Monday, December 22, 2014

Sweet Flea Finale'

It's the Finale' Post of this Month's Sweet Flea Event which wrapped up Sunday Afternoon.  The next Event of the New Year will be January 15th through 18th and is called 'Room For Improvement'.

January will also launch the Grand Opening of the SWEET SALVAGE WAREHOUSE where there will be an additional 5,000 Square Feet of Shopping Bliss located at the same address!!!  I can hardly wait to behold the Expanded Vision!

I would have to agree that whatever you do there is always room for Improvement and to Expand the Vision and a brand New Year is the PERFECT time to begin to launch those Improvements you want to make in your Life, your Home, your Business, your Career, or whatever you seek to Improve!

I began some long overdue Improvements here at the Ole' Homestead before the New Year rings in... but I do Plan to continue and Improve even more of that which I want to make better.
Sometimes when something is Good... or Comfortable... we can get complacent about Improving upon it.   Other times making an Improvement can seem rather Overwhelming if things have gotten to a point of Not So Good and need a Total Make-Over.

But I have found that stepping out and beginning is usually the hardest part, but once you commit and gain momentum, well, things have a way of coming together nicely once you throw yourself into it wholeheartedly and with Enthusiasm and a Goal.
Setting Goals is something I've done regularly all of my Life, without a specific Goal I wouldn't be sure what exactly I was aiming at or for, so I find Goal Setting to be important in order to have Purpose and a target for what I'm aiming to accomplish.

After all, if you don't know where you're going, or what you're doing, then how on Earth will you know when you Arrive or if you've even been On Track if the Destination or Goal is unclear!?!!?  *Smiles* 

Though I say that with a certain amount of Humor I do find that many people do find themselves going through Life without any Goals or a firm Destination in mind... and though not all who Wander are Lost, perpetual Wandering can lead to nowhere in particular and so unless you're Okay with that, better to make a Game Plan and try to stick with it.

And it's Okay to change Goals midstream... I once had a Goal to cover the Ceilings and some Walls of this Old House with Victorian Ceiling Tin.   It was a Fine Goal that I fully WANTED to Accomplish and I began Hoarding all the Victorian Ceiling Tin I could amass on a limited Budget.  The Problem was, getting enough of any one type or Style of it to cover an entire Ceiling or Wall was easier said than done... either you couldn't find it or you couldn't afford it all.  *Le Sigh*

And so the Goal had to be Adjusted and Changed from the original Grandoise Vision I had.  *Smiles*  You see, my Visions and Goals tend to be on a Grandoise Scale typically and so it's not so uncommon for me to have to Scale them down somewhat to a more Realistic Plan of Action.  But I still strongly Feel that having a Big Dream and Vision is better than having no Dream or Vision at all!!!

I always Feel I can Upsize later anything I have to limit right in the here and now.  Sometimes the Timing or Circumstances aren't quite right to Expand to the level I'd like to... or do all of the things I want to do... or go to all the places I want to go... but moving TOWARDS it is far more Progressive than standing still and doing nothing to Attain what I Desire or just giving up.

That is why I Enjoy being around Young People, they have such Enthusiasm and Children are such Natural Born Dreamers... they Believe anything and everything to be Possible and their Imagination is uninhibited and has no boundaries.

If we approach our own Dreams with Childlike Enthusiasm and the firm Belief anything could be possible you just never know what you might Accomplish!!!

I'm always Excited for my Friends and Family that are stepping out and Expanding their Dreams, their Visions and Accomplishing that which they have set out to do.   So I'm Delighted for all of the Talented Designers at SWEET SALVAGE to be taking it to the next level and making a Great Thing even BETTER!!!

It is indeed Power Testimony that even something that you didn't think could even get any Better can! With the Belief that there is always room for Improvement they are making and taking something that is already a Huge Success and Improving it even MORE!   How Inspiring that is!

And as this Old Year draws to a close... I'm Excited to Usher in a Brand New Year and some Goals of my own... how about you my Friends?   What will YOU be Improving in 2015?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I want to freshen up or re-finish our wide board wooden floors thru out the house. Major project!!


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