Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Over The Rooftops Part III

I usually attend Opening Day to get my 'fix' of Pristine Vignettes before the eager Shoppers descend upon it all... but then I typically come back on the Weekend of the four day Event so that the G-Kid Force can join me and we can have a more Relaxed Leisurely Experience.

As well as being able to linger longer to absorb the Inspiration and actually take my time to Shop without the sense of Urgency Opening Day can create with most of the Shoppers, it is also the perfect opportunity to visit with the Stylist Friends who Create the Magic and talk about what has Inspired them for this Month's Theme?   And what is the provenance of some of the Treasures being offered in their Spaces?

As many of you know, I Enjoy the Back End Stories of the Sourced Objects, it can make a Found Treasure just that much more Special when you know something about it's History or Previous Life before it was found and offered up for Sale again.   And many of the Stories of the 'Picks' themselves can become the stuff of Lore!

Storytelling has always run in our Bloodline so it's not surprising really that a good Story about anything or anyone piques our Interest.   And isn't it also Fun to tell the Stories as well as listen to them?   A Good Adventure or Killer 'Score' really Deserves it's Story to be told and Shared in fact! 

Telling and re-telling Stories via Blogging is part of the Fun for me when I'm Creating Posts as well.  Along with Inspiring Images we can be equally Inspired or Motivated by a Good Story accompanying it.   Now, to be sure, sometimes you just want to Enjoy the Imagery... sometimes just a Good Story... or both Together, depending on your Mood or disposition about such things.  So I prefer to give equal amounts of both to give those options when you all take the time to visit.

Lately Blogger has been particularly Temperamental... and so has Facebook... so it's disrupted my Rhythm in the Posting of what I want to Share and Tell in the way of Imagery and Stories.   And it's during those times when things aren't working as well as they should that I realize just how important it is to me and what I get out of it.  You know, when you're having to go a bit Cold Turkey you get a Reality Check about what you can do without and what you don't want to have to do without!  *Winks*

There have been times when I Wonder am I 'Over It' when it comes to the Online Stuff I've been participating in?   Especially when I let any of it slide for a while for whatever reason and am not absolutely certain whether I'll get back to it or not... or even should?  You know... the ole Pros versus Cons thing you do with stuff.   I don't think I'm 'Over' Blogging yet... and who knew it would still be relevant to me and still be as Enjoyable as it was when I began this Journey in 2010!?  Me with ADHD that flits from one thing and thought to another at the speed of Light!!!  *LOL*

Usually things Interest me for a short while and then I move on to the next.  Even Stuff... no matter how much I liked or Enjoyed it... after a while... and with just a few exceptions... I CAN be 'Over It' one day and not be sorry to see it go.  I can detach from Stuff and from certain Activities... even those things that I was really 'Into' for a while and pretty Passionate about for that Season of Interest.

And so perhaps that's why I have an insatiable appetite for acquiring different Old Stuff, I dunno?  Constantly rotating my Stuff ensures that I never really get bored with it all or have a stagnant and stale Environment surrounding me that ceases to Inspire anymore.

And I absolutely Hate to have to Confess this my Friends... but sometimes it's even been that way with some People!  *Gasp!*  I know... it just sounds so shallow and fickle to say that out loud... and because I'm so Loyal and Sentimental I tend to hold onto Relationships longer than I hold onto Stuff that has just run it's course and needs to part ways.   But in my Head anyway, I know it's just not the same anymore and it's time to clean house so to speak of certain Relationships that just aren't working for me anymore... or maybe aren't working for that other person... or maybe even both of us.

Now I'm not saying there has to be any bad Blood, Offenses, Drama or anything out of the ordinary going on to make it so... or that you never, ever, ever have to see the People, Things, Activities etc. again that you once Enjoyed so much and it's just time to Let Go of.   Some things just replace other things and that can be the same with Stuff, Relationships, Activities, Interests, etc. etc. etc...

There are even some Seasons I've Labeled The Season of Replacements because so much has Changed to make it so that everything isn't as it was... and now there are Replacements!  More of it some Seasons than other Seasons and I don't even know why that is?   Different Stuff, different Relationships, different Activities, different Interests... you don't always know how long a Run will be on any of it really.   Well... if you're like me anyway you don't, maybe you're different and have no Idea what I'm even talking about?  *Smiles*


And it used to bother me more that I needed so much Stimulation... Stimulating Environments, Stimulating Relationships, Stimulating Interests, Stimulating Activities.   Because when it completely fails to Stimulate me anymore and I become bored with it... then I'm just 'Over It'.   And that's Curious to me only because I've never been Bored a day of my Life actually with LIFE... there is always something to do, someone to meet, somewhere to go, something to learn... it's perpetual so I don't even understand THAT kind of boredom since it's foreign to me.

But when anything becomes a complete Yawnfest to me then I'm now bored with THAT... and that kind of boredom happens quite frequently and it's not something I've just been able to Change because it seems to be a trait hardwired into me?!? 

And in many ways it's Served me well because it keeps me from Stagnating or dying on the vine in just about any area of my Life.   When the Horse is dead so to speak, I get off.   There just doesn't seem to be much point in Investing myself in anything that is going down, it doesn't make sense to me.  And I know it's another Horse reference, but my folks always used to refer to such things as flogging a dead Horse when you're trying to Revive something that won't be able to be Resurrected and should therefore just be laid to Rest!  *LOL*

And perhaps it's why I've Enjoyed the SWEET SALVAGE Style of Hosting an Event so much.  It's never Stagnant or Stale because each Month it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT... different Theme... different Styles... different Inventory... different Story and Presentation... different Wonderful Guest Artists or Authors or Local Small Businesses being included in the Event.  It's just so Stimulating and still Relevant... therefore I always have looked forward to it without losing Interest or becoming bored and being 'Over It'.

