Thursday, December 4, 2014

Brass Armadillo Holiday Sale!

So... if you haven't yet bought all your Presents or finished your Decorating for Christmas... head on out to THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST for our upcoming Holiday Sale December 5th, 6th and 7th!

With 15% Off EVERYTHING in the Mall and Dealers stocking their Spaces for the Holidays you're sure to find something for anyone on your Christmas List.

The Princess and I have done our Recon for Treasures we might want to consider even tho' we've completed our actual Holiday Shopping early and everyone is covered and the House is Decorated, which makes the rest of the Holidays no Pressure to get anything done.

I Confess that we got totally sidelined in my Friends Myko and Brett's Enchanting Christmas Showroom Extravaganza.   It really epitomizes what a Christmas Fantasy come to Life looks like in our Dreams, with so much attention to details and Wonderful Vintage Treasures abounding!

So the majority of this Post will languish in their Showroom with us soaking in the Atmosphere of a Vintage Christmas done large and extremely well! 

Every year I vow to Source more Holiday Inventory than I manage to accumulate... and actually get into the Showrooms and Transformed into a Christmas Vision for my Customers.   It's a lot of Work and more importantly takes a lot of Time and premature Seasonal Planning to pull off and do well.

And this year I fell short again on sufficient Holiday Inventory or the Time to Devote to Showroom Transformations for the Holidays.   I've Sold Off just about everything so my own Spaces aren't all that Christmasy and certainly lack the Wow factor that Myko has so Beautifully Created in their Showroom!

I do Aspire to one day reach this level of Decorating my Retail Spaces and Sourcing a wealth of Seasonal Inventory... I'm just not even remotely there yet!

But I do Enjoy being duly Inspired by those who Transform their Retail Spaces into something Magnificent every Holiday Season... or for any Season for that matter.

Would I, Could I, Should I are always the lingering questions on my Mind though because I know what it takes to get there in the way of Time and Resources, which I don't have a lot of either and know that they'll continue to be in short supply.

I suppose it always is a question of going to the next level anytime you step out and do something you Enjoy, but which will require certain Sacrifices to accomplish and a certain amount of risk taking as well.

I did expand the Vision since beginning it three years ago... and downsized it some... depending on what the Market bears... and I'm still very much Enjoying it so I'm not going to quit anytime soon God be Willing and the Creek don't rise.

And I often get questioned by others about Selling in an Antique Mall... but I cannot speak for anyone else really, it depends on what you need from it and what you're willing to put into it, what level of Success or Failure you might be comfortable with and so many other factors too numerous to name and so variable depending upon each individual.

For me it has Satisfied an itch I had to at least try it and see where the Journey takes me?  I know myself well enough to realize that I shall always be an Incurable Collector and never have sufficient space for all that I Source at Home or in my Studio. 

 So it just makes sense to have somewhere to offer it and Fund my Hobby and Passions.  To rotate what comes in and needs to go out, and to be a small Blessing financially to my Family now that The Man and I must be Retired from our Careers and are still raising a Family.

For my particular Situation Selling in an Antique Mall was the best Fit since I couldn't always be there and they do most of the Work for me, can't Travel extensively to do Shows or Events, already had Inventory and find that I can fairly easily Source enough for my Modest Spaces, and didn't bear much Risk with being able to commit Month to Month to my Leased Spaces.

I can do almost anything for a Month at a time and recalibrating my decisions on a Monthly basis depending on current Circumstances and Resources.   Sure, some Months you do well and other Months not so much, but for me it hasn't been as scary as I Imagined it would be at all and I'm having Fun with it.

I also found that it became my Happy Place, somewhere to meet up with Kindred Spirits and cultivate Friendships based on mutual Interests and Passions.   Those of us who like to do this kind of thing are rather cut from the same cloth really and therefore relationships form easily and we get Excited about similar things that not everyone else might.

It is a way to learn more about the Treasures we seek... and the business of offering them to other people rather than Hoarding them at Home.  In fact, many of us got to the place of the latter in order to move to the level of needing to do something with all these Amazing Finds we'd accumulated and Lovingly Curated until it reached critical mass at Home!  *Smiles*

And it's the Realization that it's in the Blood, it really is, the Urge to go on the Hunt and the Thrill it provides to us Hunter-Gatherer Types.   The Junquers and the Artists, the Salvagers and the Inventors who look at these things differently than most folks because we see it through different Eyes and with a particular Vision.

