Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let The Overindulgences Begin...

In our Home it wouldn't be the Holidays unless we overindulged with the Seasonal Foods and Treats to spread out Buffet Style all over the house.   Some years we've made some of our own, most years we've picked it up at various Shops, Bakeries, Restaurants and Delis that have done all the Work for us... this is one of THOSE years.  *Winks*

When you can get it at a great price and in modest amounts, it just doesn't make much sense to try to cram the Creation of Home-Made into an already bursting at the seams Schedule during the Holidays.  I'd rather relax and Enjoy myself, but have everything on hand for the Family and Guests to knosh on, without all the added Work, expense and mess.  Plus, if I was making Home-Made Baklava I wouldn't just make a dozen pieces and we'd all OD on it!  *LOL*

So we stock up on the Seasonal Favorites, including Snack Trays of Fresh Veggies, Cheeses, Pickles, Olives, Cold Cuts, Hors d'oeuvres and Fruit Trays, along with the Baked Confections and Holiday Flavored Candies.  Actually, our immediate Family is more into the Food Trays than the Sweet Stuff so we always have plenty of the Baked Confections and Candies available for Guests.  But it also means any dietary restrictions us Adults vowed to have to lose weight do get set aside somewhat for the Holidays.  *Le Sigh*

I can't help it, I'm not gonna be miserable during the Holidays by depriving myself completely of those things I look forward to eating and drinking during the Season, my Vow thru New Year will now be modified to Moderation in all things!  *Smiles*

I was patting Self on the back for limiting myself to one piece of Baklava for the day as my Sweet Treat and consuming mostly Fresh Organic Veggie and Fruit Tray items to Snack and graze upon.  I've kept the Diabetes in check throughout the Holiday Season thus far and don't want to go down in flames and not feel well at such a Festive Time of year. 

What are some of the Must Have items on your Holiday Buffet Spread List?  What wouldn't seem quite like the Complete Holiday Package without it?  Is there a Traditional or Cultural Food or Treat that your Family always incorporates during the Holiday Season?

The only thing I've yet to get are the Holiday Tamales... and NO, I don't make them from scratch anymore, I'm entirely too lazy and there are far too many Talented Tamale Vendors abounding in our Neighborhood to bother making them myself anyway.   I always try to buy a nice Selection of different Home-Made Tamales so we don't get bored with just one flavor or recipe.  Every Family and Region seems to have their distinctive recipes.  I think I missed the annual Tamale Festival held downtown this year, so I might not get as much Selection this Season, we'll see?

I'm really, really wanting to purchase a Fresh Evergreens Wreath for the front door, but since our temps are still in the Eighties, I'm waiting, because nothing looks worse and more pathetic than a dried out parched no longer Fresh Holiday Evergreens arrangement withering in the Desert Winter Heat!  

Another thing I usually buy but will probably pass on this year are Fresh Poinsettias.  This year they have an assortment of uniquely dyed Hues dusted with Glitter that remind me of how they dye Carnations, but my Poinsettias from previous years don't die off and start to look rangey and yet I don't have the Heart to throw out a Living Plant!  *Smiles*

And though the unusual hues are Lovely I'd probably stick with the Traditional Natural Colors if I did decide to get some.

I had set my big ole' Burlap Coffee Bag outside to get Fresh Air and scrappy Old Morris and the discerning Miss Priss have been taking turns napping on it, so I guess they've claimed it as their own!  *Smiles*   They're both getting their fluffier Winter Coats now that the Nights are getting Cooler, so they're looking like chubby Fur balls!

Even tho' Old Morris has never been what the Shelters refer to as a 'Pet Quality' Cat or completely Domesticated and remains a Working Cat, since he was an Adult Alley Cat Stray when he came to us years ago, he does like some Attention and a tickle behind the ear now and again.  He's mellowed a lot with Old Age as far as allowing handling, he's always had a great personality but preferred not to be picked up or held... now he doesn't much care so long as you don't do it too long or insist on a Cuddle.  *Smiles*  We don't know how Old he really is, but in Cat Years he's been with us so long already that I'd say he's long outlived the average Lifetime for an Outdoor Cat.

Princess T is now battling some kind of Virus or Flu, the Kiddos at her School have been dropping like Flies... it's that time of the year... she seems to get better for a while and then succumbs again.  So most of this week she'll be missing School and bored out of her mind having to stay in and stay Home!  *Arghhhhhhh Gramma laments!*   Keeping a Sick Kid down and cooperating is like herding Cats I tell ya!!!

And I don't know how many more requests to Play her Fav Game of Monopoly I can stand since she wants to do the Marathon Monopoly Playing Thing!  *Le Sigh*   Entertaining a Sick Kid is an Exhausting Gig lemme tell ya... even with a Fever she's not knocked out most of the time and keeps going like the Energizer Bunny!

And there's so much I NEED to do in my Showrooms now that the Holiday Shopping has ramped up and Inventory is flying out the doors!   How about that Cute Limited Edition Bloomingdale's Shopper Ornament for your Tree?!  *Winks*   Or the 1960's Mechanical oversized Elf On A Shelf... he's the last one I have left now.

And this Old Funky Green Scale is really a great Display piece, the Weight Section is actually Hand Written, I've never seen one like this before and Wonder where it came from?   Loved the Patina of Age and the Original Fav Hue of 1930's Seafoam Green still on it.   It is so heavy it's like a Boat Anchor, they don't make 'em like that anymore!

And this Vintage Guitar Case is an Interesting Shape I'd never seen before.  Not being a Musician I'm not sure what Type of Guitar would have been in it... and kinda sad that it didn't still have it's Original Instrument since I was Curious about what it might have looked like given the Shape of the Case?

My Furs are starting to Sell now that the Weather is Cooling off in the Evenings and we're getting lots of Snow Birds Vacationing now from the Colder States where they'd actually be able to wear such Vintage Wardrobe!    This full length 1970's Black Seal Coat is so soft I end up stroking it like a Pet whenever I pass by it!   *LOL*

Love unframed Paintings from the Unknown Masters...   I never pass up Paintings of Roses, if done well they always Sell.

And the White and Pastel Palette is still going strong with Customers so I always keep it in stock.   I'd like to have more Gothic and Black Furnishings and Home Accessories but I don't know that it would Sell as well or be Received as eagerly in this demographic as the Colorless and Pastel Palettes have been... so I've resisted the Urge to only put what I totally dig in there.  *Smiles*

But I must say, now that Winter is here, the Vintage Camping and Hunting Inventory is flying out the doors quickly... those Mantiques always do Sell well though so it's a no-brainer to stock up on them when I can Source them.   My dilemma is more keeping The Man, The Son and all the other Outdoorsmen in the extended Family away from my Stash of Mantique Inventory before I can get it into the Showrooms!  *LOL* 

And with one Sick Kiddo... and another one in Winter Guard Programs needing my Chauffer and Food Delivery Services after School I don't nearly have the Time I NEED to Devote to the tending of my Blog either!   So... gotta go... Duty Calls!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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