Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Happiness


As I Relax now and bask in Holiday Happiness, since I got everything accomplished early that I NEEDED to do before Christmas, I can concentrate fully on what I WANT to do now.  That's always a good place to be during the Holidays and so it's always my ultimate Goal, that time for basking.

It also meant that I could do some Recon and Thrill of the Hunt for a few Special Treasures other Vendors might have brought in during our Antique Mall's Big Weekend Sale.  Since I already had everyone else bought for and had the money set aside to bail my Typset Cabinet out the next time I'm downtown at my Friend Shelly's Shop...  all was Right with the World!  *Smiles*  My Friend Janet had just stocked her Case with an Amazing Trio of Vintage Tiaras and a Crown, I couldn't believe my Eyes and Good Fortune at a mere Ten Bucks apiece during the Sale!!!  So it was a no-brainer, hadda have 'em!   Oh yeah, these are heavy solid Beauty Pageant Quality Vintage pieces so I was quivering with Excitement at Scoring them before anyone else noticed the Bargain hiding in plain sight!  This Tiara is in Mint Condition for it's Age.

This one, which happens to be my Favorite Style of the Trio, has a mild condition issue of a few Rhinestones missing, but the Imperfections don't bother me since it will Grace the head of Vintage Taxidermy anyway and replacement Old Rhinestones are easy enough to Source if I decide I want to restore the piece to it's original splendor.

The Crown also had a few missing Rhinestones but it is quite Magnificent in spite of the mild condition issue and is one of the largest and heaviest Vintage Crowns I've seen in a long time.  Not to mention Vintage Crowns are generally ten times or more expensive than I paid for this one, or are Display pieces NFS when you do see a Killer one... so Whoop Whoop, Color me Deliriously Happy this day!

As I walked out of the Mall with them I had several folks stop and ask me if I'd be Re-Selling them 'cause they were Interested... Sorry, Nope, these go in my Private Collection of Vintage Tiaras and Crowns!   It is my personal opinion that one can never have too much Vintage Bling and no Diva or Princess should be without a Tiara and Crown Collection... just sayin'!  *Winks*

And of coarse since Myko had recently Re-Stocked her Awesome Christmas Display in their Showroom and brought in this Killer Blinged Out Vintage Show Ribbon... and some more German Glass Glitter Packaged Beautifully... snapped them up on Sale too!  *Booyah!*

I was quite Tempted to pick up this other Vintage Blinged Out Show Ribbon, but The Grandson reminded me that other people needed to have a chance! *LOL*   He was absolutely right... a Sweet Lady Shopping beside me was equally Enchanted by it all and Admiring the Ribbon I just 'Scored'... she asked how I was going to use it... 

 So clearly being Kindred Spirits we struck up a conversation about the Fantasyscape spread out before us as she filled up her cart with Christmas Magic from the Showroom to Feather her Nest with too.  And as it turned out her Husband had a bunch of Vintage Show Ribbons he'd Won years ago and didn't want to part with... and now she was duly Inspired of a Fresh way to Repurpose them so that she didn't have to ask him to get rid of them now! 
 That always Warms my Heart... helping Folks find new ways to hold onto their Sentimental Vintage Treasures.  Ways to Rescue the Past and make it Relevant in the Present and Future... so that it can be viewed as an Heirloom and Keepsake rather than something to discard and no longer Value!  Imagine how Honored her DH will be to find his Beloved Ribbons Gracing their Christmas Tree as Unique OOAK Ornamentation in Pride of Place and with the Great Storyline he can tell of where they came from and what they represented in his Athletic Past!  Rather than being asked to get rid of them or having them stored away unseen and nobody to tell his Story to. 

I also picked up the Bottlebrush Tree with Antique Doorknob Base because that's a Christmas Project I never did get around to... and Lord knows, it's too late now to add any new Projects with a Christmas Timeline for me!  *Ha ha ha*

I had managed to Source a bit more Vintage Christmas to add to my own Showrooms before the Sale began.   Customers were buying up Vintage Christmas Decor like crazy this Weekend so I Imagine many a Home having a Vintage Themed Christmas this Season, which is Great and so much more Unique and Nostalgic than just buying Modern Mass Produced Decor exclusively.

I also added some Unique Toys, either Vintage or Created by Local Artisans... this Artisan Created Bunny is made with real Rabbit Fur and Hand-Crafted Clothing from an Artist from Yarnell, Arizona.   I'd already Sold all of my Vintage G.I. Joe Dolls... the Vintage Boy Toys have been a particularly sought after Hot Item this Season!

But enough about Selling... this Post was about me Treasure Hunting and Buying, right?  *LOL*  I don't know about you, but tho' I get a Thrill out of Selling and having Strong Sales in my Showrooms, it just doesn't compare to the Rush of the Thrill Of The Hunt for me.   Even something Simple, like the Mini Velvet Santa Hat I 'Scored' for my Mini Medical Cadaver for only Sixty-Five Cents at the Sale had me giddy.  Because I hadn't been able to remember where I put his usual one when I packed up Christmas for Storage last year?  And it was driving me crazy looking for it!!!   I do that a lot... put stuff away REAL GOOD so that nobody can ever find it again!  *Ha ha ha*

And the Antique Doorknob turned Card Holder was 'Scored' at the Sale for a mere Four Bucks!  It actually came with a Sweet Vintage Black and White Pix of a Beautiful Historic Home, which I've Saved, but for now wanted a Prayer Card Displayed in it for Christmas.

Sure, the Mantle is getting cluttered-up as usual as I keep adding to my Vignettes... but the Fam said if I were to go all Minimalistic this year it just wouldn't seem like Home.  It's my Tradition and Ritual to go Over The Top now so that's what our Family, Friends and Guests have come to expect and look forward to... so why Change now?  *Winks*

As a matter of fact The Son and Fam came over last night to pick up the rest of their Christmas Gifts and we sat around looking at the Old Photo Albums for hours and Gifting them with some of their Favs of him as a Child and the rest of us when we were Younger.   So much Fun to take Trips like that down Memory Lane Together... and Share Images from the Past with those who have never seen them before... some of the Images we'd even not seen or remembered in years!   The Man's Mom had sent him Home from Utah with a huge Stash of Vintage Images of us all, what a Great Gift it was!

Sometimes you just Forget what the Past looked like... what you all looked like... until you take a Look Back and Fondly Recall.   And it's particularly Fun to show to the Younger Generation who will be doubled over in fits of Hysteria at some of the hairstyles and wardrobe from our Past... or even their Past!   *LOL*

In fact, we had so much Fun Sharing those Images and having a Meal together than I plumb Forgot to even take some Family Pixs, darn it... that almost never happens!  *Smiles*

Humnnn now, what else did I manage to 'Score' during this Weekend's Sale at our Antique Mall?  Oh yeah, now I remember... that Spray of Sweet Vintage Millinery!   I J'Adore Vintage Millinery and if it's at a Good Price I never pass it up... I'll find a myriad of uses for it.

I just Love how Delicate and Faded this Spray of it was... and ON SALE... Well... that's all... Hope you had Fun Shopping the Sale with me?   And perhaps you even made it out there to 'Score' some Bargains of your own?

But in case you didn't this Weekend, remember that we're Open at the Antique Mall from 9am-9pm seven days a week!   And that there will be upcoming Events around the Valley in the next two weeks that I'll update you on in Future Posts my Friends!  

Basking in Holiday Happiness here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh lovely!! How fun!! Glad your getting a chance to really enjoy the season!

  2. You did score some pretty fabulous finds. Loving those vintage tiaras and crowns! Wow, what a deal.
    Mary Alice


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