Friday, December 19, 2014

Sweet Salvage Flea And Farmer's Market ~ Part I

So it was time once again to make the Monthly Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE on 7th Avenue... I was particularly eager to be Well enough to attend since it was going to be the Flea Market and Farmer's Market Event and I'd been cooped up all week on bedrest Recovering from my Ordeal.  Flea Markets and Farmer's Markets are some of my favorite venues... who doesn't enjoy Pickin' at a Flea Market and bringing Home Fresh Organic Produce from Local Farms?!?  Having both together is double the Joy for Moi!
My Friend Myko's Space embodied the Celebration of a New Year which will soon be upon us.  Her 2015 New Year Vignette was Ethereal with the glass Bubbles spilling from oversided Champagne Glasses and suspended from the ceiling as if floating on air!   What a Visual Fantasyscape it Transported one to!

And my Friends Judy and Myko stopped for a Bloggy Shot at my request in Myko's Gorgeous Space since it is the perfect backdrop to any Image being captured through the eye of the lens.

In fact, my Favorite 'Left Behind' Treasure was in Myko's Vignettes... this Killer Blue Velvet Vestment... Holy Mother Of God I would totally wear that as well as Display it!   *LOL*

Sadly not within Budget this close to Christmas... Damn that restrictive Budget always cramping my Style!  *LOL*   But it is Oh so ever My Style huh?  *Winks*   The Man always joked that I had Champagne Tastes on Beer Drinker's Money... ain't that the Truth!  *Winks*

And our Sweet Friend Traci from URBAN TABLE was there with BLUE SKY ORGANIC FARMS offering a bounty of Farmer's Market Fresh Produce, Herbs, Eggs, Jams and other delectible Treats just in time for a Christmas Buffet Spread and Holiday Gatherings!

Our Family Loves Fresh Produce, Herbs and Eggs so I loaded up...

The Radishes were sublime and so Sweet...

And they had some Beautiful varieties such as Watermelon Radishes which are the most gorgeous shades of Hot Pink and White on the inside that they Delight the Eyes as well as the palate in your Salads.

Freshly grown Organic Produce from Local Farms is a high point of living in a temperate climate like ours where even in the Wintertime we can obtain it Fresh from the Farm.

I had my first experience with Peacock Kale and Loved it!!!  So pretty as well as nutritious.

And of coarse hadda get the G-Kid Force their Farm Fresh 'Easter' Eggs that are laid in a variety of Pastel Shades... they will eat a dozen of these in less than 48 hours!   The Yolks are so Yellow and so High because they are so Fresh!

And for a truly Gourmet Lunch Al Fresco Traci was offering this Divine Farmer's Market Salad... which had Delicious Golden Beets {Now a New Favorite of mine... bought some of those too!}, Quinoa with Peacock Kale... Grapes... Mandarin Oranges... Radishes... Spring Mix Greens... Fresh Baked Bread and a Bee Pollen and Honey Dressing that was out of this World!  YUM!!!  I could definitely be a Spokesperson for this Salad!    *Ha ha ha*

I ate it slowly and was so Lost in the Joy of Savoring all the layers of tastes that several other Ladies hadda have one too just watching me Enjoy it!  *Smiles*   Yes, I'm a Foodie to the Core and if you buy the best ingredients to Create a meal you can't go wrong even if you aren't a Master Chef, but it's particularly Divine if a Master Chef HAS prepared it for you!  *Winks*   I'm still salivating over those Golden Beets... like Candy they were!   Can't wait to boil some for my next Salad now!

So I was 'Nourished' on so many levels here at the Event... this adds to the Healing Process in my humble opinion... so no wonder I was Healing so quickly, when your Body is Agreeable to your Methods you are in Unity of Purpose.

I actually Felt better this day than I had all week, my Natural Pain Management was effective and so now I wasn't in Misery anymore, that was such a Relief lemme tell ya!  It was Great to be back towards Enjoying Good Health!   Now I can properly Enjoy the rest of this Holiday Season with Friends and Family.

I know it's Winter, but Sweet little Vignettes like this still Intrigue me... Nature Inspired Vignettes always do and I think they Transcend Seasons and are always in Style.

While visiting with my Sweet Friend Minnie in her Boutique I made an Awesome 'Score'...

Because one Special Thing about the Flea Market Event I had almost forgotten was that hidden amongst all of the Wonderful Inventory of Goodies to buy...

