Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sweet Salvage Flea Market ~ Part II

Well, it's almost here... Christmas!  My how Time has Rushed up on us during the Holiday Season!  The G-Kid Force are already out of School now on Winter Break so it means I can sleep in, which is luxurious to just wake up when my body is ready to and awakens on it's own!  *Smiles*

Of coarse Princess T comes with a sort of built-in Gramma Radar... she can be sound asleep but if my Presence is sensed in the room she pops wide awake instantly!  *Le Sigh*  So if I wake before her I try to stay away from whatever room she's sleeping in... not easy in this maze of an Old House since many rooms connect THROUGH other rooms and cannot be avoided!

And The Princess is Notorious for falling asleep in one room and in the Morning she's asleep somewhere else entirely, she's rather a Nomadic Sleeper!  *Smiles*   She's quite the Wandering Soul during Bedtime Hours and if you want some Peace without Kiddos you better tread lightly when you arise lest you awaken the Beast Princess where ever she's slumbering!?  And once SHE'S up, well, everyone will soon be up, she ensures that!

Now the Young Prince is quite the opposite, though he has trouble getting to Sleep and has to take medication to assist him so he won't be up for days on end... once he's asleep, he Sleeps like the Dead and no amount of 'normal' activity around him is going to rouse him.   But his little Sister always manages to roust him too given enough time to be sufficiently annoyed that anyone is still asleep now that she considers it a brand new day and we should all be up!  *Ha ha ha*

Now... The Man and Princess T are Morning People... but Prince R and I are definitely NOT!  We tend to be the Night Owls in the Family and stay up long past them conking out, so we're not quite so early rising and cheery in the Morning as a Morning Person would be who went to bed early and woke up early.  We prefer to go to bed late and wake up late if we have that choice and luxury. It's rare that I wake up before the Morning Duo, but Today I actually did.

Maybe it was that sense of Knowing that I'd Promised the Kiddos a Special Day.  The Young Prince is going to spend time with his Paternal side of the Family to help them finish up Christmas Shopping and present them with their Gifts from him.  Princess T was allowed to Invite her BFF to come back to SWEET SALVAGE with Gramma Today and then later to go look at the Lights in Downtown Glendale's "Glendale Glitters" Festival and visit "The Santa House" which is a Private Residence that invites the Public in for a spectacular Christmas Display House Tour.

The Princess always looks forward to the Return Visit to SWEET SALVAGE on Saturday, day three of the Event, when the crowds have thinned to a Family Friendly level of less intensity and we can linger, leisurely Shop and visit with everyone we know.

Of coarse Fresh Inventory has been brought in daily so it will look like a completely Transformed place from Opening Day of the Event.   And the Kiddos are Eager to look for the hidden Give-Aways among the Treasures in the Scavenger Hunt.  Both Girls are Hopeful to find at least one Found Treasure Give-Away to put under the Tree... Princess E for her Mommy... and Princess T for me.

Princess E's Mommy was kind enough to take Princess T to their Grade School Christmas Event when I was too Sick to last week.  Santa was there handing out a Free Gift to every Child and a bag of Snacks... and there was the Christmas Program... so I was Thankful my Grand-Daughter didn't have to miss it on account of Grandpa and I not being Well enough last week to take her.  And very Grateful for my Neighbor stepping up and Volunteering to take her with their Children.  So, even if Princess E doesn't find a Give-Away, I plan to let her choose a little Somethin-Somethin for Mommy to pay it forward in Appreciation. 

Now I don't know how long the Girls will remain Entertained looking for Hidden Treasures, you never know with First and Third Graders, but it should preoccupy them longer than usual so that Gramma Dawn can visit with Friends and get some Photo Ops to Share here in the Land of Blog.

And I've always got the Leverage of the McDonald's visit that is Promised IF they don't bug Gramma into being Rushed thru the Event and I can Enjoy it properly.   Not that either of the Girls likes or eats the food there, because we will have been Nourished at the Vietnamese Restaurant first where they Enjoy the more Nourishing Fresh Cuisine, but it's all about the Playground at the Golden Arches and getting the Ice-Cream Cones.  *Smiles*

I'm actually always rather Surprised when I see Seniors there at McD's without Grandkids in tow because if I didn't hafta take a Kiddo there and go Under Protest, it wouldn't be my first choice for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, ya know?!?  *LOL*

And right now I've got two very wide awake eager little Girls standing here Stalking me about when are we going to leave for the Event Gramma?   They've got that Lure of Hidden Treasures coarsing thru their veins now and they're Primed to Discover some of it! *LOL*

So it's more a matter of motivating the more lethargic Young Prince to get ready for his Big Day with extended Family and getting Gramma out of my Pajamas that is delaying us right now.   They always heave a big Sigh anytime they see me sitting here Blogging because they know what a Distraction that can become while I try to Create a hasty Post before the Day's Events begin!  *LOL*

Trying to delay them when they're now on a Mission... not so easy!  So I better bang this Post out Quickly and get a Move On!!!

Even reminding them that the doors don't open until Ten A.M. won't delay their Enthusiasm long... they're watching that Clock like Hawks and have a drive into the City down to the exact Science of how long it should take!!!

I thought Prince R's Aunt might buy me some Time since I didn't know when she'd want him dropped off... but it seems she's a Morning Person and quite ready for him around Ten A.M., so no Luck there! *Le Sigh*

Here's the Image of my Pink Vintage Doorknob I bought just as I Discovered it... I know it's so Random a Purchase, but usually my Purchases are just that Random.

This Idea of Myko's of utilizing Clear Glass Irridescent Christmas Balls of varying sizes and clear Fishing Line to give the Illusion of suspended Ethereal Bubbles in air is so Fun that I might do that closer to New Year's Eve to usher in 2015.

And what are you planning to do for the New Year my Friends?  It's almost here you know!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You Too Dear Dawn! Thanks for your interesting posts thru out the year. I always look forward to them!


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