I realized a long time ago that I was THAT Type of Person... and I've always Enjoyed hanging out with that Type of Person or Working alongside them, because to us its not like Work at all and we could talk about these Passions and The Thrill Of The Hunt for hours on end together.

We're in our Element when we're doing it and so if you can combine what you Love with what you Do, then it's a Wonderful Experience for the most part.   And even the parts that might not always be Wonderful can be overcome with the Tenacity and right Mentorship from those who are making it a Success... because Success leaves Clues.

Would I continue to do it even if I Failed... yeah, I probably would to some degree because my Love for what I'm doing is the Primary Motivator and Success is Secondary on this particular Journey and Season of my Life.   And that's why I know it's something Purposed... because even if I didn't get paid at all, I'd still be doing what I do on the side of whatever it was I could get paid for.

And I'd still be hanging out with the Great People this Circle moves in and having a blast along with them in the Doing of it.   Damn, Brett's ensemble even color coordinated with his Vignette, now that's Wild!  *LOL*

In the Sharing of it and Discussions about it...

The Adventures it takes us on and the People we meet through our Doing of it that our Inventory comes from and through...

In the Blogging about it and our other Social Media Outlets where we might also Share it with others across the Globe...

And perhaps it's not for everyone to Do it... but maybe you're one of our Loyal Customers, Supporters and Followers that just Enjoys the Outcome of what we Do?

Maybe you would never Decorate your Home or other Spaces quite like we do but you do Enjoy coming to take a gander or be Inspired or Enchanted in some way by it all?

Maybe you are a Unique Gift Giver and looking for that Special Item you just know you won't find anywhere else and in particular not in the Mass Marketing Venues and Big Box Stores?

Perhaps you're hankering for something Different this year to Give or to Receive?

Or to bring Home and Feather your own Nest with as an Accent Piece... or maybe even a Statement Piece?

Or maybe after your Visit you won't be able to wait to get back to your own Creative Spaces and start on a Special Project that was Inspired by something you saw or Experienced?

And maybe this was your Thrill of the Hunt in coming to our Spaces to see what you might Discover and 'Score'?

Perhaps something that Evokes a Special Memory... a Fond Remembrance of a certain Time and Place that brings you a Rush of Sweet Nostalgia... that is Priceless isn't it, because you can't really put a Value upon those Sentiments and what it wells up inside of you!

Where the Past is merged with the Present and you can bring it Home to Enjoy into the Future for as long as you so Desire.   Or to pass it along to Future Generations of Loved Ones with the Story... those Back End Stories are also Priceless because they are Uniquely YOURS!

And some Stories might be Embellished as the years go by, but that's Okay, sometimes a Great Story has a good mixture of Fact and Fantasy blended together to make it particularly Memorable and Enjoyable to Tell and Hear... and then Re-Tell again and become the stuff of Pickin' or Nostalgic Lore!

Or perhaps you can Show Off something you Created because you were duly Inspired by something seen and Admired... even if you couldn't get it for whatever reason... and so went Home and put your own Spin upon it so you'd have something similar.  I think that is why such Social Media sites as Pinterest and Online Tutorials are so widely Popular, it makes us WANT to Create something!

But there are also those Treasures that are OOAK and gets our pulse racing because now we can Own it because we Found it somewhere and had the opportunity and Resources to buy it!

I Hope that if you come out this December 5th, 6th or 7th for our Holiday Sale you find something you will Treasure or be Inspired by this Holiday Season?

Or pick up that Special Somethin-Somethin for that Special Someone who will be blown away by what you Found for them?!?

Or a bounty of Vintage Holiday Decor that you will Deck your Halls with... and maybe we'll even see you there?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  2. I've missed your posts! Been helping my sister get thru a rough time with her sick husband! We love thrift stores and antique malls, but haven't got to even make 1 visit lately! Thanks for your interesting and inspiring post like always!

    1. I've missed you too Marlynne, and so sorry to hear of your Sister's DH battling infirmity. I can certainly relate to the difficulty that presents and she's so Blessed to have Family like you who are a present Help in assisting and being an Encouragement, that means so much. I Hope you still manage to have a Happy Holiday Season my Friend! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Your photography is SO great! Skimming through your posts is the Next Best Thing to Being There!

    1. Aw Thanks Rebecca, I enjoy Photography so much and have found that with practicing it often and being Inspired by Images here in the Land of Blog I'm able to improve my own Photography skills. One day I'll learn to use a Professional Grade Camera and I know that will help make a difference in the Quality of Images and Lighting. I Hope you're Enjoying the Season as much as I am! Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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