Friday, December 26, 2014

Post Holiday Thoughts... Turn And Face The Strain Ch.Ch.Ch. Changes

I wasn't sure what to Title this Post Holiday Blog Post... The Racing Mind of a Wanderer probably would've been more fitting, but lets just go with Post Holiday Thoughts.   Because it happens to me at the tail end of every year and before a New Year begins... the Racing Thoughts and Intense Desire to Change things up!   And since I can't Wander right now physically, to allow my Mind to!  *Smiles*

But the end of this year it seems that the entire Family was on board for the crazy ride that it takes you on upon the canvas of your Imagination when you just Feel like a Change is due or perhaps overdue.   We ALL spent the entire day, after opening presents, watching the Travel Channel which profiled Exotic Destinations various Families were Escaping to and a complete Change of Lifestyle and Surroundings!

Even when The Son and Family came by to exchange Gifts they got on board with us and Imagined what it would be like just packing up and making a huge Change?  Perhaps we've all gotten a bad case of The Wanderlust, which isn't all that unusual for this Family really, but this time it seemed more Intense than usual!

To be sure there are pros and cons to a Major Change... a Big Move... and all that it entails.   There are many things that would be missed... people that would be missed... places that would be missed.   And yet, an Exotic Escape and complete Fresh Start is looking more and more Appealing to me at this Season of Life actually.

There would be so much baggage to unload and yet, even though Attachments can be pretty strong for me regarding Relationships, Home, Familiarity and my Stuff... we do miss the Great Adventure of being on the Move and Starting Over.   Now, for some people Starting Over constantly would be daunting, but I've always seen it a complete different way even if I had to give up a lot... Blank Canvases have always Appealed to my Creative Soul.

And certainly we've gotten more Comfortable than ever before staying put for the longest time ever and Enjoy so much about where we Live now that we sat around debating the Known Assets versus the Appeal of the Unknown.   But it was rather nice to Fantasize on a Christmas Day all the same since we all seemed to be on the same page as an extended Family. 

The Young Prince, who is the most Set in his Ways, particularly Surprised me by saying he'd Wonder what it would be like to move to an Island Paradise and near a Beach?   Or at least begin Vacationing regularly at such Locales just to try it out without Commitment?   I Agree wholeheartedly with that Vision and it made my Mind Race with Goals for the New Year.

What if, The Son and Family concurred, we all Planned to have a Great Vacay Escape to the Islands together and Experience it to see what Promise it holds for the Future?    All I know is that I need to get rid of a lot and the Great Edit and Purge hasn't been going nearly as well as I'd anticipated.  I know in part it is because I don't have the Focus or Motivation I really need to Light a Fire under me, I've become Complacent about things not Changing for too long and Feeling stuck and more Overwhelmed by doing nothing than by doing something Fantastical!

And I want to get unstuck because it's out of Character for me not to have a slew of viable Goals and Dreams set up to Work towards and to just propel me forward with sufficient momentum, Passion and drive.   I don't even mind Grandoise Goals that might have to be compromised and adjusted to more Realistic dimensions... and so I allowed my Mind to Race freely so that I'd be uncomfortable with my present intertia in the physical realm. 

And Realistically how far would we want to take it?  Well, I don't really know, we'll just have to wait and see I suppose.   I just know that Big Changes are on the Horizon because apparently they need to be... or we all wouldn't be having Shared Vision about it being necessary and having this underlying Wanderlust surfacing so strongly and in unison.

Are we just all long overdue for a proper Vacay... well, certainly... that's a Given.   Things have been especially tough for an extended period of time now and not just for us, but for just about everyone else we know actually.  And I think that because things have been so tough, so uncertain, it has caused us all to Cancel out Dreaming or even Daring to Dream about Future Embellishments and Change for the Better.  Changes that would Enhance Life considerably and Change things up for Fresh New Beginnings and Adventures.   Even with a Sick Husband and two G-Kids in tow I Believe Positive Changes to be entirely Possible at this Season of Life for us all even though the majority of the load and responsibilities would certainly fall upon me to make it happen thru the Transitions.

The alternative of coarse is should we just continue along doing nothing much that is different or Exciting just because we've allowed ourselves to Settle or to become Comfortable with the way things are just to be on the Safe side and not put in the Work necessary?  I've never been that kind of person actually so perhaps that's why it feels so Stagnant and Constricting to me.   We sat and watched people Chasing their Dreams, their Goals, their Larger than Life Vision for their Future and their Enthusiasm was contagious.

I know I miss having those same kinda Feelings... even though certainly over the years reaching for Dreams and Starting Over has come with it's fair share of Sacrifices and Challenges.  It still made you Feel very much Alive and was quite the Adventure in spite of the obstacles that naturally come up and aren't always expected.   So yes, my Mind is now Racing in an uncomfortable kinda way now... and I Believe that to be a good thing actually, because when I finally get uncomfortable enough I have a tendancy to Change and really throw myself into the Process.

So here's to the Key Word I'm Focusing upon to Propel me into and through 2015... CHANGE... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh! It sounds like you need an exciting get - away to make your most unusual, creative home still feel good! You have a treasure!


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