Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Salvage Yard

One of my Modified Holiday Expeditions since being Sick was to THE SALVAGE YARD on Opening Day of the Event... it was a brief visit since I still wasn't feeling Well, but it was good for my Morale so I'm glad I went even though I didn't stay long.

I'd had to spend so much time in pain and in bed resting this past week that it was a huge Morale Booster to get out even for a little while as I Recovered.   My two best remedies for when I do succumb to anything is a lot of Sleep and doing something exceedingly positive when I am awake... it helps me to Heal faster.

And it must have paid off since when I went to the Hospital today for the dressing and packing changes they couldn't Believe how quickly I was Healing!!!   It was answer to Prayer since I'd had that talk with the Lord about needing His Healing Touch of Intervention to get me through all this as expediently as possible!   I didn't want anymore agonizing packing changes, I wasn't sure I could bear anymore of that torture and trauma to my afflicted arm, so I was already 'Over It' and needed that part of the Recovery Process to be over and done with already!

So I was completely Elated when the Nurses inspected my wound and said they couldn't Believe it was already healing over and had pushed out the packing on its own!   Guess my Body felt pretty much like I did about it and was rejecting it too?!  *LOL*  Well, that meant I didn't have to endure the agony of them yanking it out again... but they still had to have the Doc come in and release me from needing it repacked Today and then again on Friday!?!

I was absolutely Elated when he came in and said he couldn't Believe it either, but it had already healed over so quickly that they wouldn't even be able to repack it!  *Whew*   So, unless anything takes a bad turn, my Healing Process is finally taking hold over this severe Infection and my body is successfully fighting back and reclaiming Good Health!  *Yay!!!*   And just in time since The Sweet will be having their Flea Market Event Opening Day tomorrow and I really, really didn't want to miss that either... even if I can only stay a little while and Modify yet another Holiday Event for what I feel up to.

It's always great to get together with my Wonderful and Talented Friends... their Positive Energy and Passion for what they all do always Uplifts and Inspires, they are always a great Source of Encouragement when I'm not feeling 100%.   We get to see each other during these Events and particularly during the Holidays that is really Special since everyone is so busy and scattered all over the Valley that getting together any other kind of way can't really happen.  

I really fell in Love with that Vintage Eye Chart... so Hypnotic... but I kept the visit and my purchases Simple, short and sweet so that I didn't overdo it on any level.

Just the Atmosphere of the Holidays and the Decor of it and the Inventory representative of it are usually enough to take me to my Happy Place anyway.   Christmas is the one time of year where I don't need or want a lot of Stuff for myself... to me it's more a Joyful time of Giving than Receiving.  And since I'd done all my Giving Early I was totally On Track and didn't need to purchase another thing or save up for anything else to Give... everyone was already covered.  That's a good feeling... and especially when you unexpectedly end up facing a Health Crisis during the Holidays!

All of the Grandchildren had received their Gift Money and/or Gifts... as had the Adult Children... so The Man and I could finally relax knowing that we'd stretched the Budget sufficiently this year to make it happen.  *Whew*

If you have a large Family you totally understand what a relief that is when there are so many to buy for, especially once the added Blessing of Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren begin arriving and expanding the Family considerably over the years!

I sometimes like to joke that we have an expansive 'Collection' of Grandchildren now that there are so many of them!  *Smiles*   It's harder to Spoil them all when there is such a bounty of them, but we try.   We're up well past a dozen now so that's a lot of Kids!  *LOL*

And a half dozen of them have Birthdays from late November thru early January so Holiday buying is much more than Christmas for us since there were so many Holiday Babies that came Fresh from the Father around this time over the years!   Now I don't think there is a single Month of the year when we don't have a Birthday for an Adult Child, a Grandchild or a Great-Grandchild, but Nov. thru Jan. are the most packed with Birthday Celebrations!!!

So... that said, Gramma Dawn kept her own purchases exceedingly Modest for this Event, to one of these Vintage Metal Typeset Stamps. {The big one in the foreground which has cool Ledger info.}
And four inexpensive pretty International Coins to make Gypsy Jewelry with.

This is an Adorable Christmas Decorating Idea with Vintage Toy Cars and mini Bottlebrush Christmas Trees tied to their roofs!   Wish I'd thought of doing that one with some Old Hot Wheels Cars before I Donated them when the Kiddos de-stashed their rooms!   Ah well... maybe I'll remember it for next year... yeah, right!!!  *LOL*

This wasn't exactly the year that I got around to completing too many Holiday Projects, which is kinda the Norm for me actually, way more Ideas and Vision than Time to make it happen!  Even when I'm not Sick I am finding that I don't have sufficient hours in the day to get around to everything I Imagine that I will do before the Holidays actually arrive!

Even my Holiday Pickin' was lean this year, but luckily Sales were still strong even though I didn't have but a nod to the Holidays in the way of my own Inventory and Styling in the Showrooms.

I always Adore these Style of Vintage Graphics that they used to have on Children's Furniture.  I remember having them on my Furniture and some Toys as a Child... and I even found an Old Crib that had some when one of the Daughters was a Baby and she Loved that thing.  It was a Pale Yellow Wooden Crib with Pastel Blue and Pink Nursery Style Lambs on each end.  I Sold that Crib years later, after it had been thru a couple of my own Children, for more than double what I'd paid for it.

So Cute these Graphics are... they just don't make Graphics like these anymore... wish they did though!

Having my Spirit Uplifted along with all the Sleep and Rest has been Therapeutic as I've battled this Infection and endured what the Recovery required via Western Medical Treatments.   It may be a while before I'm as Trustful of Preventative Medical Practices in a Hospital or Clinical setting though, that will have to come with Time to rebuild my Trust that when I go in Healthy I should come out and remain Healthy!   But it sure feels Good to begin to feel Better again!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Since we do not have anything like the Salavge yard near me, you lifted my spirits with your photos. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I am very happy to hear your body approves of your healing plan.

  2. Glad you healed well. And beautiful items & pictures!


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