up?", he anxiously says as soon as we walk thru the door.  He proceeds to give me Vague details about some Caseworker saying she's making an impromptu Home Visit!  But he doesn't know which Agency she's from because this is a completely New One we've never had and he doesn't know whose sending her or why!?!   She wants to come before the Scheduled CPS Caseworker he says, whose been helping us navigate thru Family Court, and comes next week for her Monthly Home Visit.  What?!?   So clearly this Woman isn't from that Agency... but where she's from exactly, Heaven knows, because clearly he doesn't remember or maybe didn't even think to ask since he confuses and gets overwhelmed easily with the Brain Injury!?!    
 He did tell her she had to make these arrangements thru me and when the Kiddos would actually be Home.  He did remember to go to and stand by the Memory Board Calendar so he could relay that everything is booked pretty solid already... but she still insists on coming!   Now, I'm already Aggravated that so many Agencies are on Board all of a sudden for the continued Kinship Placement Thing in the past Year, when we've had these Kiddos since Birth and spent almost Fourteen Years without anyone's Help or Intervention.   But I'm obliging being Down for whatever it takes to get this Hot Mess 'The System' has made of cocking up the existing Placement so thoroughly that it's been a Nightmare to get straightened out thru the Family Court System and Agencies now.  But I'd like a LOT more Consideration of our Time and the added Stressors it puts upon our Family to Deal with all this nonsense and accommodate all these extraneous people suddenly on board and demanding and forcing so much upon us, often without our Consent. 
I knew it would be Complicated and Convoluted because it's all Government Entities and Lord knows when they get into Daily Life Issues for anyone it becomes a Dog and Pony Show, but Lord Have Mercy, just how many Caseworkers or Social Workers do we REALLY need?!?  Especially when there's been very little Gain from them being involved?!?   Adding yet another one to the Mix that I don't know and don't know the Agenda of, has me Stressing Out before she even calls back about just when she can squeeze herself into a Home Visit on such short notice and with such a Crazy Schedule already on the Calendar?!?   Even tho' I rarely drink, I'd like a stiff drink before having to Deal with her and why she's being sent... just to take the edge off, but I am pretty sure I should be completely sober and on Point to make the best First Impression, right? *Ha ha ha*  Such a shame, over a nice Cold Corona I'm certain I'd be in a more Relaxed and Better Mood about having to Receive yet another extraneous person involuntarily shoved into our Lives and Home when things are already Complicated and Stressful ENOUGH!  *Winks*

 Did I mention that the house is a mess because I've spent an inordinate amount of Time already every day at various Court Ordered Appearances, Appointments, Emergency Rooms and the like, Dealing with the Issues of mi vida loca in the Caregiving of my Loved Ones?   So an unexpected involuntary Home Visit by a complete Stranger from an as yet unknown Agency isn't Thrilling me right now.  It means after I get back Tonight from the Grandson's Family Group Session and drive round trip thru heavy City Traffic, make Dinner and get everyone bathed, I'll be burning the Midnight Oil just tidying up around here to make it presentable for possible scrutiny.  *Le Sigh*  I should have a Team of Merry Maids on Retainer, I really should... or days with more than twenty four hours in them or Fairie Dust to sprinkle on everything!

So... I'm anxiously awaiting the return Call of whoever this person was whose now been Assigned to our Case and find out the Specifics.  I'm Hopeful she'll be part of the Solution and not part of the Problem, but you never know.   So I take it one day at a time and try to remain in the Fruits of the Spirit and remember that I have Divine Favor on my side to Assist me from my Source that I CAN Depend upon!!!   Trying to stay Cool, Calm and Collected in spite of whatever I'm thrown up against NOW that adds to each day being a New Adventure and sliding further down the Rabbit Hole!?!

And always, always, ALWAYS, keeping Focused upon WHY I'm willing to somewhat Voluntarily go thru all of this and put up with it all without throwing my towel into the Ring.   When each day I know that my Precious G-Force, while in MY Care are gonna be Safe and alright and I have a measure of Control about what they have to go through or be Exposed to in their very Complicated little Lives and at such tender ages.  They didn't ask for any of this to be thrust upon them since Birth and each of them has been such little Troopers that I Marvel at their Resilience and Adaptability... they are MY Inspiration so much of the time!

And when I Receive the other Surprises... the little Hand-Made Hand-Written Notes from the Heart and Created Gifts they bestow upon me to remind me of how much Love is Extended in my direction... well, I know it's all been Worthwhile and absolutely Priceless and I wouldn't do anything differently.  Yes my Precious Princess T... Lets Get Crazy Girlfriend... it takes the edge off just as much as a nice Cold Corona would!!!  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Again I say: "Bless You Super Grandma/Caregiver!"

  2. I hope everything goes well....they have to see how much you have already invested in these beautiful little souls....


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