Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Christmas Quest

I started out the Day with a Christmas Quest for the Perfect Christmas Stocking for myself.  You see, I'd recruited Princess T to help me organize everyone's Treats that would fill their Christmas Stockings/Treat Bags {because this year they're shaped like Santa's Jacket} and she noticed I didn't have one and apparently that would not do!  She was quite disturbed that they had these big filled up Sacks of goodies and I didn't have anything.

Now... I have a vast Collection of Beautiful Christmas Stockings but the ones we fill and use aren't of the Collectible ilk or those I've hand-made and Display.   The Man and The G-Kid Force like Holiday goodies and your average sized Stocking just isn't gonna cut it to hold it all, so we usually fill inexpensive big oversized ones with their Treats.  Me being a Diabetic I don't go big on Holiday Treats for myself, but she Insisted I have a Stocking anyway.  So I was on a Quest for one I really liked enough that I didn't even care if it wouldn't have much inside of it to help me resist Temptation and not end up in a Sugar Coma.  *Smiles*

And as you can clearly see I found the PERFECT one that is so very ME that I had to laugh when I spied it in a Favorite Boutique!  Vintage Mink Cuff, a Vintage Bling Brooch, soft fuzzy Leopard fabric, Red Silk Bow hangar and Bettie Page proclaiming, "Hell yeah I've been naughty....."!!!  *Winks*   Mission Quest accomplished!!!

And since I was in Olde Town Glendale I had to make the rounds of other Favorite Shops in the Antique District.   One of my Favorites, particularly during the Holidays is APPLE TREE Home Decor and Antique Store that specializes in Primitives.

Now I don't personally Decorate my Home with Primitives but there has just always been something about the Simplicity, Charm and Homespun Atmosphere of a well done Primitives Styling that strongly Appeals to me and is so Inviting that I always want to linger and Transport myself to a Simpler Time.   Especially during the Winter and Holidays the Primatives Style embodies so many things I Enjoy about the Season.

And this Shop does it so well... you can smell the scented Candles from the sidewalk even before you step inside and the Aroma envelopes you and makes you feel all warm and cozy!   Today they were burning Maple Hot Toddy scented candles and I just had to buy one to light at Home for the Holidays so that our House could smell that Wonderful for Christmas too!!!

I could just envision myself curled up in an oversized chair like this with candlelight and a Hot Beverage watching my Favorite Christmas Programs or listening to Christmas Music!!!

The Whimsical hand-made touches were everywhere and so many of the Creations are hand dyed or hand painted in Delightful Rustic Fabrics that speak of an Old Fashioned Christmas come to Life.

Most of the Vignettes are Simple, with Natural Elements and restrained Styling, which I can Appreciate because it is not something I've personally Mastered being able to do!   But if done so well it makes a big Impact even though it is Minimalistic compared to the Over-The-Top Styling I'm more prone to Create.

The Hand-Made Elements are each so Lovely in their Simplicity as well... and remind me of the Toys my Paternal Grandma used to make on the Reservation using Fabric scraps and remnants and then would send to us kids growing up.  We Cherished those Simple Toys made with Love until they literally fell apart from being Loved on so much and for so many years!!!  It was always hard for our Parents to convince us they were no longer vyable as stuffing was popping out and button eyes had fallen off and too many repairs had been made to repair them anymore!   They were indeed Velveteen Rabbit and Skin Horse Toys by the time we had to tearfully let them go.

I don't know that I ever formed as strong an Attachment to any Store Bought Toy, no matter how Awesome it was, as we did to those Simple Hand-Made ones Grandma made for us using whatever she had on hand to Create them with.  And I recall the Christmases of the Past when Resources were lean for us too and we strung Popcorn Garlands and Home-Made Cookies and Treats as Ornaments on our Christmas Trees and never, ever felt the least bit deprived in spite of economic limitations.

So a Simple Christmas with a Simple and Pure Essence just reminds me of so much more than the Glitz and the Glam that Modern Christmas can Wow us with the extravagance of.   Sure, each has it's particular merits and I do like it ALL... but there's just something particularly Special to me about a Primatives Christmas Setting that warms my Heart and Spirit in a unique way.

And so with my Jar of Maple Hot Toddy Scented Candle tucked under my arm I Savored every aspect of the Primitives Style of Christmas surrounding me and Imagined what it would be like living like this by choice rather than by necessity... with such Simplicity and Organic Charm?   Could a Hard Core Bohemian like me even successfully do it I Wondered?  *Smiles*

Some things are 'Dated' but others are simply 'Timeless' and to me this Primitives Style is indeed a Timeless Element that will probably always have an Appeal and never completely go out of Style.  It epitomizes America in the Early Years of becoming a Nation and perhaps that is the Special Allure and Charm of it I suspect.

And it made me want to go Home and stuff my newly acquired Over-The-Top Christmas Stocking with a Simple Treat reminiscent of my Childhood and something I always looked forward to receiving... Maple Candy that just melts in the mouth... and is one of the rare Treats that one piece of will satisfy me enough that I can save the rest to enjoy one piece at a time each day until the New Year rings in!

So whether you're having a Simple or an Extravagant Holiday Season, my Hope is that it is a particularly Memorable one for each of you... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I spy a NEW Christmas tag hanging on your tree...LOL! {wink!}

    Merry Christmas!!! :)


  2. I'm glad Princess T looks out
    for her grandma!


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