Were some Sweet Give-Aways from all of the Designers and Stylists!   Yep, it's True, if  you turned over a Price Tag and saw this Green 'Take me I'm FREE' sticker, it was yours as a Surprise Gift to Claim when you check out at the Register!!!!!   Along with Entering a Free Raffle Drawing for even more Fabulous Inventory donated by each Sweet Designer and Stylist!   Check out the Facebook Page to see some of the Raffle Prizes that will be given out.

I was absolutely Thrilled to discover and receive my Free Surprise Gift of this Fabulous VINTAGE MINNIE Leather Belt with Graceful Bohemian Nude on the Buckle... PERFECT!!!   Who doesn't thoroughly Enjoy a Scavenger Hunt after all?
Sweet Minnie's Boutique Space was Styled with Fabulous Old Crocheted Lace and Colorful Bandanna Buntings as a backdrop to the Sparkling Crystal Chandies which Beautifully Showcase the Amazing VINTAGE MINNIE Line of Wardrobe and Accessories.

And in the Boutique you can also find my Gal Pal Heidi's Fabulous Line of Clothing and Accessories for us Gypsetters that J'Adore our PARIS MONTANA Wardrobe and Bling!

Have I ever seen any of my Friend Heidi's Gypset Bling Creations that I didn't LOVE?  No, I haven't... I want them all!!!   *Smiles*

I mean how couldn't I, they are so very Over-The-Top My Style aren't they!?!  *Winks*   Too much is never enough in our Minds, each piece is a Statement Piece when you're wearing it... Lord have Mercy I could wear one of Heidi's Necklace Creations in Pajamas and Feel positively Radiant and Fierce!  *Smiles*
We always have such a Big Time at these Events getting together... this is me with my Fabulously Retro Styled Friend Jenny of REDHEAD SADIE VINTAGE... for Jenny Retro and Vintage is not just a Style, it's a Lifestyle and she totally ROCKS it every day!

And after all, isn't Living what you Love what Life should be all about?   We think so anyway... make your Loves your Lifestyle and not just a Style or a passing On-Trend Fancy or Fad and you'll be Uniquely YOU and not just a version of you that Mass Marketing Dictates you be.

And here's my Friends Pamela and Jenny in front of Pamela's Space... THE PAPER COLLAGE is in the process of moving to an Exciting larger location which I'll Reveal later, but until then you can obtain your Paper Arts and Ephemera at Pamela's location at SWEET SALVAGE each Month during the Events.

As well as being my Junquing Buddy Pamela is a wealth of Information about Creating Paper Arts and the Art of Display and Merchandising... I've learned so much with her Mentoring me.

And lets face it, we have so much FUN Sourcing our Treasures and Art Supplies together and just Creating Fun Art that can be Shared.

But I digress... as usual *Ha Ha*... and I know you're probably wondering, well, what did you get... what did you get?   Though I'll wait for another in the Series of Posts about the Event to Reveal it all... I just can't wait to Reveal my Major Purchase, which was at such a Great Price I hadda have it... the Lovely Marina, who is my Friend Myko's Daughter, is Showcasing it for me Vanna White Style.  *Smiles*

Yes, this Divine Vintage Silver Engraved Loving Cup came Home with me... I LOVED that it was so Ornate and the Engraved Font so Fancy... and just look at the Handles being Stylized Golf Clubs and Golf Balls, how Wonderful is that!?!??!??!   The Base is an Ebony Wood with Great Patina and it makes an Excellent Addition to my Loving Cup Obsession um, I mean Collection!  *Winks*

And it will be Killer to hold Candy Canes or Peppermint Sticks for Christmas here on the side table next to the Christmas Tree... even the back of it is as Lovely as the front side.

And in case you haven't already heard the Big News... the Event is EXPANDING to a Fabulous Warehouse on the back Lot and even more Talented Designers and Stylists will be joining the Team!!!  *Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!!*

Among them my Talented Friends Mike and Leslie of THE SALVAGE YARD and JACK AND CAT CURIO!!!!!!!!    Yay.... I'm Delighted for them to join the Team and bring their Amazing Sourced Treasures and Style to the Event each Month!!!
Yes a trip to the Event will introduce you to some Amazing and Talented People who are part of the Team, as well as offer you some Fabulous Sourced Treasures and a Scavenger Hunt like no other... and this Event will run thru Sunday Afternoon so head on out my Friends and get yours while there's still some left!

You are sure to leave knowing you had an Experience... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love all the bubbles! I want some plastic bubbles to make a ceiling decoration!

    1. Laura, these fantastic Bubbles were made using clear irredescent glass Christmas balls of varying sizes and hung with clear fishing line to give the illusion of floating in air. Dawn... The Bohemian


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