It's constantly in Motion, Fresh and being Re-Invented... which is kinda how I choose to Live my own Life... Decorate my own Home and Studio... practice my Art etc. etc. etc...    Sure, there are certain things that have remained Constant... certain Relationships, Stuff and the like that abide and probably always will be a part of my Life.   I just think Destiny does tie some things and People to us for various lengths of Time and I don't pretend to understand the Mystery of that.

I'm not trying to figure out the Mysteries of the Universe and be that Profound about it all, frankly I'm not even sure I Care about all the Whys of what just Is.    I just know that the Constant is Change in many ways and I'm Okay with that even tho' as an Older Person set in my ways it can be a bit hard at times to Roll with too much of it all at once!  *Winks*

Sometimes I do Resist Change in spite of having the Natural Urge to be Stimulated by it at the same time I'm Resisting.   It's sometimes a lot of Work to Change you see... and I can be rather Lazy... and get used to things in a way that isn't so much about Attachment or inability to Detach, but more about do I really want to put in the Work and bother with the Changes?   That's when I can usually tell if it's still Relevant to me or not actually... how quickly will I Embrace a Change or Delay one?  *LOL*

There are times when I look around me and feel the Urge to Change damn near everything... and when I'm done... realize that it was Necessary and Instinctively I must have known that and which is why I Acted upon it so decisively and with a sense of Purpose?   Have you ever done that too my Friends?   Just Changed things up in a HUGE way?

Lately I've been in that Mode of Change Up in so many things that I'm on a Roll with it and don't want to lose my momentum.   I've been Invigorated by so many Changes, so it was definitely Time!

Things are looking very Different to me that I've seen with these Eyes for a long time but never quite SEEN them in this way or this Light I suppose and so I've gained a different Perspective about it... or whatever or whoever it is.   It's all quite Exciting really if you don't mind Changing things up or starting with Clean Slates every so often?   Sometimes I just NEED to... it's how I Function best and optimally.

Starting over... sometimes from scratch has never been Intimidating or Terrifying to me... I almost require it sometimes in order to move forward without excess baggage weighing me down and holding me back.

And I suppose with a New Year so close it's a very good time to have a Clean Slate or a Blank Canvas to build your New Year Visions upon and Invigorate yourself and your Life.   Some might call them Resolutions, but whatever you call them, if you've delayed some Changes that are Necessary, NOW might be the time to Act!?

I've got a slew of them actually... all percolating in my Head and being laid out in my Imagination about how it will all be... all look... all Feel like when it's Accomplished and set into Motion in Reality rather than languishing upon the Landscape of the unseen realm just waiting to be Manifested?

What are some of the Changes you've been Contemplating for this New Year quickly looming upon the Horizon?   Will 2015 be any Different for you than 2014 was do you think?   Why or why not you might ask yourself.   I don't want to have so much Complacency that next year is a mirror image of this year and so on and so forth until I can't tell one year from the next Ad nauseam!

And whenever I get a bit Nostalgic I can always choose to surround myself with Tokens of the Past... so long as they don't Dominate the Present or hinder the Future and start being too much of a Look Back that you aren't ever Facing Forward or Present in the Moment and Enjoying NOW properly. 

I'm still acquiring different Stuff... meeting different people to Establish New Relationships as well as Enjoying whatever I've had before that has Abided in the way of my Stuff and my Relationships and hasn't departed and been Let Go of.

And so I'm Forever being a Seeker of Found Treasures... be they People I've never met before... or the Stuff that I find Value in enough to want to bring it into my Life as well.

And I'm just as Excited about it each day as I was the day before... because you never quite know what Found Treasures are gonna turn up and become a part of your Experience?

My Hope for each of you is that Found Treasures of Relevance will turn up for you in 2015 as well, either as you Actively Seek them or by Chance and Serendipity. 

And that perhaps you'll Share it in a Blog Post so that we can Celebrate it with you?!?

Or even Share that which you have been able to Let Go of... because it was just Necessary and Time.

"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content."-Philippians 4:11

May you Live each day with a measure of Contentment my Friends.

And if you're not Content... move towards what will bring it to you and away from whatever is preventing it being present in your Life if you can.

And if you simply can't... then Learn to be Content in whatever state you find yourselves.  It is entirely Possible to Achieve.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Speaking of change, I'm doing that this year. I am spending a great deal of time with my sister and her very ill husband. So I decided to not drag out all the many boxes of Christmas decorations from the barn. I am creating a new look with things I already have in the house. It has been quite fun and it's looking pretty festive after all!

    1. Isn't it Liberating really Marlynne to have a Change that reveals to us a level of Contentment or a New Direction we might never have realized existed when we were doing things the Same and didn't Contemplate these Changes in our Life? So many time, especially during the Holidays, New Traditions and Rituals and Styles of Celebrating have been Discovered by Changes we made, for whatever reason, and then became more of a Constant in our Lives. Enjoy that Quality time with the Sis and her DH... and Enjoy the New Festive look using what was on hand. Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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